bravery or stupidity

Mycroft being purposefully cruel to Sherlock about John in order to make it easier to shoot him.

Mycroft reiterating to John, when he tries to argue, that they’re soldiers today - soldiers die for their country.

Mycroft being willing to die for them.

Mycroft trying to be a hero even though bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity.


pairing: klaus mikaelson x reader, past matt donovan x reader

word count: 2462

a/n: not a request xx

You were tired.

That’s the excuse you had used, at least.

Tired and drunk.

You two had been talking for so long. His presence had filled you with a sense of content, his voice lulling you into warm sleepiness. You had no idea how many drinks he’d bought you. You knew it had surprised him, you initiating the kiss, and you’d like to say that you surprised yourself, but that wasn’t exactly the truth.

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For the break-up AU, how about "i’ve seen you hanging around my apartment and i thought it was because you missed me, turns out you’ve been using my wifi you asshole"

Natsu has been hanging around her apartment lately. Now, usually, that wouldn’t bother Lucy. She used to love when he would hang out, used to love just having him near her. Used to. Not anymore. It’s been three weeks since their fight and he just keeps showing up, hanging around in the shadows, close, but not close enough.

And she’s mad. Not because she doesn’t want him around, but because he hasn’t said a word to her in three weeks. She knows she shouldn’t expect much, they broke up, after all, but there’s something painful that tugs at her gut every time she sees him just outside or right down the hall.

She’s mad because it keeps her clinging to that thread of hope that they might work things out.

And it’s stupid, she knows it’s stupid, but she can’t help it. Because why else would he be coming around? He lives clear across town. Works across town. His friends are across town. There’s no reason for him to be moping outside her door unless it means something, right? It has to mean something.

Because it certainly means something to her.

So when she sees him room her window, his body tucked against the wall and his head bent low, hidden, Lucy does something both very brave and very stupid.

She corners him outside.

There’s a flurry of movement as she shoves on a sweater despite the heat, not bothering to slip on a pair of pants over her bare legs before she storms out of her apartment. What would the point be? It’s Natsu. Her legs aren’t something he’s never seen before.

Hopefully he’d be seeing them up close again, very, very soon.

It’s not until she has him backed into a corner that she realizes the stupidity might outweigh the bravery. She also realizes she doesn’t really care, as he stares back at her, wide-eyed as his throat bobs with a harsh swallow.

And maybe she’s a little bit satisfied by the way his sharp eyes linger on her bare skin.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she snaps, arms crossing tightly over her chest. Her weight shifts from one leg to the next, and Natsu’s gaze jolts from her face to her hips, watching in apt fascination as they sway slowly. His lips part, and Lucy’s almost certain that his mind has gone straight to the gutter. She rolls her eyes. “Natsu!”

Green eyes snap up to meet hers, his face turning a magnificent shade of red that clashes terribly with his hair. Lucy watches as his blush spreads down his neck, only to disappear under his shirt as it dips to his chest. She knows exactly how far down that blush goes.

“Shit,” he swears under his breathe, hastily shoving his phone into his back pocket before throwing his hands up between them, clearly waiting for an explosion from her. “I’m, uhh,” he trails off, stumbling over his words, tongue-tied. She watches as he flounders for the right words, gaze snapping around the area, unsure where to look.

Lucy rolls her eyes, bare foot tapping in frustration. Her need for answers is currently outweighing her urge to make him squirm a bit. She can save that for later. “Just spit it out, Natsu,” she tells him, less harsh than before. Lucy sighs, shoulders sagging just the slightest.

Natsu notices, but doesn’t say anything, though his eyes do narrow just the slightest in concern.

He’s quiet for a long moment, and hope builds in Lucy’s chest. She holds her breath, dark eyes wide as she stares at him. Natsu wets his lips, swallowing thickly as he matches her look. His embarrassed blush grows darker, his fingers flex nervously.

“I’ve been using your WiFi,” he murmurs, ducking his head.

Lucy’s heart shatters in her chest, splinters ripping through her lungs until she simply can’t breathe. Hurt strikes her, and Lucy flinches back at the unexpected answer, her throat growing tight as the words register.

Her voice cracks horribly when she whispers, “what?” Her words wobble, and Natsu’s eyes snap back up to meet hers, hearing the tremor in her voice. Concern flashes in his gaze, and he takes a step forward before stilling once more. His hands clench and unclench at his sides, wanting to reach out for her, but holding back.

Natsu clears his throat. “I’ve been using your WiFi to watch Netflix,” he says, softer this time, less embarrassed and more confused as he watches her expression crumple and twist into something so heartbreaking that it rips the breath straight from his lungs. A fist squeezes at his heart when he sees her eyes grow wet, glinting with unshed tears.

“You’ve…” Lucy trails off, chocking on her words. God, she though— “I’m such an idiot,” Lucy murmurs, eyes squeezing shut tightly as she feels a stinging behind her lids, tears threatening to spill over. Crying is the last thing she needs right now, but she just feels so stupid for thinking he still gave a damn.

Of course it was just the WiFi. Why else would he be here?

The bravery and he stupidity leave her in a rush, her hands beginning to shake. She feels achy now that her courage is gone, weak and wobbly on her feet. She shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up, she knows. She should have known better, but God it still fucking hurts.

She didn’t think anything could have hurt more than when he stormed out of her apartment three weeks ago, but apparently she was wrong.

Natsu takes another step towards her, reaching out. “What?” he breathes back, staring at her with worry that’s palpable.

Lucy just shakes her head, throwing her hands up between them and letting out a short, bitter bark of a laugh. “Get the hell out of here, Natsu,” she tells him, voice more timid than she means it to be.

“Lucy?” he murmurs, taking a step, “what?”

“God, you’re such an asshole,” she snaps back. It’s unfair, she knows, to be mad at him for this. It’s her own fault. She can’t blame him for getting her hopes up, not when he hasn’t done anything.

Right now, she just needs someone to blame.

Not wanting to pick a fight, Lucy whirls around on her heel, wanting to run back into her house, but her legs feeling like lead beneath her, too heavy for her to move.

“Whoa, wait!” Natsu reacts quicker than anticipated. He scrambles forward, only a step behind her, and catches her by the wrist before she can get too far. “Lucy, wait!” She’s yanked around none too gently, but the pull on her arm is immediately forgotten when his hands come up to cradle her jaw, his head ducked down to meet her eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asks her, warm breath fanning across her face and mingling with hers.

She shivers against him, prompting him to pull her closer, but Lucy shakes her head.

Another laugh spills from her, but it sound more like a sob. Natsu flinches, leaning in so close that his nose nudges her cheek. “What’s wrong?” she asks him, forcing a watery smile onto her face. “I thought you were coming around because—” She chokes off, shaking her head rapidly.

Natsu goes rigid against her, torso pressed tight to hers so she can feel every muscle in his body tense. “Because I’m still in love with you,” he finishes for her, grip tightening on her jaw line, fingers pressing into her skin.

She worries her lip, unable to meet his eyes. “Like I said,” she murmurs, “stupid, right?”

His fingers tremble against her cheeks, as he tilts her head up to meet her eyes. “No,” he breathes against her, leaning in so that his nose bumps against hers. He swallows and she can hear it, can feel his nervous breath against her lips. “That’s not stupid at all.”

i hate how the harry potter books framed gryffindor as The Good House bc newsflash yall half the time “bravery” is just reckless stupid behavior like harry and co. almost died like 457 times and at least 100 of those times it was bc they were out past curfew dicking around in the castle, his life woulda been way safer if he had just stayed in his fucking dorm like he was supposed to and done his homework but w/e 

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Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x Scout x The Payload. ;) Hope you like it as much as I do <3

No, I don’t like it.  I love it. 

The Six Lost Houses of Hogwarts


Kind, clever, hardworking, loyal, passionate.

The sort of brainy student who’ll frustrate their teachers by taking a caring profession instead of a “real job”.

At their best, Ravenpuffs are innovative and skilled people who want to make the world a better place and are forever coming up with better ways to do that.

At their worst, Ravenpuffs are a bit smart for their own good and think they know the best for everyone. 

Notable Ravenpuff - Dr Alison Cameron

House animal: Owl


Brave, cunning, ambitious, formidable.

Discretion is the better part of valour. Gryfferins aren’t afraid to fight dirty if the situation calls for it, but that doesn’t mean they have no moral code - even if you don’t like them, Gryfferins inspire a certain grudging respect.

At their best, Gryfferins are shrewd tacticians - leaders whose ruthless tactics are backed up with the nerve to put themselves on the line, and whose reckless courage is tempered by clever manoeuvres.

At their worst, Gryfferins are formidable foes - sometimes dislikeable antiheroes, sometimes all-out villains.

Notable Gryfferin: Magneto

House animal: Wolf


Kind, cunning, hardworking, ambitious, subversive.

Some people seem harsh but are big softies underneath. Some people seem soft and sweet but have a core of steel. Both could be Slytherpuffs. Slytherpuffs want to make the world a better place and will use any means necessary to do that.

At their best, Slytherpuffs are creative and subversive, with no respect for authority figures who are only interested in power, status or a quiet life above the needs of vulnerable people. 

At their worst, Slytherpuffs are annoying troublemakers who claim they have the best intentions. 

Notable Slytherpuff: Nanny Ogg

House Animal: Fox


Kind, brave, loyal, honorable.

Huffledors are uncomplicated. They know the right thing to do and they have the courage to do it. So they do it.  

At their best, Huffledors are epicly heroic, rescuing anyone from any situation, unable to falter from the path of right.

At their worst, they are really annoying. They find it nigh on impossible to lie and might even tell a harsh truth if they think it will help a person change for the better. Also, they’re so squeaky clean that it hurts.

Notable Huffledor: Steve Rogers (Captain America)

House animal: Hare


Clever, cunning, wily.

Do not mess with the Slytherclaw - unless you’re a Huffledor. They are smart and sly and know all the tricks. They have their own agenda.

At their best, Slytherclaws are the best person to solve a murder or help you out of an impossible situation.

At their worst, they are evil and highly dangerous.

Notable Slytherclaw: Sherlock Holmes (or nearly anyone else who has been portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch)

House animal: Dragon


Brave, clever, adventurous.

There is not a thin line between bravery and stupidity if you are a Gryffinclaw. Gryffinclaws are always prepared, and not afraid to do a little research before tackling a tough situation.

At their best, Gryffinclaws are calm, collected, and ready for anything.

At their worst, Gryffinclaws are so convinced they are ready for anything that they sometimes get into deep shit.

Notable Gryffinclaw: Belle (Once Upon a Time)

House animal: Hawk

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Phil punishing Dan for not letting him in the house when he was locked out? (based off of Dan's tweet today where Phil was locked out of the house in his pajamas)

“What the hell, Dan,” Phil grouses, leaning back against the front door. His hair is ruffled with sleep and the wind, sticking up at odd angles. Dan posts his tweet and slides his phone into his pocket, cocking his eyebrow.

“What? You deserved it. Buy those god-awful pants and let the world see you in them, Jesus.”

“Daniel.” Phil’s voice is low, cold, full of dark promises. Dan’s posture immediately relaxes and he averts his gaze to the floor. Fuck, his own training is betraying him. He bites his lip and forces himself to meet Phil’s eyes.

Phil quirks an eyebrow at Dan’s bravery (or stupidity, as some would say) and raises his left hand, pointing four fingers in a straight line towards the bedroom.

Naked, face down and ass up, Phil says without words, steadily staring Dan down. Dan’s stomach drops out at the bottom and his cock twitches in his pajama pants as he turns to follow Phi’s unspoken order. Well. This morning just got interesting.

Anything, just don't go

Ivar x Reader 

Warning: Angst, Violence, Some blood, guys its ivar

A/N: Idk, Im not sure that this came out very well, feedback is very appreciated :)


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 "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ?!“ You ducked quickly, barely missing the ceramic mug that came flying towards your head. "Is that all you can do ?” You taunted him, your own anger impeding you from thinking rationally. Ivar looked like a wild animal, you could almost see the foams of anger around the corners of his mouth. He roared, his eyes closing tightly and his hands clenching around his favorite axe. Panic instantly flooded through you. 

This was bad, very very bad. 

You had always known Ivar to bee very violent, especially after having witnessed him kill one of your peers when you were just a small child. Nevertheless, he had never hurt you before, in all this time that you have grown up together. You’ve had the nastiest of arguments, but never had he touched his axe while yelling at you. Yet this time was different. 

Your heart was beating loudly, but the adrenaline that brought both the bravery and stupidity of anger was still pumping through your veins, you hated him at the moment. You were so mad, your hands were aching to bash his head into the wall, break his nose, slam the door and wreck the room. 

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The Snicket Siblings.

It was the day after a tedious and dangerous mission. Like the troublesome lad he is, Lemony did something that blurs the line between bravery and stupidity, prompting Jacques to save him; leaving Kit to finish the job (but thanks to Lemony, the mission was a success). She was nimble enough to only receive a bruise.

A/N: This is pre-ATWQ, Lemony is 9 and the duo’s either 11 or 12. I hoard papers filled with my sketches and art, and I like to project that hoarding through the Siblings but to them it’s of information. I apologize for the terrible color and quality though, I only have two shades of grey and either one is too dark or too light to be seen.

There’s a lot allusions here, if you can find them. I try to fit in as much as I can (many are from ATWQ).

(Bad news volunteers, majority of the allusions didn’t cut it because my mobile camera’s pixels aren’t enough to show it clearly. Will post maybe another one that has better quality.)

“In seventh grade, my entire class went to an old heritage town for about a week.

Since I was a drama student, me and the drama class, about ten people, got to go to the stage and perform there. The theatre was big, bigger than any we had performed in before, and proper, professional-level proper.

So we loved it. After the first practice there, my friend and only other guy had to go to the bathroom, which was far backstage. He made me come with him and stand outside while he was dealing with his needs, cause he was creeped out. So while I was standing there waiting for him to finish his business, the goddamned lights turn off. The ones in the bathroom remained on, but I had to go and turn the hallway lights back on. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I thought that the other drama kids had played a cruel joke on me, so I remained pretty calm. I find the light switch, turn them back on, and went back to the bathroom. 

My friend at that time had finished, and came out, and I hear him down the hallway, “Spitnam? You’re not Spitnam.” I was a bit confused, but then he turns to me, eyes wide as dinner plates. He had seen someone coming down from the other end of the hallway, quickly told me, and then ran back to the stage where the rest of the kids were. I followed.

I then inquired about the lights, asking if they were motion sensitive. They weren’t. I then asked everyone in the theatre at that time if they had turned off the lights. They didn’t. But that wasn’t the last thing, oh no.

Me and bathroom friend came in about halfway into the play, (it was a short skit, about five minutes long,) and during one of our rehearsals, he taps me on the shoulder and points up into the nosebleed section. I look at him, confused, and he says, “Isn’t there someone up there?” I spent a long time looking, and couldn’t find anything, and then our cue came up, so we ran onto the stage. During one of the breaks in my lines, I look up, and there is a figure just chilling in a seat, watching us. I panic a little bit but finish all my lines and go off stage. When Bathroom Friend comes back, I tell him I saw someone up there. He says he did to. After the play is finished, we ask everyone else. They all saw him as well.

Me, being either brave or stupid, decide to go up there and check up close. Bathroom friend came with me. I open the door to the nosebleed section and see this motherfucker sitting in the same seat, then get up as I got closer, make his way up the stairs and walk through a fucking door. Bathroom friend saw it too. My bravery/stupidity continued as I went to those doors and tried to open them, only to find that they were sealed shut somehow, which we later identified as a padlock.

We kept on seeing him every time we went there to practice, and on the day of our performance, I swore I saw him clapping.

Tl;dr: Ghost in theatre turned lights off and watched us perform.”

By: Spitnam (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)