bravee draws

and then I decided to be brave and actually post fan art. 

This happened because I love the idea of Sherlock so full of compassion and emotion and beauty he can’t contain it, so all of it is hidden away. It is a piece of him that he won’t allow to come out, but it colors everything he does. 


One day, my Friend Aline said that she didn’t like much her drawing.
Then I said: “ It’s already beautiful , but you can’t see it. So would you let me show you that ? “

Basically , she made the drawing and I painted ^^

And finally she can see what I see.

So everyone ! sometimes we just need to look a little deep in our drawings to not give up on them.

( if you think that girl is going to cut those trees, you are WRONG! XD

my friend said  that she needs the axe to face the forest

 Cause she doesn’t know what will find in there ).