Me: when tf does Penny Haywood shows up, she looks so cute.

Me: *duel merula and win*

Penny,aka the love of my life: *appears* Hi you’re so brave!

Me: oh my god how do I duel Merula again ? I’d duel all Hogwarts to hear you saying that again…


well i got tired of inking my fan comic (brotherhood twist comic, ;U; i am making progress with it yay) so to rest for a while i started doodling these!

first: the other fallen children, Perseverance doesn’t have striped shirt because the first time i drew them i forgot to put that and i just kept it that way.

B) is W.D. Gaster, i got confused with the way i drew him and i know fan gamer tarot cards are not canon but i wanted to like, mix that design with the in-game sprite of mystery man so i could get something more consistent..XD i still like goop gaster lol .

3) some Underswap skelebros doodles, i kinda like the concept of this AU, and is one of the few AUs i like XD hehe, Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

hope u like these! ^_^