A few questions I’ll need to have answered if Keith and Lance aren’t canon:

1. Why did they make Keith smile at Lance like that? You know?

2. Um, the bonding moment? Why the hell was it so romantic like, the hand holding, soft music, purple mood lighting, intimate stares…EXPLAIN

3. Why did Keith cradle Lance in his arms???

4. Why was Lance Keith’s stability and impulse control?

5. Why is Lance just coincidentally a fire sign and Keith coincidentally a water sign? (Lance’s birthday being on National Talk in an Elevator Day, like…?)

6. Did Keith constantly flirt with or tease Lance? Or both?

7. Why did Keith get so jealous and annoyed every time Lance flirted with Allura? Jealousy thy name is Keith???

8. Lauren: “Lance and Keith are compatible in every way except for their ship name.” WHAT?

9. Why did Lauren already have a ship name for them called LAITH? IT LITERALLY MEANS LION, STRONG, AND BRAVE, WHY?

10. Jeremy were you deceiving us?? (LOOOL)

11. Korasami parallels?

12. Why was Lance the most concerned when the red lion was attacking meaning Keith was in danger??



The signs as anime men with a questionable fashion sense

Aries: Alucard

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Taurus: Aoba Seragaki

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Gemini: Train Heartnet

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Cancer: Kamanosuke Yuri

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Leo: Brandon Heat (Beyond the Grave)

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Virgo: Hisoka

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Libra: Vash the Stampede

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Scorpio: Sting Eucliffe

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Sagittarius: Naruto

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Capricorn: Raikou Shimizu

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Aquarius: Adlet Mayer

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Pisces: Franky / Cutty Flam

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[30/6/17] Brave 10 Stage Play - fan report


*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

  • I remember being grumpy because I’d gone for the absolute earliest first round of ticket ballots and got one, as opposed to waiting for the second, individual cast member ticket balloting (for a higher price, but will come with a special cast photo) where I could have gone for Kohatsu’s, but it turns out my seat was pretty damn good. On the right side, second one from the aisle and fifth row from the stage in a small theatre,
  • So I didn’t even have to use my binoculars at all! The girl on me left still did though, she used it to watch Sakurai Keito lol
  • The funnest part about this stage has to be the fact that it’s action packed with tons of fights breaking out all the time and me getting to pick out my top three best (and worst) fighters
  • This stage condensed all 8 volumes of the Brave10 manga into two hours, so many characters were left out and a good number of fights were squeezed together

Making my way through this list of awesome ninjas!!

Nakamura Yuuichi as Kiragakure Saizo

  • It’s a bit unfortunate to start with this but he’s going down as my pick for worst fighters XD
  • But that’s probably within reason since Saizo in this stage was less of a ninja and more of a melee warrior with his broadsword - which he had to wield single-handedly - so he looked cumbersome waving it and wasn’t very graceful  
  • And since it’s a broadsword he’s not able to go kick out with his feet unlike the other ninjas
  • And well since he’s the protagonist he does get smacked onto the floor by the other characters a good number of times
  • I didn’t play that series of Final Fantasy but altogether his appearance  reminded me of (the images I’d seen of) Cloud
  • One of the highlights was when he was fighting Kamanosuke and getting pushed to the brink of his mental limit, when his panting got heavier and heavier and the right hand holding his broadsword started to tremble, until Isanami called his name and snapped him out of it, which is why he thanked her for “saving” him. I thought this part was kind of slapped together in the manga so it was great to see this translated so well on the stage
  • A lot of fighting and stabbing and killing without a hint of fake blood, but in one of Isanami’s flashbacks, which was portrayed through digital projections, Saizo was covered in (small amounts) of blood and cuts and reaching out to her

Karin Isobe as Isanami

  • Firstly she smells like marshmallows. Since I was close to the right aisle the cast would run up and down the steps, and when they were descending into the hidden basement of the Izumo temple that was the moment where I first caught a whiff of deodorant
  • It was something really sweet and I assumed it was one of the guys so I was thinking in my head which of these fucking ninjas would use sweet deodorant but when Isanami ran by the second/third time I finally realized it was hers lol
  • Aw man she really had the petite figure and doll face and sweet voice of female girl protagonists. That’s incredible! Which was probably why both her photosets sold out by the end of the show
  • When her and Saizo first made their way to Lord Sanada’s castle, there was a meeting between them and the few Braves he’d already gathered, which included Ana. She jumps onto Saizo (meaning she was clambering around him and squealing) as a means of greeting, so he stumbles to one side with her on his waist, and then Isanami sees, walks over and slaps him LOL
  • Saizo went “Woah, woah, hold on. WHAT?”
  • She did perform a small dance sequence around halfway through the play. Sadly there was no change in wardrobe
  • She hugged Saizo a good number of times during both frivolous and poignant moments, but he’s very careful to keep a platonic distance away even when they’re that close, if you can kind of picture that. Though he did put a hand on her back…

Mamoru Asana as Anastasia

  • Well since Ana is a foreigner sometimes she speaks in a European language… It might have been French. Just deliberately, to confuse people like Sasuke 
  • Sadly Ana didn’t get any costume changes at all for the different scenes 
  • She’s very pretty but for the most of the time we see Ana she’s just a ditzy blonde who (in my eyes) seems to flirt the hardest with Lord Sanada, to no avail. He flirts back but you can tell he’s not seriously interested 
  • So she and Sasuke were entirely platonic…
  • So were Saizo and her, unfortunately
  • Then there was her and Hanzo, and I was hoping for a steamy sexy scene, or at least for Hanzo to take his shirt off, but nothing of that sort happened
  • The stuff they did in the dark - including the sex, the manipulation, the order to betray the Braves and the “You’re mine” - took place behind the half-transparent screen in the middle, where the actors were partially obscured
  • Lastly there was her and Jinpachi, who was more or less one-sidedly wooing her, but I think she was a little impressed since after he princess-carried her off the stage and re-entered, they hung out together (Ana on the podium and Jinpachi leaning on it) and chatted 
  • To Isanami she’s an elderly sister figure, and when Isanami didn’t want to be rescued from Date Masamune’s basement, Ana scolds her to her senses, but not unkindly 
  • Her voice only turned cold when she betrayed them, of course
  • Sasuke didn’t even know how to handle that, and eventually just walks off in disappointment while Ana and Saizo continue their spar
  • She’s not one of the physically adept fighters (with her long sword), though there was a long fight sequence between her and Saizo, when he chased her “through the forest”  - on a very narrow fighting space between the edge of the stage and the drawn screens Nah, Ana mostly attacks with her ice powers
  • She uses her purely magic powers the most out of them all 

Kosaka Ryoutarou as Date Masamune Oshu’s One-Eyed Dragon, Matsumura Ryotarou as his black butler Katakura Kojurou, and his goons Ichimaru and Nico

  • I think it was a great casting choice to have Ryoutarou as the young, rising, arrogant Dragon Lord with a dry sense of humor and a lot of comedic moments I’m just thinking of this twenty-year old’s career so far lol
  • Unfortunately he’s not in many fight scenes with his long sword, and he did not have a dance off with Sanada. But I saw flashes of him during group fights (with the whole cast fighting on the stage all at once so it was hard to focus on him) and he looked graceful
  • And usually during full cast fight scenes he doesn’t have a fixed opponent and goes around fighting one after and another
  • He’s good at the sword even when it’s sheathed. One time he hung it over his shoulder and rested his head on it, while his goons stood on his twice side. But since it’s so long whenever he turned to face one the sword would smack the face of the other
  • I couldn’t distinguish between the two goons Ichi or Nico sorry lol
  • After they kidnapped Isanami and held her in their basement dungeon, one of the goons (let’s just say it was Ichi) tries to bring her food, but she refuses
  • Ichi goes “Are you sure? I mean I have these-” he pulls out a metal tin from his hakama - “Oshu’s Local Special, Gyutan Cough Drops!”
  • And then he starts to sing a commercial jingle for Oshu’s Local Special Gyutan Cough Drops, which was apparently based off this omake drawn by Shimonotsuki Kairi, Brave10′s creator, in 2009
  • Date and his black butler show up, and Date is confused, and then even more confused when his butler picks up the song right after Ichi stops with his own tin of Oshu’s Local Special Gyutan Cough Drops
  • Ichi joins him and they both sing and twirl about with the cough drops, and as they get to the final line of the jingle,
  • Date pulls out his own tin of of Oshu’s Local Special Gyutan Cough Drops and finishes the final twirl/line with them, “Oshu’s Local Special, Gyu~tan, Cough Drops!”
  • And then he snaps out of it and berates them. “What are you all doing with my cough drops??”
  • He’s kinda cowed by his black butler…

Kitagawa Naoya as Sarutobi Sasuke

  • What a cuteee face character
  • He’s Number 3 on my list of Top Fighters! I loved how nimble he was. Since his weapons are just two knives with serrated knuckles his movements were very fast - and of course fluid - and he’ll be swiping with the knives and then kicking with his feet
  • Among the cast he’s one of those that has to jump down from platforms five steps high more often. And since the theatre is so small/I was so up front you can feel the floor reverberate during jumps like that
  • He’s responsible for watch duty over the castle most of the time with his flying animals, so when he first appeared he was perched unmoving on the platform with a stuffed owl on his knee, watching intently SO CUTE
  • When Sanada orders Kakkei, Saito and Isanami off to investigate Izumo Temple, Sasuke got worried for Isanami’s safety, so he got of his porch and shyly handed her his owl, saying that it’ll watch out for her in his place
  • Isanami thanks him, and it makes him so flustered that he trips and scatters all his things on the floor, which Saizo does his utmost to stomp on
  • Ahh he’s so cute… He’s got a really excellent face too. By the end of the show both his photosets were sold out

Miyagi Koudai as Rokuro Unno with his Lord Imari Yu as Sanada Yukimura

  • I used to think that the other cast members were unzipping the side of Rokuro’s revealing pants in their backstage peeping photos, but I know now that there’s no zip, just a very deep side cut
  • When they fight they fight together, so it’ll be Sanada whacking people with his fan followed by Rokuro, who finishes them off by stunning them with his ultrasonic scream
  • Imari Yu is very handsome. I don’t know how to stress how handsome he is compared to his photos, which are nothing. He’s tall, built - and his costume flatters that build - he has a V-neck that he’s not shy about poking and I think he has the looks of a movie star
  • Sadly dialogue - especially butai-only jokes - fly over my head so I didn’t know exactly what joke he was making near the start of stage. But I reason it might have been something to do with woman because he ends it by pulling down one side of his V-neck and flashing his nipple at half of the audience with a secretive wink <– not my half, that is
  • To which Saizo went “Oi, Old Man!! Rokuro is laughing!”
  • I don’t think that was actually supposed to happen because Miyagi Koudai had to turn away from the audience - but I caught his laugh since I was viewing from the right side. And then Saizo slapped his shoulder with half a laugh too
  • The part where Ana tries to cut his eye out in his sleep and Rokuro response by cutting it out himself - was displayed to us on the big digital projection. The effects wasn’t scary at all but there was a lot of red and it moved a lot of the audience members
  • So Rokuro loses his eye and Sasuke starts fighting with the traitor, and while bleeding he runs out to find his Lord, who had been explaining his master plan to Saizo
  • And then… On the one hand there was a pretty awesome fight going on between Sausuke, Saizo and Ana, who uses her ice powers very liberally. But on the other hand Rokuro is running straight to and falling right into Sanada’s arms
  • Which side was I supposed to focus on? Rokuro is gasping and I was very curious as to how much intimacy Imari Yu was going to give to us, as he caught Rokuro around the middle and pulled him away from the fight
  • So Rokuro was leaning on Sanada’s chest and folded legs, breathing really hard, and Sanada was holding him by his waist and/or shoulder, while also alternating between watching the ninjas fight and putting his face closer to Rokuro’s
  • I think Sanada’s face wasn’t explicitly concerned (like in the manga) but his gestures were supposed to speak for themselves (like in the manga) so

A part about Shinohara Ryu as Benmaru before I forget

  • He seemed a lot younger and smaller than I expected from the cast photos
  • He’s also a really nimble one, and I thought Naoya was good, but at one point this kid was kicked off the highest center platform (the “hill”, six steps high) by Hanzo and he flies right off - tumbling really gracefully onto the edge of the left side of the stage, which was the furthest diagonal distance ever tumbled across out of the entire cast. That was impressive!
  • He makes his appearance early on, intercepting Sanada’s party at the mountain pass (that had Ana and Sasuke as opposed to Kamanosuke and Kakkei) with his fun surprises
  • I completely could not catch his and Sanada’s exchange, but as they cross a treacherous gap on the passing (from one platform to another, six steps high), Sanada has a foot on both platforms with Ana and Rokuro each holding one of his arms. Anyways while he’s balanced precariously Benmaru strides underneath through his legs and makes some joke
  • That immediately has Ana and Rokuro covering their exposed skin - Ana throws one arm over her chest and Rokuro grabs his waist
  • Then they snap out of it and snap at Sanada to move on
  • Afterwards Lord Sanada decides to adopt Benmaru and asks him what his name is, and he replies he’s “Rokuro, because I’m the sixth son!”
  • Having the same name wouldn’t do, but Benmaru’s totally on board for a name change, because “the name ‘Rokuro’ is lame anyway!”
  • In the shocked silence that followed everyone’s eyes swivelled to the other Rokuro, who is so shocked and upset he stumbles and backs off the left side of the stage

Sakurai Keito as Yuri Kamanosuke 

  • To be frank, neither the actor nor the character were my favourites from the start
  • But he completely blew me away. He’s NO. 1 ON MY LIST OF TOP FIGHTERS
  • Firstly he probably has the most unwieldy weapon of all of them, since its a short sharp weight attached to the end of a very long chain, but he swings it, coils it around his body, coils it around other weapons, and whips it with very expert grace
  • Obviously he had to (they all had to be) careful handling the weapons when they’re really close to the edge of the stage, since the first row audiences are really close (so close that I’m sure some of them got spat on when Saizo was dramatically cry-yelling XD) so I thought he at least wouldn’t be spinning it when he’s on the edge
  • He was spinning it even when he was on the edge so that was one of the things that really earned my respect
  • He was even spinning it like it wasn’t going to hit anybody when there were massive cast fights on the stage (ninjas jumping, weapons clashing and opponents changing)
  • If you’re familiar with the original you’ll know that *SPOILER* Kamanosuke is actually a flat-chested girl
  • I think that point is related to the part where Kamanosuke is in a mad fit during his first fight with Saizo and when he gets badly beaten down, at one point he’s lying on the floor (I can’t really see them when they do that) twisting his limbs, screaming in a really cracked voice and hip thrusting the air
  • This is why Kamanosuke’s heart was triggered when Saizo patted his head at one point - during the fight in the Izumo temple’s hidden basement between him, Saizo and Hanzo (different from the original)
  • When it triggered, Kamanosuke was on the tallest middle podium, clutching his/her chest while a voiceover of his inner monologue plays over the sound of heart palpitations
  • At the same time, the very good fight between Saizo and Hanzo turned into slow-mo for the duration of that inner monologue
  • Anyways Saizo just calls Kamonosuke a “pervert” that he “doesn’t understand” whenever he has to talk about Kamanosuke

Arai Shou as Miyoshi Seikai Nyudo

  • This guy also showed up way earlier than the original
  • His weapon is the bulkiest of all but it’s maybe not as heavy as it looks like to us, though to me he swung it with just the right amount of handling
  • Another thing that added to that grace was also that Seikai’s allowed to wield it with two hands, since that’s the right amount of hands you use to swing a deadlift around
  • But two times consecutively Seikai got agitated and conveniently forgot to hold on to his staff
  • It fell backwards onto Kamanosuke who has his wind knocked out of him
  • He gets squished onto the floor and struggles uselessly because no one but Seikai could have saved him
  • (I think) Seikai comes to his senses and remembers his staff, so he goes and takes it off Kamanosuke, but before he could fully lift it he got distracted again and dropped it back onto the guy

Washio Shuuto as Kakei Juuzo

  • Kakei’s afraid of heights so he’s having a really hard time on the mountain cliff when they meet Kamonosuke
  • The two main protagonists, being considerate, help him up onto the tallest part of the mountain
  • Before they got distracted (by I forgot what) and bolted without a second look
  • Apart from that, his most defining moment was when he made the mistake of pointing his gun - beloved Saya - at Seikai
  • And got her snout bent over backwards like playdough (not an exaggeration)
  • “Saya!” he cries
  • Saizo, who was engaged in battle and needing back-up ASAP, yelled for Kakei to help 
  • “Saya!” Kakei cried again
  • “What?!” Saizo snapped
  • And to Saizo’s utter incomprehension, Kakei, cradling Saya, trekked a little ways up this hill to a sudden mournful, funeral melody
  • He got to the very top and cried “Saya!!” one more time
  • And then he exited both the stage and Act 1 (I think)

Tatemichi Riona as Ishikawa Goemon

  • If you’re not aware *SPOILERS* Ishikawa Goemon is actually a male masquerading as a female 
  • Tatemichi Riona is a female actress so I thought they were going to do away with that 
  • So I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. I liked how the actress gave Ishikawa a really androgynous voice 
  • Afterwards I read her blog and found out that yes, Ishikawa Goemon was a male role (it’s her fifth time in a male role) 
  • So it makes sense now in retrospect that Ishikawa Goemon’s costume or makeup was neither very feminine or very masculine 
  • I liked her interpretation of Ishikawa very much, though like Ana, Ishikawa’s physical fighting wasn’t as good as the others… 
  • Ishikawa used a big fan as fighting weapon, which was used to parry blades as though it were a sword

Finally I get to Asuma Kousuke as Hattori Hanzo

  • He did have his mask at first. For like five minutes, and I don’t believe I ever saw it again for the rest of the play you can’t take Asuma Kousuke’s best selling point away from him 
  • He looks really intimidating when he entered because he has the slickest, coolest, twin pair of flat short swords that he unsheathes by sliding them out from the sides of his hips, and also, his height and costume were very form flattering (making him look big and menacing) 
  • Apart from Hanzo, I only found Date Masamune’s and Lord Sanada’s costume as form flattering. In contrast, the rest of them looked smaller and consequently much younger than their characters in the original work, especially Kakei and Jinpachi 
  • Back to Hanzo - he’s my No. 2 Best Fighter!! He’s agile and one of the fastest ones on stage (maybe because his weapons were the lightest to handle?), and you know Asuma Kousuke’s also got that leg power
  • Whereas my other favourite nimble ninjas jumped down from a height of four steps, Hattori Hanzo jumped up from zero to a height of five steps 
  • My mouth fell open and I wanted to clap because that’s sick and he did it twice so effortlessly 
  • Another thing that he did really effortlessly was fight two opponents at once, usually Saizo + someone else, which I really, really liked 
  • One time the braid even swung in front and around his neck 
  • He was an asshole to Ana for that one night, but since they had to town the sexy for that scene he didn’t feel like that much of an asshole
  • In the final fight scene, when he has successfully triggered Isanami into hiding in her black withering bubble (represented as a decorated, descending platform with a door that Isanami entered), he declares his ambitions and sticks his left arm inside the bubble (through the door) 
  • Which goes wrong and he screams thrice while the rest of the ninjas watch in horror
  • Of course in the original Hanzo actually loses that arm. But on the stage he managed to pull his arm out before abruptly fleeing in shock 
  • You were cool while you lasted, Hanzo 

And lastly lastly Kohatsu Allen as Nezu Jinpachi 

  • He only properly showed up as part of the plot in the second act, since the introduction with all the Braves don’t count (since I couldn’t see him from where I was seated) 
  • Firstly though he was the voice behind the fifteen-minutes intermission announcement. Jinpachi is bragging about his liquor collection or something of the other to his Veronica
  • We are treated to a computer animation of a ship with a computer animation of Veronica, with her diamond collar, walking away from Jinpachi (”Oi Veronica, where’re you going?”) and sitting down in the center. She growls and yawns for fifteen minutes
  • That’s all from the diamond girl 
  • Act 2 opened with them on his ship (if I remember correctly) since Kakei’s got the backs of his fellow Braves
  • The first thing Jinpachi does is ask for women, obviously. Specifically the “big-breasted blue-eyed blonde one” 
  • She’s not there - but Kamanosuke is, and Kamanosuke is pretty enough, so Jinpachi immediately runs over throws one heavy arm over him
  • Only to get barked at - “I’m a guy!!” 
  • As Jinpachi removes himself from Kamanosuke, Isanami runs up and offers herself, since she’s the only real female there (you know she’s got a little cleavage in her costume) 
  • Jinpachi said something like “That’s not a real woman” 
  • Which pisses Isanami and Seikai off, so Seikai immediately tries to bash Jinpachi in 
  • Only Jinpachi catches it coolly with a single hand and blasts him with lightning
  • And gets berated by Kakei for being a shitty pirate host 
  • The ensemble then sail back to the Lord’s castle, and everyone is there, listening to Sanada’s speech about assembling his Avengers, but Jinpachi’s too independent to really care, so he just leans on a nearby platform and coolly smokes 
  • I watched him smoke for the longest time debating how natural his smoking is and whether or not that cigarette was real or fake. It’s a fake cigarette, but everytime he takes a drag the end of it will light up like a real one hahaha
  • For the big final fight, Hanzo makes his biggest entrance (for a ninja) yet in the centre platform, and all the Braves draw their weapons and point it at him, and JInpachi kind of spun his spear around the back and pointed it at him 
  • Though Jinpachi’s real fight is with Ana, and the two of them take off into the woods. He parries her sword with his spear until she knocked it out of his hands and froze him to the ground 
  • Basically Jinpachi’s fighting moments with his spear was too little for my taste, but it did look fluid while he spun it. Ana stabs his thigh, they talk, and then he bursts out of the ice with his lightning and knocks her out
  • This is where he princess-carried her off… Though he did not princess-carry her back afterwards 

That’s all I have for now but:

  • Now I owe both Kousuke and Allen letters, since I was too lazy busy to write any before the show
  • Dammit. Just- damn it. How cool are fighting scenes?!! Damn it!!!! 
  • I’m sure I wrote about every single character minus the expendable ones
  • I believe the hottest selling bromides were Rokuro’s 
  • Homoerotic tension? Romantic or platonic interests? I don’t know I thought they were all pretty tame… except for the way Lord Sanada held Rokuro when he was bleeding
  • (At this time of writing Rokuro’s actor has pinned the above hyperlinked photoset as an important tweet on his account) 
  • At which part did they intended to fit this white bridesmaid dress into, assuming that costume budget isn’t simply wasted on funny omake pictures? 
  • Let’s go! Brave 10 S next!! 

(Warning: Long Post)

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of Date Masamune, specifically this now pretty much infamous version of him from Sengoku Basara:

(Seriously this face is everywhere when you Google search his name.)

But I got to wondering, how many other versions of the famous One-Eyed Dragon are there in the vast sea of anime, manga and video games? I managed to gather a number of obscure variations and thought I’d share with fellow Masamune fans. Some are kinda well known, others you may not have expected.

Sengoku Musou / Samurai Warriors:

This is an easy one, since its the counterpart (and sorta rival) of Sengoku Basara. This particular version is for the game Sengoku Musou 4, but Masamune tends to keep this gold and green armor look throughout the series. He’s most known for carrying both a gun and a sword. I’m quite fond of his appearance in this game because he’s extremely flashy! :3

Brave 10:

This anime focuses more on the Sanada ten braves/ninjas but Masamune makes several appearances in the series. Not only is he flashy, he’s downright fabulous! And a bit eccentric. 

Sengoku Paradise Kiwami:

Also fond of this version from a very short anime. If I remember correctly the episodes were only like 3 minutes long. O_o But it was fun, and Masamune was very ganster-like in it. Points to this version for him donning his famous purple party coat!

Tono No Issho:

Another short anime, with short episodes. It was very random and Masamune was a tad too eccentric, occupying most of his valuable time playing with his strange eye-patch collection, much to the dismay of Kojuro and his other retainers.

Samurai Deeper Kyo:

Haven’t actually watched more than two episodes of Samurai Deeper Kyo, but in the story he goes by the name Bontenmaru. He’s humorous and has a friendly rivalry with the main character. 

Now for some obscure ones:

Dokugan Ryuukai (manga):

Gosh, I fell in love with this the moment I found it. A short manga about Masamune’s early years. The character designs are a bit outlandish but it’s an amazing short story!

Date Ningen (manga):

Another short manga focusing on Masamune’s early career. Basically he’s very reckless and self-centered, conquering neighboring lands for their treasures. Haven’t read this one yet because, well…ain’t gonna lie he’s a bit crazy-looking.

Mikazuki Ryuu Ibun (manga):

Another short manga I found. It was very sad, following his tragic rise to power with many clan members doubting him. I’ve only been able to read 2 chapters so far. It nicely focuses on Masamune’s family and other retainers too. His design features a very unique eye-patch which includes bands across his face.

Sengoku Gyoujin Dullahan (manga):

What might have been a dropped project since I haven’t seen any updates for it. Set in a more futuristic, almost “Samurai 7 anime” feel to the story, where Masamune’s classic historical armor is a giant robot piloted by Bontenmaru.

Gate 7 (manga):

He gets a Gothic/Punk/Shota look in this CLAMP manga, where many other Sengoku period warriors appear in modern-day Kyoto. Masamune still has his signature brattish and commanding attitude, even though he’s in elementary school.

Sengoku Ranbu (Pachinko game):

Haven’t seen much footage of this in action, but its a sleek and simple design. His hair is beautiful!

NHK Dokuganryuu (drama):

A 50+ episode live action drama portraying the life of Date Masamune. Starring the famous actor Ken Watanabe when he was young! Made in the 1980s, this is an extremely enlightening series! I wish it had subtitles though! I’ve only gotten up to episode 5, each one being about an hour long.

Love Legend of Sengoku (otome game):

Again going with a green and gold color scheme. Love the long hair…Masamune with long hair is just…nnnggg.

Ikemen Sengoku (phone game):

A recent discovery. I’m not sure if this game is out yet. But in this version Masamune’s cresent moon is placed on the armor of his left shoulder. And on his belt in his more casual look.

Date Masamune (manga):

Probably the most historically accurate manga version of Masamune’s life.  It’s pretty long, about 60+ chapters, with not a lot of shonen-style action, but there are a lot of hidden gems in it as far as his personality, family life, and dealings with other warlords that English WIKI pages don’t tell you about. >_<

Sengoku IXA (online game):

My most recent find. I’m not sure when this game came out or what but I just discovered it and fell in love with the character designs. Sengoku IXA made by SQUARE ENIX had lots of Sengoku period warriors, apparently in two versions. This was the second version for Masamune. So flashy! And again with the ponytail….!!!!!!

Well I think I’ve spammed the dashboard enough for one post. Hope this was enjoyable to you fellow Masamune fans. I’m sure there’s lots more versions I can find of the One-Eyed Dragon. But I’ll leave that for another time! (^_^)

Part 2