Aoba’s too busy eyeing to man with the blond hair to pay mind to what Mizuki’s saying. His lips only hover over the nearly empty glass of sake, unable to rip his gaze away simply because he could’ve sworn those eyes were on him just seconds ago. Only after Mizuki began waving his hand before his face was his attention dragged back to the bartender. ❝Eh? Oh–what?❞

   ❝Why don’t you go talk to him?❞

   ❝…I think I will.❞ With that, he abandons his drink and moves to sit next to the blond with a smile on his lips. Hey.❞

+a few are about to be seduced

               {♀} – Shiver, goosebumps.
                              It feels like winter.
                           ❝Kinda cold here..
                                Isn’t it?–❞


“One of these days, you may not know where or when. I’m going to get you back for that sandwich because. It isn’t the sandwich itself. I can always get another sandwich. Its the principle of the thing. I went into there knowing I’d be getting a sandwich, the enjoyment that adds to eating it is something that can never be given. Because I’ll always remember this day. The day you took that joy away from me and used it to appease yourself without a single bit of remorse. So, on that level. I will get you back.”

“You’re wrong about that– I’m feelin’ a bit of remorse over it. Especially now." 

"Put the sword away, man. I’ll buy you another sandwich.”



░█{ϟ}——Crystals starred upon the endless sky. Linger blue stretched across the cloudless sky. The atmosphere became different, light and easy –yet still odd. Colored optics lowered as glance turned from the sky to the city lines. Taking a step forward footsteps followed the path deeper into the town unknown to the savior. Every trot matched with jewels scanning across the scenery.

“Soldier" the word slipped from tiers as hues laid upon the blonde, soldier built man. Knowing a soldier when she spotted the name seemed appropriate. Movement came to a halt, digits combed through loose strands that framed neatly around her visage. "A Word.”