Rough Night?

A/N: So I was lowkey thinking of not posting this because I have the most terrible stomach ache but I haven’t posted anything in a long time. AAND I have a bunch of angst I’ll be posting soon so I might as well post some fluff before all the heartbreak comes along. I hope you enjoy!

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Prompt: Person A nuzzling into Person B’s neck because they’re cold and tired, and Person B m e l t i n g.

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): Nah

Word Count: 400+

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Coffee was the only thing keeping you alive at the moment, a large cup of it next to your laptop as you rapidly typed something into the search bar will glancing from the small stack of papers beside you and the screen. Eraser and pencil shavings were scattered around your desk and even on the floor, a single pencil sitting atop of the papers, clear that it was used and abused many times.

You were too into whatever was on your screen you didn’t hear the bedroom door squeak open and your boyfriend step in. Jason half expected you to be passed out of your bed with the book ‘Little house on the prairie’ half open and on your chest, however this wasn’t much of a surprise either.

“Y/N… It’s 1am, go to bed…” Jason gently laid his hands on your shoulders and peered over you to look at the screen, skimming over the small words before reaching over and closing the lid, picking up the cup of coffee and moving to place it on the bedside table. You snapped back into reality and slowly turn to face your lover, muttering a few words you couldn’t even make out.

Jason chuckled at your tired and dazed behaviour, dropping down onto the bed perching himself up as he motioned for you to lay next to him. It took you a second, slowly standing from the small, uncomfortable stool at your table and stretching out the tight knots in your back, a relieving feeling rushing throughout your body with the sound of your back cracking. Jason couldn’t help but cringe at the sound, a shiver running down his spine even at the thought.

“…When did you get here?” you mumble while stumbling towards the shared bed and slowly stradling your boyfriend’s thighs, hearing the quiet hiss of pain slipping past his lips, “Rough night?” You question.

Jason only nodded, leaning up and brushing his rough, chapped lips against your soft ones, hands being placed at your hips pulling you closer against his body as his arms slipped around your waist.

You pull away from the kiss with a quiet hum of satisfaction while gently leaning against his bruised body, your head nuzzling into the crook of his neck and shifting to a more comfortable position. Peppering light kisses against his neck as you mumble inaudible words, feeling his grip tighten around you.

Your eyes slowly shut as you press against Jason with your arms wrapping around his waist and gently squeezing. Drifting off rather quickly into blackness to the relaxing feeling of Jason running his hands through your hair, untangling any knots that he seemed to come across.

Everything seemed to be slowly fading, the relaxing feeling, the soft sound of Jasons breathing, the light peeking through your curtains from the moon. All so slowly, as you fall asleep comfortably against your beaten and bruised boyfriend.

Headcanon: Tim sleepwalks

  • It’s part of the reason he prefers to nap rather than maintain a healthy sleep pattern because if he doesn’t sleep for too long at a time the chance of him sleepwalking lessens. 
  • The thought that one day he’ll be somewhere unfamiliar or in a situation where sleepwalking would be really dangerous / get him in trouble terrifies him.
  • The first time it happened at the Manor, he scared the crap out of Bruce. When Bruce figured out that his newest Robin was not, in fact, being mind-controlled, only sleepwalking, he followed him around for hours until he finally fell asleep on the kitchen floor because he had no idea what to do.
  • After learning about it, Alfred suggested he cut down his caffeine intake and try to minimise stress in his life as much as possible. Tim just laughed.
  • Dick once had an entire (somewhat one-way) conversation with him before realising he was asleep the whole time
  • He always wakes up in really strange places because of it. One time he climbed out of the window and woke up on the roof. Bruce had a special alarm installed on all the upperfloor windows the next day.
  • If he wakes up somewhere other than his bedroom and is freezing because it’s a really cold night, he just goes and climbs into bed with Bruce because everyone knows human heaters are the best way to warm up and also did he mention sleepwalking is scary
  • Jason thinks it’s amusing and repeatedly tries to get Tim to do ridiculous things while he’s asleep. Tim still doesn’t know why he woke up covered in glitter one morning.
  • He often collects Damian’s pets along the way and ends up trailing a menagerie of animals around the Manor. Usually followed by a grumpy Damian who claims he’s doing it to keep Titus out of trouble but they all know it’s because he’s worried about Tim getting hurt or something
What the Batfamily members smell like

Bruce: Sweat, leather, expensive cologne, that dry scent that tells you he’s carrying money in his pockets, scotch, envelopes. he likes to wear the best colognes because he has an image to keep, but when it’s just him he smells the way a father would smell. the batmobile smells like him so when he was dead his kids would sit in the car and just breathe it in so they’d never forget what he smelled like 

Dick: Fresh linen, fancy soaps Alfred bought for him, cereal, green apples, new car smell, hair gel, cheap wine, aftershave. he smells like one of those guys who wears ten different colognes to impress women, though in Dick’s case most of the time it’s just the way he naturally smells and it’s intoxicating 

Barbara: Lemons, cotton, honeysuckle, that familiar smell all computers seem to have, glossy magazines. she just smells really comforting and familiar, like that feeling you get when you hug your mom 

Jason: Cigarettes, sweat, gunpowder, leather jackets, the familiar alleys of Gotham City, freshly baked bread, buttery popcorn, dusty old books, cheap cologne. he’s got a very musky scent, but there are so many different aromas going on at the same time that he smells like an odd mix of all of them 

Cass: Jasmine shampoo, pine trees, the occasional faint scent of blood, the rubbery smell of bandages, cut flowers, scented candles, hot chocolate. she doesn’t wear perfume so she smells very natural 

Tim: Coffee grounds, printer ink, new book smell, the earthy scent of rain on hot pavement, sharpies. he smells very homey. he doesn’t usually wear cologne, but he smells just as appealing as Dick does without even trying. when you hug him you just want to stay in his arms and inhale his comforting scent as long as you can 

Stephanie: Cinnamon, strawberry shampoo, sugary perfume, coca-cola lip smackers, maple syrup, a warm sea breeze. she sprays on ten different perfumes at a time, so when people smell her they’re captivated by how many different aromas are going on at once. when you smell her it’s so inviting it just makes you want to be around her forever 

Damian: Batcow’s stables, butterscotch candies, the steel blade of his katana, paint from his artwork, pastel crayons, the earthy aroma of freshly dug soil. he always smells like Alfred’s garden, like dirt and green leaves and fresh vegetables. there’s always the slightest whiff of gingerbread too