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does anyone else just feel the strong desire to change, to travel, to meet new people, to just start over somewhere you’ve never been before? yeah, same.

I’d love to be in a wintery, witchy fairy tale. My home would be an old quaint castle hidden in the forest, I’d be the young witch of the woods villagers would brave traveling to for tinctures, cures, and spells for ailments. And I’d always be known as kind, but very dangerous.

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Hello! I was thinking about this the other day; the RFA reacting to finding fanfic of themselves? X3


  • It’s not really fanfic of Yoosung as much as it is of SuperYoosung (aka, his online persona)
  • Thing is, he was talking to a girl he met while playing LOLOL and she was awed by him
  • So, she started talking to him regularly, always admiring him and all his hard fought work and so on
  • Then he finds out from a guild member that she’s writing fan fiction versions of his exploits in game (and out, but in the context of in game)
  • He reads them and the character she’s made him out to be is this brave, handsome warrior who travels the land searching for his one true love, fighting evil, helping innocents and fellow warriors alike, and just being a hero
  • Yoosung is embarrassed to admit he got super sucked into the story and the way it progressed like a real fantasy novel, and is so disappointed to find that she’s two chapters from finishing it, although the last two chapters promise to have a reunion, a final battle, a satisfying wrap up, and a happy ending
  • Yoosung talks to his online buddy and learns that she never named the female character because nothing sounded right, so he tells her to use the real love-of-his-life’s name
  • She does, she startled people are so happy with the reveal of the name, Yoosung cries over the ending three months later
  • Now, he’s subscribed to her, so any fanfics she writes about SuperYoosung or based around his adventures, Yoosung will read
  • It’s totally a guilty pleasure, he can’t even bring himself to share it with MC


  • So, you know, she was casually scrolling through some Zen fan fiction when she saw an “RFA” tag
  • So she clicked it out of curiosity
  • First of all, SO much Zen/Jumin porn
  • Just like
  • Wow
  • one of the main writers for these fics username is HackerLoveGod, and she swears it’s Saeyoung
  • Then she finds a tag of her name
  • She clicks and finds an overwhelming amount of fanfics about her
  • It’s mostly really cute fics about her interacting with the RFA, possibly flirting with someone and finding someone inside or outside the RFA
  • Ironically, MC is in very few and is never the romantic interest
  • The only romantic interests Jaehee has is either one of the guys (most Jumin, she’s mortified to find out, with Zen as a close second) or a random guy, once it was even Rika
  • Jaehee never admits that she found any of this, still kind of shaken by the idea that people are actually interested in her so much that they theorize about her happy ending
  • It’s kind of creepy


  • It’s to be expected with a big name actor, especially when he’s cast in so many romances because of his good looks
  • Plus he canonly has a romance writer who bases a lot of her male leads off of Zen
  • But most fanfics are extremely romantic, long winded stories about how he and MC met, their whirlwind romance, and how they had to fight off Echo-girl
  • They’re all extremely romantic, some better than others, some even becoming soulmate au’s because some fans love and respect his love so much
  • NGL, Zen totally uses a few fanfics as platforms for romantic dates (he takes MC ice skating because of one fic where he did that, she almost fell, he caught her, and it was all very sweet, where as the reality was that he tripped and accidentally pulled her down with him and she ended up pinned under him by accident)


  • A woman actually wrote a book with a character loosely based off of Jumin as the main lead
  • It was a rather… inappropriate book, especially coming from a woman that had never met him
  • But one day, he finds MC sitting on the couch, laughing at her phone with Elizabeth in her lap
  • She shows Jumin the hundreds of self-insert fan fiction where women meet and ultimately fall in mutual love with him
  • When he asks why she thinks this is so funny, she points out two things
    • 1. At least a third of them take 2-14 days for them to fall in madly in love, which parallels real life, which she thinks is hilarious
    • 2. All the ones written after MC and Jumin got married, MC is this monstrous, smoking, drinking, possessive, greedy bitch, and the women “rescue” Jumin from such a terrible woman
  • Jumin fails to see the amusement in these, especially the idea that MC is evil
  • She finds a few really bad ones and reads them to him so that he can truly enjoy them with her
  • She also reads some really good ones that are super romantic and Jumin totally takes ideas from (i.e. Gifts to give, restaurants to eat at, things to do together)


  • “I’ve hacked the world in which you exist. I found the lives you imagined we’d have together. Let’s make one a reality.”
  • Hahaha, ignore that please, it’s mildly creepy
  • Also, there’d better not be fan fiction of him as that could be a terrible thing
  • Seriously, he’s a hacker, he lives in the shadows, so if anything gets out about him, he’s screwed
  • So that means, the only reason he’d find fanfic of himself was if the RFA or someone that knew him wrote it
  • When Saeyoung finds the fan fiction, he’s horribly confused for obvious reasons
  • He reads them, is slightly disturbed that the character dynamics between him, the RFA, Saeran, MC, and others are so spot on, but actually becomes pretty invested in some of these adventures
  • Eventually he backtraces everything to…. his house? What?
  • When he finally figures which computer is posting it, he’s surprised to find Saeran’s writing it, while he was expecting MC
  • Then it hits him; that’s why she’s been giving Saeran feed back about his writing lately
  • Saeyoung totally hacks Saeran’s computer to watch him write, so he can have the next chapter now
  • When Saeran starts to kill Saeyoung off, he can’t help himself, opens a chat box and says “NOooo!!! You can’t kill your own brother!! Why would you do this?!”
  • Saeran types back, “I FUKCING KNEW IT!!”

People keep telling me that I am “brave” to travel solo. I am never really sure how to respond to that.

Does it make me “brave” to have a dream and the desire to make it happen?

Does it make me “brave” that I am unwilling to give up on something I have wanted for over two decades because someone else does not want it too?

Or am I “brave” for being adult enough to meet the responsibilities of getting myself around?

Perhaps I am brave because I am alone, and simply that is enough for fear.

I do not think myself brave. I do think myself deeply lucky for the chance and too stubborn to let a dream die.

  • other elves: Welcome Brave Travellers To The Crystal Forest Citadel Of Cirianthewethiel... Rest Thy Heads Upon This Beautiful Pile Of Leaves With 10000000 Years of History And Know Peace.....
  • dunmer: hey dickbag come fight me in this dirt hole. fuck you. i eat awful pillbug ooze every day and i love dying

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What is a gimblewolf?

They are these wolf monsters from the universe of Brave Story (a Japanese storybook/manga/movie/game).

[best image i can find. it’s a PUPPER from the movie]

They are alternatively called “corkscrew wolves” and that’s because they can split open their head or well “mouth” in a corkscrew fashion (that and they attack by spinning and drilling like a corkscrew)

[roar, bitch]

They live in huge packs and can apparently live in the sand (though I have no idea how since they are so large) and the can lunge out from beneath to attack unsuspecting victims.

They are highly territorial and protective of their young (as evidenced in the movie where Wataru was attacked and chased out of their desert territory). 

[you’ve come to the wrong neighborhood, bruh]

They are so adorable tho? Look at these puppercubs. I want 50:

Unfortunately, I really cannot find a decent image of them all grown up? It’s bizarre.

So here are some gifs I made from some gameplay footage (Brave Story:A New Traveler) - I LOVED that game and I’d totally replay it if not for the fact that my PSP is busted gdhgasjdg:

In short, I need more Gimblewolves

i really….. want wizards and pirates to meet just for the conversation they’d have about the spiral

pirate: so you have to… use a magical door to get from world to world? 

wizard: yeah that’s the only way the spiral is connected isn’t it? how do you get from world to world? 

pirate: …we sail there

wizard: …what

& then the wizards think the pirates are all super kickass adventurers who can brave travelling through the literal void and pirates think wizards are super kickass magicians who can just. teleport from place to place and everyone is super kickass

Small theory if in fact Project Octopath Traveler is Bravely Third; I think the characters above could be characters we have seen in the Bravely games, people speculated Bravely Third would be set in the future, so maybe this is Bravely Third? I will go left to right on who might be who

Yew, Magnolia, Ringabel, Edea, Sylvie or Rifa, Agnès, Tiz, and Egil

Let me know what you guys think!!!
In Which Obi-Wan Realizes That This Is Not A Dream

Ben Kenobi woke up.

It was still a novel sensation, even after three weeks. He had, perhaps naively, assumed that once he died, waking up would no longer be an option. It was a pleasure that he had not previously paid much attention to. He yawned contentedly, watching the first glimmers of the Coruscant sunrise light up his old room, and ran a hand through the old familiar spikes of the Padawan haircut. He pulled himself out of bed and silently went about getting ready for the day, smiling to himself at the sounds of Qui-Gon Jinn doing the same from the other side of their quarters.

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Castle Ridge by ScottSimPhotography
Via Flickr:
Dawn at Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland. ● Sony a6000 ● Rokinon/Samyang 12mm

The tourists might flock to the romanticised vision of a castle in Eilean Donan but to me Dunnottar epitomises everything a castle should be, full of history and a dramatic defensive location , there is nothing fictional about this, no architect dreamt this castle up this is Scotland in the raw