Four years ago, I started my blog for Harmony. I was first called The-Cyber-Soldier and Harmony was not as developed as she is today.  I’m shocked that I got this far. Four years, 658 followers, and the countless memories I have here.

I owe it to all of you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have been here for this long. This blog and the people I met here helped me stay sane when everything in my life changed. Frequent moves, transfer from one school to another, and the chaos that follows kept me on the edge, but rp and my friends on Tumblr helped me find some stability.  You all helped me in becoming a better writer and even a better person. 

I apologize for my inactivity. I should have more free time to write with all of you after Tuesday when I finish my capstone.

I can’t thank you all enough. I have included everyone I want to give special acknowledgement to for you have been there with me since day one. 

Thank you so much and I hope there will be more memories and friends to make. 

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“Kindness… That’s something not everyone has, but I believe there is goodness in everyone’s heart.” 

200+ Followers… Which might include some ancient blogs from 3+ years ago that are inactive, cries. Either way, no matter if people forgot to unfollow me, stopped coming back to that specific RP blog, or honestly followed me because they… wanted to follow me, I really want to thank you all for sticking with this Deuce I’ve created. (Or maybe this might serve as a reminder to unfollow me, rofl. Understandable as how surreal and random this can be!)

SO, a little background about this Deuce! (You may all skip this horrendous essay so you can pat yourself on the back for being an awesome RPer, bless your heart and soul.) 

I actually started RPing as her back in 2012. It sprouted in the Twitter platform after some encouragement from my friends. It kicked off till… around 2013 (I think?) when I got serious in RPing the cutie pie. I doubt many would know about it, but this @fftype0deuce is where it all began. As you can tell, I don’t even know how to role play on Tumblr at that time, lol. She really went through changes over the years… and I’m hoping it’s for the best. 

No matter who I run to RP… I’ve always returned back to this account. From my first RP account outside of Final Fantasy (Mary from Shikkoku no Sharnoth @maryclarissachristiekitty-blog ) to a fandom I have literally no idea what I’m getting myself into (Admiral OC from Kantai Collection @admiralyoriemiko ), I’ve always run back to Deuce. An obsession? Perhaps. Passion? Well, I’m not sure. Maybe… I’m not the best Deuce RPer as I’ve seen plenty who role play her 20000000x better than me over the years. However, I can at least say I contributed to some part of the community by RPing as this character just like everyone with their muse(s)! I think…

Enough about my blabbers, FINALLY, the one you’ve all been waiting for…

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Zant isn't a laughing excuse for a villain GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS

I’ve seen it a lot in the tags. How Zant is pathetic and a nutcase and a lame example of a villain. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, sure, but I am livid that people take Zant as a joke. Yes, his movements are comical. His screams may be giggle-worthy and his motives can be a bit far-fetched. But I ask you kindly to look deeper than the surface, because I can damn well guarantee you what lies beneath is more than just an insane man.

We basically only know Zant in Twilight Princess through the words Midna speaks of him. She’s not going to be entirely and completely truthful—if she wants Link to take him out so that she may have her throne again, she isn’t going to speak of how he was pre-corruption. She is not going to admit to Link how sweet Zant may have been or speak of their childhood. She is going to tell Link of his iffy side and his bad intentions. She’s going to make him out to be the villain because sadly that’s all he is to her anymore.

On this note, I also believe Midna was being so cruel with her wording toward Zant because it was a coping method. We all know the feeling when a very close friend decides that you’re not worth it anymore and they just up and leave. Now imagine that friend, that lover, that companion, that one person you trusted with everything completely turning on you. I believe Midna was so angry toward him not only because of his actions but because she was also angry with herself. Angry for giving herself so much to someone to allow them that power to crush her entirely. Which may have also been why she was so hesitant as to bond with Link the way she did.

Aside from this and back onto the subject of Zant’s sanity—the throne scene where he, Midna and Link meet up is extremely crucial in my opinion. He tells of having “served” in the royal household solely for the reason he thought he would be chosen as ruler. Imagine working so hard for something the majority of your life. I’m sure it’s more than relatable. Trying so hard for something you want more than life itself. Only to have it overlooked. Brushed off as if you never even mattered. As if all efforts put in, all struggles and late nights were for absolutely nothing. Now, the time of Ganondorf’s arrival onto Zant was after Midna’s coronation. Zant admits he was thrown by “thralls” of “hatred” and “despair,” and that scene alone is painful to watch.

The viewer is invited to the balcony overlooking the realm, where Zant stumbles in a bit of a drunken manner, obviously a mess. He is so distraught, so ashamed of himself, so overthrown by his emotions that he can no longer even walk properly. He sinks to the ground with a whimper, and begins slamming his hands to the ground. Not lightly, might I add. He bashes his head against the terrain as well, which is a coping method many mentally unstable people may use. In this statement I believe Zant may have suffered from this even before Ganondorf showed up to mess with his head. This intensifies his role as willing (and naïve puppet) even more. Zant is not afraid to harm himself, and finds it a reasonable way to take out his frustration. He clearly is more than upset with himself, not thinking himself good enough, downright wallowing in self-hatred, as well as a certain loathing to a newly anointed princess and her people. Where he had an undeniable need for power aforehand, he had not the magic to activate it.

Ganondorf is the one truly at fault here, in my belief.  He corrupts Zant entirely, not only giving him the power he desired before, but a MASSIVE amount of power the poor Twili really has no idea how to control. When you’re over-leveled in a video game, you really have no control over your own strength, do you? You really don’t know how much you need to push before something breaks, But you like it. This power is new and exciting and before long you grow used to it. You don’t want to go back to the standard level because the new thing just feels so damn good.

I believe Ganondorf made room for an alter ego in Zant – on my own personal wave of head canons, I take pre-Twilight Princess Zant to be a bit more shy and under-spoken, someone to be overlooked. I don’t take him as the type to be loud about anything nor really be ambitious in the sense that he makes himself stand out. Thus, his “lust for power” was really a want to be KNOWN. To be seen, to be heard, to be acknowledged, for fuck’s sake, because he was never the kid that stood out. He just wanted a chance.



   Aoba’s too busy eyeing to man with the blond hair to pay mind to what Mizuki’s saying. His lips only hover over the nearly empty glass of sake, unable to rip his gaze away simply because he could’ve sworn those eyes were on him just seconds ago. Only after Mizuki began waving his hand before his face was his attention dragged back to the bartender. ❝Eh? Oh–what?❞

   ❝Why don’t you go talk to him?❞

   ❝…I think I will.❞ With that, he abandons his drink and moves to sit next to the blond with a smile on his lips. Hey.❞

+a few are about to be seduced

               {♀} – Shiver, goosebumps.
                              It feels like winter.
                           ❝Kinda cold here..
                                Isn’t it?–❞


“One of these days, you may not know where or when. I’m going to get you back for that sandwich because. It isn’t the sandwich itself. I can always get another sandwich. Its the principle of the thing. I went into there knowing I’d be getting a sandwich, the enjoyment that adds to eating it is something that can never be given. Because I’ll always remember this day. The day you took that joy away from me and used it to appease yourself without a single bit of remorse. So, on that level. I will get you back.”

“You’re wrong about that– I’m feelin’ a bit of remorse over it. Especially now." 

"Put the sword away, man. I’ll buy you another sandwich.”

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             P U P P E T That was a face he wasn’t expecting to see ever again.
                                   The person who tried to rip him and mother apart. The
                                   hate. The pain he held for the blond. “Are you here to
                                   take my bond with mother away?” A pause as green
                                   eyes fell onto the male, “Or have you decided to
                                   understand mothers love?”