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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - Unit Design Contest entry. Please click through for the full view! This is Malphasie, a lady who employs the power of a thousand crows. It was a lot of fun drawing her and thinking about her place in the world of Lapis (rather, who she may have been before she became a vision). 

Edit: I did not realize Tumblr would resize the image below the size required by the contest… :( The twitter version has the full 1920x1080 px, link here.

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calm down its a flag

Fuck no.
As a patriot I stand by my flag like I stand for my land. I will defend it at gunpoint.
My flag stands for freedom and equality of all people.
Land of the free and home of the brave.
The United States flag is flown to honor the young men and women whom gave their lives for the right to freedom.
Our government has used those rights to further themselves instead of the country as a whole.
This does not mean you can burn my flag in protest, you idiots.
If you have a problem with the government, go talk to your elected representatives. (Note they are not our “leaders” but are sent to represent us as a community, that means if their ideals don’t correspond with that community, then you need to vote for someone else next election)
Don’t burn my flag.
If you wore it on your shoulder you would understand, but if you haven’t, you never will.
To pull this shit on Independence Day

"Winter Joy" Ahkmenrah x Reader one shot.

AN. Hello there cuties! First of all, annual time in which I apologies for being so busy. I have so many books to read for college and things to study. But I have decided to spend this weekend preparing a little surprise for all of you. I hope you will enjoy it! Happy holidays everyone!

Short intro: A joyfull time the reader spends with everyone, especially her boyfriend, at the Museum of national history
Fandom: Night at the museum, Rami Malek
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Word count: 1113
Pairing: Ahkmenrah x reader

- - - -

“But I was born way back, before this tradition even started. Why are we doing this again –“

“And I was born over a thousand years after it started, let’s just enjoy it. I know most people in this institution won’t understand what Christmas is about, but that is okay. It’s winter, the happiest time of the year, and it’s finally snowing outside. Let’s appreciate it.”  

You tucked a stray of hair behind your ear and continued decorating the biggest Christmas tree you have seen in a really long time. Your boyfriend helped along by passing some of the ornaments out of the box. Most of them didn’t match and were old as the museum itself but nobody cared, the joy is what’s important.

Around seven months ago you started working in this Museum of national history of New York, where you’ve met your really old boyfriend. The relationship you two had was odd, but special. It started off with you innocently helping him wrap the linen sheets around his body before he would go to the state of the dead mummified body. Luckily you have worked with some of the most understanding people in the World that accepted you two constantly looking at each other and snuggling in blankets behind Ahkmenrah’s sarcophagus. But this holiday was meant for every single person, animal and object in this building. From the little tiny people such as Jed and Octavious to the strong and brave ex president of United States Theodore.

“You are pretty much right. I mean all of you have respected me screaming when each summer begins and begging you all to bring me food to offer to the gods…” He said with a little chuckle before holding your waist carefully and helping you come back down from the old wooden staircase. Though it was already three am, everyone else that doesn’t live outside the museum considered this night very young; it was time for everyone that understand English to gather around in the main hall and patiently wait for Larry to turn on the projector, so all of us can watch some festive films.

The young pharaoh and you settled in front of the informational counter and snuggled up in two blankets. And not so long after you had already felt yourself getting extremely sleepy. But no, this was one of the rare nights to spend with your boyfriend because you had a really busy job here.

He noticed, extending the hand that wasn’t wrapped around your waist to stroke your hair carefully. “I know you work hard and you do a lot when Ra is up, so sleep, you know I don’t mind.” You shook your head stubbornly before leaning your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder. “I would really like to stay awake. I want to spend so much time with you. Though we really have a lifetime, we don’t have the time together.” With a sad response you cached Ahk’s hand and laced your fingers with his.


For several hours later, without even noticing, you took a nap. Thankfully in the winter time the sun comes up a lot later. Or as Ahkmenrah says; Ra gets lazy when it’s cold. You had woken up in the back room slash office of the museum, someone must have brought you here once the movies finished. As you were able to hear some festive music coming from the hallways you guessed everyone was still awake and celebrating – besides you. Once you’ve stretched your arms high to realise the tension in your body, you stood up and took the water bottle from your bag. As you sipped some of the cold liquid to refresh your throat from the heating system in the building, you proceeded to exit the room and enter the main hall.

You then saw your boyfriend at the DJ desk, trying to make sense out of the old festive records all of the employees have gathered. Thankfully Larry’s son Nick came to help out. God what would we do without that rebellious disco boy.

“I know you wanted to spend a lot of time with us, but it does get difficult to stay awake doesn’t it?” Your good friend Sacagawea patting your shoulder and then giving you a really warm hug. “Well yeah it does get a bit tough, I want to spend this holiday with everyone, and especially well you know who. But – “ you finished with a low sigh. “Guessing not every Christmas gets to be extremely special.”  

“Hey sweetie, listen to me. Think of it this way, all of are actually together, in the same room. Some people don’t even get to have that. Let’s just enjoy this?”

She had a really good point. Isn’t that was Christmas is about? The joy of giving, being grateful for having someone by your side. “When I look at it that way.” You said and turned your head around to look at your boyfriend. “I wouldn’t wish for anything more.” He noticed and waved at you. Motioning you to join him up stair at the desk. So step by step you made your way towards him, and finally hugging him once you made the final step.

“Have you rested well?” he asked placing his big arms around your waist and placing a small chaste kiss on your forehead.

“I have rested well, it was nice. Though I must admit, I would rather wake up by your side…”

“Now we can arrange that.” He said with a cheeky smile on his face before sending you a wink. Which made Nick turn around so he wouldn’t face us anymore. Looking at his dad down stairs and showing a disgusted face.

You giggled before placing your hand on his cheek, gently caressing it. “I am so happy I get to spend this Christmas with you. And it’s so silly it took me so long that everything I wanted this year, I already have.”

“Now let me just say… that without my people developing calendars you wouldn’t know when to celebrate the birth of Christ so, I had this under my sleeve long time ago.” This made you chuckle then hit his shoulder playfully. “You cheeky man. Maybe that is true, all of the things that had happened in the world, had brought us to this moment.”

“And if my knowledge of this holiday is correct. When someone is under mistletoe they are supposed to kiss… there is one above us right now.”

The pharaoh smiled once you nodded in response and placed a soft kiss on your lips. Making others turn around and look at us since he had forgotten to switch records.

I was actually listening to a bunch of J-pop when this came to me so I hope people like Ryo. She’s my attempt at a unit that mixes Ling and Rikku in a way. I’m aware she may be quite the powerful support unit but I like her over my other one. I love feedback so if you have any feedback about her please say something .3. Just make sure to be respectful and a decent human being(or whatever you are :3)


Role: Spirit

Intended Use: Support / Magic Damage

Unit 6* Parameters:

-HP: 3148

-MP: 160

-ATK: 126

-DEF: 110

-MAG: 143

-SPR: 120


Three Fires Orb: (Accessory)

MP +30%, MAG +15%, SPR +20%

Increase Fire, Earth, and Water resistance by 50%

Gain Access to “Essence of the Kitsune.”

(Essence of the Kitsune: Heal 30% of Fire damage taken.[Passive])




Delicate Blossom: Decrease chance of being Targeted(50%) Chance to nullify physical damage taken(20%)

MP +20%

HP +10%


Spirit Fox: Increase Fire resistance by 50% and chance to nullify magical damage taken(20%).

SPR +15%

The Three Flames: Increase resistance for Fire, Earth, and Water(50%).

Inari: Chance to counter(20%) physical or magical damage with heal(1000, 2.5x)and raise Fire, Earth and Water Resistance for 3 turns to all allies.



10MP Ghost: Nullify all damage taken for 2 turns.

20MP Spirit Fire: Raise Fire resistance for all allies except self(50%).

12MP Nurse: Heal all allies except self(800, 2x).


20MP Spirit Gaia: Raise Earth resistance for all allies except self(50%).

20MP Spirit Poseidon: Raise Water resistance for all allies except self(50%)

28MP Dance of Engulfing Flame: Magic fire damage(3x) to all enemies, and add fire element to enemy attacks. 7 hits.

28MP Dance of Putrid Waters: Magic water damage(2x) to one enemy with chance to paralyze(50%) or Petrify(30%). 1 hit.

28MP Dance of the Mountains: Lower earth resistance(50%) with chance to stop(30%) all enemies.

8MP Invoked: Unlocks 3 abilities for caster for 2 turns.

42MP Amaterasu: Raise DEF and SPR(40%) and raise all elemental resistances(40%) for all allies for 3 turns.

70MP Rebirth: Raise all allies from KO with 50% HP and nullify all debuffs for 3 turns to all allies.(Allies not risen from KO can still gain the debuff resistance. Must have at least one KO’d ally to use)(Invoked must be used first.)

55MP Pure Waters: Heal(1000,1.8x) and cure all status ailments for all allies and nullify all status ailments for all allies for 3 turns. (Invoked must be used first.)

60MP Invoked Power: Random(1-6 times) magic damage(2.3x) to all enemies. 4 hits each.(Invoked must be used first.)

Limit Burst:

-Soul of the Sun:

A giant kitsune of fire covers the team. Raise all parameters(80%) for all allies and Auto-Revive all allies from KO with 100% HP.

Equipment Selection:

-Daggers, Rods, Staffs, Clothes, Robes.


-A kitsune spirit of the earth, water, and fire. Ryo has a very regal attitude to this position but takes it seriously. When her world was in peril by some dark force, she came from the spirit world which she resides in and calls her home, to banish the darkness that is threatening her worlds. But unable to reach the power that she needed to save it.. She had to watch as her world was shattered and people murdered in front of her. She only hopes to atone for what happened someday.