The Radioactive Man Who Returned To Fukushima To Feed The Animals That Everyone Else Left Behind

Naoto Matsumura is the only human brave enough to live in Fukushima’s 12.5-mile exclusion zone

He fled at first but returned to take care of the animals that were left behind

He returned for his own animals at first, but realized that so many more needed his help, too

Matsumura, who is 55 years old, knows that the radiation is harmful, but he “refuses to worry about it”

“They also told me that I wouldn’t get sick for 30 or 40 years. I’ll most likely be dead by then anyway, so I couldn’t care less”

Matsumura discovered that thousands of cows had died locked in barns

He also freed many animals that had been left chained up by their owners

Many of them now rely on him for food

The government has forbidden him from staying, but that doesn’t stop him either

He started in 2011 and is still going strong 4 years later

He relies solely on donations from supporters to work with and feed the animals

His supporters are calling him the ‘guardian of Fukushima’s animals’

The man clearly has a sense of humor as well

The untold human suffering and property damage left in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan has been well-documented, but there’s another population that suffered greatly that few have discussed – the animals left behind in the radioactive exclusion zone. One man, however, hasn’t forgotten – 55-year-old Naoto Matsumura, a former construction worker who lives in the zone to care for its four-legged survivors.He is known as the ‘guardian of Fukushima’s animals’ because of the work he does to feed the animals left behind by people in their rush to evacuate the government’s 12.5-mile exclusion zone. He is aware of the radiation he is subject to on a daily basis, but says that he “refuses to worry about it.” He does take steps, however, by only eating food imported into the zone.

by Dovas

I’m so moved by this man’s bravery, selflessness and compassion. What a beautiful person.


Mkay so my youngest bro, he’s six, absolutely ADORES Undertale. I think I accidentally inspired him because I showed him my sketchbook one day and THIS HAPPENED! He wants everyone on “the tumble site” to see his art, so here we are!

(im so proud of him holy crap its so cute and good and hhhhh)

Ilvermorny Sortings

I have been thinking about these houses all day and I like @theconsultingdramaqueen and her theory, so I am going to expand it a bit.

Wampus - What they have done and will do. What am I doing to achieve my ambitions?
Thunderbird - Who has inspired them and the dreams of others that have woven themselves into their ambitions.
Pukwudgie - How passionate they are about their ambitions. How intensely do I believe in my dream?
Horned Serpent - Their beliefs and their ideologies surrounding their ambition. Their knowledge gets them to their goal.

Wampus - How they show their loyalty. What are they working hard towards?
Thunderbird - The inspiration from their peers. How have other people inspired them?
Pukwudgie - The intensity of their loyalty and the passion behind their hard work. Why do you work hard?
Horned Serpent - Their beliefs and ideas behind their loyalty and hard work. Your mind drives your actions.

Wampus - What they have created and what they do with their intelligence.
Thunderbird - The creativity of others and how it has inspired you to be more creative.
Pukwudgie - The passion behind your creativity and how you feel about learning new things.
Horned Serpent - Their beliefs and their ideologies that manifest into more knowledge and learning

Wampus - Their brave actions and what they have done to be brave and chivalrous.
Thunderbird - The inspiration acquired from their brave peers and the lessons they have learned from others about bravery
Pukwudgie - Their feelings and emotions behind the bravery, why they commit to bravery.
Horned Serpent - Their beliefs and how their mind shapes their actions of bravery.

People are trying to correlate the Hogwarts houses with the Ilvermorny houses but I think their is no correlation. They have their similarities but are ultimately different. Please comment your opinion :)

“It was the eighth night of Chanukah in Kiel, Germany, a small town with a Jewish population of 500. That year, 1931, the last night Chanukah fell on Friday evening, and Rabbi Akiva Boruch Posner, spiritual leader of the town was hurrying to light the Menorah before the Shabbat set in.

Directly across the Posner’s home stood the Nazi headquarters in Kiel, displaying the dreaded Nazi Party flag in the cold December night.  Rabbi Posner’s wife, Rachel, snapped a photo of the Menorah and captured the Nazi building and flag in the background. She wrote a few lines in German on the back of the photo. “Chanukah, 5692. ‘Judea dies’, thus says the banner. ‘Judea will live forever’, thus respond the lights.”