but you know what i needed to see again



A big transforming samurai guy bot meets a random small gal bot. She heals his wounds and he protects her agains evil bots. Due to a freak accident, he unknowingly impregnates her (slight dub con, but still romantic) and later in the same evening, for his dismay, she gives birth to four super cute baby bots! And now they’re husband and wife happily ever after… …?

I appreciate the help, but the bandages are likely not going to be of much use on a robot.

Size does matter.

Sorry about your stall. Can I go faint now, I’m feeling kinda woozy.

The attack of the giant lips of a suddenly unconscious mech.

Which was really an excuse for *this* to happen.

So, this is how robots have sex?

I may have just raped you, are you okay?

Like we’re all asking now, the hell just happened???

It’s not every day you learn you’re going to be the baby daddy of some random chick you just met.

Here it comes….

It’s a boy!

“Nice work, bud!” “But, but…”


Eh… ehheh….

Triplets!? Are you kidding me!?

Nope! It’s quadruplets, and this one is a girl!

I can’t deal with this…

Why, God, why?????

Aren’t they just the cutest thing ever??

His face when she calls him her husband.

I’m a DAD???

(Brought to you by: an average Transformers fan-fiction.)


“Legendra no Yuusha”

- Golden Swordsman, Dran (黄金剣士 ドラン = Ougon Kenshi Doran)
- Golden Ninja, Sora-kage (黄金忍者 空影  = Ougon Ninja Sorakage)
- Golden Shogun, Leon (黄金将軍 レオン = Ougon Shōgun Reon)
- Knight of the Sky, Jet Silver (空の騎士 ジェットシルバ = Sora no Kishi Jettoshiruba)
- Knight of the Stars, Star Silver ( 星の騎士 スターシルバー = Hoshi no Kishi Sutāshirubā)
- Knight of the Land, Drill Silver (大地の騎士 ドリルシルバー = Daichi no Kishi Dorirushirubā)
- Knight of the Flames, Fire Silver (炎の騎士 ファイヤーシルバー = Honō no Kishi Faiyāshirubā)
- Armament of Steel, Advenger (鋼鉄武装 アドベンジャー = Kōtetsubusō Adobenjā)
- Pirate Battleship, Captain Shark (海賊戦艦 キャプテンシャーク = Kaizoku Senkan Kyaputenshāku)