bravery or stupidity

Mycroft being purposefully cruel to Sherlock about John in order to make it easier to shoot him.

Mycroft reiterating to John, when he tries to argue, that they’re soldiers today - soldiers die for their country.

Mycroft being willing to die for them.

Mycroft trying to be a hero even though bravery is by far the kindest word for stupidity.

He didn’t get kicked out because he was stupid.

Notebooks, books that bowed the wood of their shelf, a never-ending supply of pens that he lost and lost and lost—Keith studied and craved information and fought, not fists and feet, but intellect and stubborn tenacity, to get the grades he had at the Garrison. Flight simulation scores alone weren’t enough to keep him in a space exploration program.

But Keith didn’t get kicked out because he was stupid.

 (Really? the voice in his head that sometimes sounds like Shiro’s, sometimes like his dad’s, is dripping with neon yellow disdain. Losing your temper is stupid, Keith. Discipline problems are stupid, Keith.)

 Stupid, Keith.

 Stupid Keith.

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what if prince and anxiety got into a h u g e fight one day- full out physical fight and prince accidentally broke anxiety's gem?


They would be fighting over Thomas, or more specifically Thomas’ safety. Anxiety thinks Prince is being too reckless by encouraging Thomas to go further and further out of the castle boundaries. After all there’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity.

Prince disagreeing bc he’s with Thomas, making sure he doesn’t run into any trouble so why Anxiety is worrying so much is confusing and more then a little irritating. Logic and Morality tried to break up the fight but Prince says one thing and it tips anxiety over the edge and he lunges for the throat.

Claws are out, teeth are breaking flesh and anxiety tries his best but Prince is larger then him, physically stronger by a long mile and he goes to block Prince’s tail and and he’s too slow and there’s a defining CRACK in the air and everything stills.

All aggression leaves Prince and he’s horrified when he looks down and there’s a clean and deep crack along Anxiety’s gem.

three a.m. is for stupidity and for bravery and for all of us who have trouble differentiating between the two
—  11 // excerpt from a book i will never write
An Other Side of the War (Part 6)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 7

A/N: Only one part left guys!

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~ Year seventh ~

As you arrived on the Platform 9 ¾, you were surprised how many students came back in this year. You couldn’t decide it’s either bravery or stupidity, but you didn’t have time to think about things like this; your gaze met that so familiar stormy grey eyes, and before your brain could start to working, your legs already run, run into his arms, and in the next second you held each other so tightly like if you don’t, the moment will slip away and both of you’ll disappear.

When you released each other he cupped your face and looked deeply into your eyes so you had some time to examine his face. It was grey, serious and stern. It was a face that looked like don’t know how to smile anymore. You couldn’t look at him any moment longer; it hurt too much saw him like this. 

Lucius was even worse shape than Draco; only Narcissa has some express on her face that reminded you how the Malfoys used to look like, and she looked determined. 

„Is everything alright?” – you asked him after you found an empty compartment, but he didn’t answer.

„Listen. You have to stay close to me. Hogwarts isn’t the same anymore.”

„You don’t say.” – you said sarcastically, but his face remained stern.

„It isn’t funny, Y/N. Death Eaters will teaching us. Don’t think you’ll be safe because you’re pureblood. They’re know your name.”

„And do you think you can save me from them? From him?”

„I don’t think anything.” – he said after a few second silence. – „But I know I’ll do everything to keep you safe. I promsied that. Just please… stay put. And let me help.”

You nodded in silence. Of course it wasn’t your intention to get yourself killed, but Draco knew that sometimes you can’t shut your mouth. Only now everything’s changed – and you revalued your priorities. Draco is more important to you than everything, so you’ll swallow your pride to keep yourself and him safe. 

And it worked well, until a Dark Arts class near the end of the term.

„Oh, Miss Y/L/N! I don’t remember you practicing the Cruciatus Curse at all! Now come on now, show us something interesting… on him.” said Carrow cheerfully while nodded at a Gryffindor boy.

You slowly walked in front of the class with the boy that you recognized now: Neville Longbottom. As you pointed your wand at him with shaking hands, you could tell he doesn’t afraid. Not anymore

„Just do it Y/N.” – he mutters.

„See? He’s even asking for it! Don’t be such a coward, girl, do it!” Carrow looked happier then ever, while your mouth went dry and your hand just shaked more. You lower your wand.

„Aaah.” – Carrow sighed. „What a shame, Y/L/N. Your parents would be very dissapointed.”

The anger that you felt at the last minutes - and the last few months - expanded with that sentence. You lost your temper, pointed your wand at your teacher and shouted: „Stupefy!” As your stunning spell was too strong, he flown over the classroom straight to a bookshelf. Before he could stand up, Draco ran over to you and stood before you. „That was really stupid.” – he whispered.

As Carrow comes back to you with anger in his eyes, Draco pointed his wand on him.

„Do you think I am afraid of you?” – he laughed. „Your family lost that position ages ago, Malfoy. You don’t have the courage to do anything, so, put mommy’s wand away.”

„If you touch her, I’ll have the courage I swear.” Maybe it was the anger on his face or the dedicated look on his eyes, but Carrow frowned and lowered his wand.

„All right kids. Sit down. As for you, Y/L/N, you can come for detention today, 5 o’clock.” – he smirked, and Draco turned around but you stopped him and gave him a warning look. Everybody knows what a detention means with the Carrows.

It was almost 5, so you exit the common room with Draco on your heels.

„Draco if you won’t go back I’ll hex you. You can’t come there!”

„Do you know what will he do with you?” – he shouted desperately.

„I know, and I also know that you won’t control yourself if you see. You and your family is enough trouble already, don’t risk anymore because of me, please. I can get much worse than torture if you intervene.”

He slowly snuggled up to you and kissed your forehead, then raised your chin with his fingertip. „Please love, be careful.”

After nearly half an hour with Carrow, you were thankful that Draco didn’t come with you. If he could hear your screams, Godric knows what would he done.

The detentions was all the same: students practiced the Cruciatus Curse on other students. In your case, you get it from Carrow. It was beyond every pain that you ever felt before. It was in your bones, in your brain, in your veins, and after several minutes torture, you lost your energy to scream. You couldn’t see or move. As tears fell down on your face, Carrow knelt next to you.

„Well well, at least you take it better than your sweet mother.” You felt as he grabbed your arm and something hurt on your skin, but after the previous pain, it was like nothing. You heard the door swung open, but you cannot have the strength to look at the way, though you recognize the monotone voice immediately.

„What have you done to her?” – Snape asked.

„She earned her punishment, she stunned me at the class.”

„Carrow that poor girl barely alive! Get out.” And you felt Snape lifted you, but the next moment you blacked out. You woke up to Draco’s voice.

„Sweetheart, please talk to me, please, please…” – he prays to you, his hand on your cheek when you open your eyes; you were at the Hospital Wing.

„Oh thank Godric. Say something.”

„I’m okay.” – your voice is barely audiable and hoarse after the screams.

„No, you’re not. I’ve shouldn’t let this happen. I shouldn’t…”

„It isn’t your fault, Draco.” – you said to him and stroke his cheek with your weak hand. He gently grasped your forearm but you gasped to his touch and pulled your hand away from him.

„What is it? Where it hurts?” – he gave you a concerned look and you knew it’s unnecessary to lie to him, so you streched your arm. Draco rolled up your sleeve and a tormented, angry look appear on his face as he saw the blood traitor text craved in your arm. He stood up so quickly his char is fell over.

„I’ll kill him.”

„No, stop, come back here!” – your voice suddenly came back when he was almost already at the doors, but of course, Madam Pomfrey wasn’t happy to hear you shouting.

„This is enough, she needs to rest! Get out of here Mr. Malfoy, don’t bother her.” – she said angrily, but you grabbed her arm.

„No, please I want him to stay, please!” – you cried, more to Draco than to her.

„All right,” – she said finally – „but one more shout and you’ll be banned from here.”

„I won’t let him to get away with this, Y/N.” – he whispered as sat down next to you.

„You have to. Remember what I said earlier? About your family? It was my fault. I’m lucky to be alive after my parents anyway.”

„Don’t say that. Please. You’re the only thing that keep me sane. I cannot lost you.”

A few hours later he layed on the bed next to you, both of you in silence, just watching each other’s face. You remembered something; a late morning, back at the Malfoy Manor when you relaxed on the bed silently, examined every little detial on him, and he did the same as well. The memory of the peacful moment filled your brain when you heard his low voice. 

„Y/N. After all of this ends, will you…?”

„Yes.” – you cut him off with a weak smile.

„Let me finish.” He smiled too. „Will you marry me?”

„Yes.” – you repeated in a so natural tone, because it was the only thing that you were sure about.


You woke up two days later in the middle of the night to the noises, still at the Hospital Wing. You quickly dressed up and as you hurried down in the corridors, you bumped into Professor McGonagall.

“Professor! What is happening?”

“War, Miss Y/L/N. The rest of your house at the dungeons, if you please will join them.”

You immediately ran down to the dungeons. You have to find him. Or maybe he is with them? You could hardly concentrate, and before you realized, you were already in the common room. With fast breaths, you glanced around, but you didn’t see him.

“Where’s Draco?” - you asked Pansy.

“I don’t know. He searched for you but disappeared with Crabbe and Goyle - where are you going? Stay here Y/N!” - Pansy shrieked as you hurried back to the door. 

But you didn’t care; you have to find him, you have to know he’s safe. At the courtyard, there were chaos. Teachers and students defending the castle - and it’s flashed into your brain; why the other Slytherins are sitting at the common room while everything is falling apart?

As you saw a little girl, probably first or second year in front of a Death Eater, you yelled „Stupefy!” to save her, but you missed it. “RUN!” - you shouted at her.

The Death Eater turned to you, raised the wand, but stopped dead. And then, between the screams and cries and sounds of death, you hear a familiar voice behind the mask. „Get the hell out of here. Now!” – and she’s already ran away from you.

And in that moment, when you recognized your aunt voice, you understood everything. Of course no one in the Slytherin House joined to the fight; how could you? Hurt or kill people who raised you, were friends to you, people who you know since you were kid?

With tears in your eyes, you turned back to the castle, but in that second when you stepped inside, you felt a big strike on the back of your head, and with that, everything went black around you.

You woke up with somebody’s arms around you. Your head layed in something soft, and you smelled a familiar scent. A big hand held yours, and as you realized between the chattering noise, your head was in Draco’s lap; you slightly squeezed his hand, but didn’t open your eyes instantly.

“Y/N? Love, are you alrigth?” - you heard his hoarse voice and looked up to him. 

“Wha - what happened?” - you frowned, but at the sight of the other students, parents and teachers all in the Great Hall, talking calmly, you started to calm down too. You slowly sat up.

“I found you in the middle of the war. I thought… I thought you were dead. I was dragged away from your body but after he died I searched for you and Madam Pomfrey said you’ll be alright, you were just knocked out.”

“After he died? Voldemort is really dead then?” - you whispered as your voice was still weak. He nodded, and you, in relief, hugged him as tightly as you could. And you cried so hard like never before, for all those years of fear, now you maybe can live a whole normal life - with Draco by your side. 

Okay but why does Gryffindor always get associated with fire and un-planned actions and the kind of bravery that’s really more recklessness than anything else? Where are my Gryffindor posts about people who are terrified of speaking in front of crowds but still sign up to talk at fundraisers, about students who battle depression and whose brave accomplishments are getting up every morning, about kids who knew when to walk away from abusive relationships, where are my posts about the kind of bravery that’s not as obvious and in your face but still inherently Gryffindor?

Endearing Sincerity [MiyuSawa]

Miyuki stares at the underside of the empty bunk above him, frustration coursing through his veins more potently than the painkillers he was given. They may numb his body but they sure as hell don’t slow the perpetually turning cogs creaking in his mind. He really wants to sleep, doesn’t want to be conscious for the frustration and disappointment, nor for when the painkillers inevitably wear off. But his mind won’t allow him rest, adrenaline from the win, the invitation to Nationals, pumping both his frustration and the painkillers rapidly through his veins.

Without thinking, Miyuki heaves in an exasperated sigh but it burns through his chest, a dull ache reminding him of today, undecided whether it was bravery or stupidity. Hindsight makes it seem like bravery but in the moment, had anyone known, they would have called him an idiot. And he would have agreed.

And yet, the injury could be worse. ‘You were lucky’ the doctor had said, the repeated doctor code for I’m disappointed you did this you could have really hurt yourself. Miyuki knows he could have, knows from what happened with Chris, but he had to, they needed to win.

The fist of Miyuki’s good side curls and squeezes tightly.

They’re probably celebrating right now. The team. Without him. Miyuki’s glad for it and would never deny his teammates the satisfaction, but he does wish he could enjoy it with them. Sawamura’s probably bouncing around everyone like a happy puppy, while Kuramochi and Haruichi attempt – and fail – to keep him from yelling and causing problems. Miyuki’s lips curl contently at the thought, as long as Sawamura is happy he—

Miyuki hears a soft knock at his door and frowns. The team were told to leave him to rest, which means it must be Chris, or maybe even Yuuki, considering the knock.

“Come in.”

From Miyuki’s position lying on his bed he can’t see the door and is therefore completely surprised when Sawamura slowly comes into view beside him. Miyuki’s smile returns immediately, but it quirks with mischief because there is nothing he loves doing more than teasing his boyfriend.

“I hate to disappoint but I’m in no condition for entertaining right now.”

Miyuki’s smile drops at the lack of reaction. The silence is troubling, especially when it’s Sawamura. Miyuki doesn’t know what to do with it. Sawamura’s eyes are as large and dark and beautiful as ever, but they’re wider than usual, staring at his chest. Realisation settles as Miyuki glances down at his bare chest and his jaw clenches when he eyes the angry red of skin over his ribs.

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