“Legendra no Yuusha”

- Golden Swordsman, Dran (黄金剣士 ドラン = Ougon Kenshi Doran)
- Golden Ninja, Sora-kage (黄金忍者 空影  = Ougon Ninja Sorakage)
- Golden Shogun, Leon (黄金将軍 レオン = Ougon Shōgun Reon)
- Knight of the Sky, Jet Silver (空の騎士 ジェットシルバ = Sora no Kishi Jettoshiruba)
- Knight of the Stars, Star Silver ( 星の騎士 スターシルバー = Hoshi no Kishi Sutāshirubā)
- Knight of the Land, Drill Silver (大地の騎士 ドリルシルバー = Daichi no Kishi Dorirushirubā)
- Knight of the Flames, Fire Silver (炎の騎士 ファイヤーシルバー = Honō no Kishi Faiyāshirubā)
- Armament of Steel, Advenger (鋼鉄武装 アドベンジャー = Kōtetsubusō Adobenjā)
- Pirate Battleship, Captain Shark (海賊戦艦 キャプテンシャーク = Kaizoku Senkan Kyaputenshāku)


(This is where these little dudes come from.)

Just in case anyone were still wondering why the heck I came up with something like this:

Yep, welcome to “The Brave of Gold, Goldran”, boys and girls! I hope you’ll enjoy your brain damage stay. <3

(Now… Can you imagine him into something like “Kiss Players”? *flees*)

YAY! Everyone to the onsen!

Takuya, Dai & Kazuki…


Walter Walzack “Isaac Senchou” & Colonel…

And AAAAALL the Yuusha of Legendra! <3

Wait a sec…

*checks last image again*


Oh, there he is…

So, uhm… just too manry for a bath in an onsen, or is it a habit of yours to play voyeur?