braverman of the week


Parenthood Week - Day 1 Favorite Braverman (by blood) - Sarah Braverman

“Sarah, of all my kids, she’s kind of been my teacher, you know? She’s the one that in life has taught me more about unconditional love. She never went after the material things in life. She was all about love. She was all about really giving her heart to the people that she cared about the most.” - Zeek 


Parenthood Week - Day 3: Favorite Romantic Relationship/OTP(s) - Sarah & Hank

What? Yes, what?
To the question you asked me.
What are you saying? What are you saying? No, are we getting married?
We’re gonna get married?
Yeah, I’d like to.
Wow. Wow.”


PARENTHOOD WEEK Day 5: Favourite Location(s) - The Luncheonette

Crosby: I’m gonna keep The Luncheonette open, and it’s gonna be very tight…
Amber: Oh my God…
Crosby: But we’re gonna make it work. And I’m gonna be the new Adam, and I wanna know, are you up to being the new Crosby.
Amber: You’re not serious.
Crosby: I’m dead serious.
Amber: Are you serious?!