Festival of Fantasy by disneylori


Here are the original concept sketches (scribbles lol), the first color pass, and the final results of some of my 12 E! News exclusive illustrations!!
Check out the link to see all 12 and see who your favorite character has swapped worlds with!


Need to reupload this before I forget it! Saoirse (freckly girl) likes to work out, and Merida insists she pick her up to build muscle. Of course this is just an excuse for kisses! Saoirse is a giant nerd underneath her seemingly suave exterior, always blushing. Enjoy this thing as the fanfic I have about them rots away on my computer.

Be as strong as the seas are stormy
And proud as an eagle’s scream

In September, I went to Disneyland for a vacation. There’s a glut of marketing materials of Disney princesses in very delicate poses. You know, one leg is slightly bent inwards, the head is tilted, shiny skirts everywhere. They’re all removed from the context of their stories which gave them their personalities. To me they are reduced to bodies parading pretty dresses.

Doing a Disney princess series was always on my mind, but I didn’t want bodies to be at the forefront of the illustration. I didn’t want to do pinup or reimagined clothing choices in X century. Those are fun and great to look at, but it wasn’t something that I felt passionate about. 

I guess this series is my small attempt to capture the strength of these women in the films. I loved this particular lyric from Brave and always envisioned Merida unfettered by the storm, ready to face the perils that come her way. This is the first of my Disney Women series, and I hope you enjoy it! 

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Hey there Tumblr! I’m so sorry I didn’t publish any other work for almost a year from the last one… Well, now I’M BACK! And I’ll do my best to publish my digital drawings more often :3

This is a short “comic” I thought up a long time ago, and now it’s finally finished!

Hope you enjoy it :D

UPDATE: you may have noticed that the tumblr page linked in the drawings is now different. That’s ‘cause I changed my old tumblr URL. Now EVERY drawing that was linked to has now to be found on

Sorry for troubles, and thank you everyone!

The last work I made before: