braves caravan

Yesterday was a whirlwind. We drove to Chattanooga for the Braves Caravan, passed the Braves Caravan van on the way there, made an awesome (yet not) poster to hold up to the window, didn’t get a ticket, drove to Knoxville for the afternoon signing, waited 3 hours on the floor of Academy Sports, and FINALLY got 4 autographs and a re-tweet.

Then we went to cowboys and danced the night away.
Perfect day. We’re the best Braves fans. 


To sum it up, Beachy thought my leprechaun question on Twitter was funny and said that he laughed. He didn’t know that Moylan’s answer also involved Kimbrel, hahaha.

Diaz was like “That was you?!” And asked where that even came from. He’s so funny and talkative and MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER BASICALLY.

So glad I managed to actually talk to them. Usually I just stand there and nervously hand them stuff to sign.

Braves Caravan Schedule:

Jan 21st - Atlanta, GA - Evan Gattis, Anthony Varvaro, Alex Wood, Scott Fletcher, and Frank Wren.

Jan 22nd - Greenville, SC - Evan Gattis and David Hale.

Jan 24th - Atlanta, GA - Chris Johnson, Tyler Pastornicky, Todd Cunningham, Terry Pendelton, and Brian Snitker.

Jan 25th - Nashville, TN - Cory Gearrin and Doug Dascenzo.

Jan 26th - Huntsville, AL - Craig Kimbrel.

Jan 27th - Aiken, SC - Don Sutton and Frank Wren.

Jan 28th - Kennesaw, GA - Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman, Fredi Gonzalez, Carlos Tosca, and Don Sutton.

Jan 29th - Birmingham, AL - David Carpenter, Frank Wren, Eddie Perez and Don Sutton.

Jan 30th - Chattanooga, TN - Ryan Doumit, David Hale, Fredi Gonzalez and Don Sutton.

Jan 31st - Macon, GA - Alex Wood, Greg Walker, and Brian Snitker.

Feb 1st - Atlanta, GA - Craig Kimbrel, Jonny Venters, Eddie Perez, and Brian Snitker.

Feb 1st - Atlanta, GA - Chris Johnson, Jonny Venters, Eddie Perez, and Brian Snitker.