brave10 s

From Kairi’s twitter~

Did Sasuke’s coat always have the Sanada mon on the back?! 

Here’s a Fun fact : “The circles are called Rokumonsen which means and represents six coins. These coins are believed to be needed to cross the river of the underworld. By using this crest, Yukimura Sanada wanted to show he was never afraid of death during battle.”

How awesome is that?! So excited for this arc~


BRAVE10 S act 28 spoilers- Izanami hooks up with Date, the exile trio gets some really bad fashion advice and someone is finally getting off their ass to look for Kamanosuke.  

(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) Sorry but we didn’t have time to finish tonight but we should have the raws posted late tomorrow~ o○♡

( I swear those 30+ chapters of yowapeda I read just now had nothing to do with it ….)


Still no news on where we can mail order Kairi’s C87 books. It seems some of the items will be limited to the event (bookcover & keychains I think) but she’s still saying the rest will go up for mail order at some point. 

The first pic details all the goods that will be avaible at MADDOG’S booth and the second is a preview from the illustrations. I’m super excited to see the young twins on the flyer but have to wonder a bit why it looks like Roukuro is a vampire in the 2nd??

If anyone finds a source for mail order please message me, THANKS!