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Brave - The Essential Guide: Clan Macintosh

‘Wiry, proud Lord Macintosh and his athletic son are fierce fighters. But Young Macintosh tends to tear up when things don’t go his way. He looks fearless, but he quickly resorts to slapping and sobbing during a battle. There’s no crying in swordfights! 

• Did You Know? Ancient Scottish warriors painted themselves blue to apper intimidating. 

- A sore loser, Young Macintosh has a childish temper tantrum, which doesn’t win Merida's admiration. 

Lording it:
Lord Macintosh likes to boast. When he introduces his son at the ceremony, he tells the crowd that Young Macintosh defended their land from the northern invadors and canquised a thousand foes with his sword.

“At least we have hair!” - Lord Macintosh 

Father & Son:
The dynamic father-son duo is an impressive team. They both favor big, heavy weapons and wild-looking hair. If victories were decided on fierce looks alone. they would always win.

- Macintoshes never wear undershirts. Their temper keeps them warm enough.

- Lord Macintosh favors a flail for fights, but his son thinks his sword gives him a “sharper” image. 

Lord Macintosh likes:

• Using his flail to crack walnuts- and heads.


• Undershirts 

Young Macintosh likes:

• Showing off
• Winning


• Being ignored by Merida
• Losing

Show off:
Young Macintosh is used to crowds of adoring young ladies screaming every time he tosses his long flowing locks. His ego is as big as he sword.’

Brave. The Essential Guide. Pages 32 & 33

Brave - The Essential Guide: Clan MacGuffin

‘Strong as a bull and always dignified, Lord MacGuffin is determined that his son will become Merida’s husband. It’s too bad the shy young man isn’t quite as enthusiastic! He’d rather be tossing the caber -or snapping it in half- than throwing kisses. 

-People from the other clans find the MacGuffins’ strong accent very difficult to understand. 

“But we haven’t had dessert yet.” - Lord Macguffin

Brawn not Brains:
Lord MacGuffin claims that his brawny son once vanquished two thousand foes with his bear hands. The proud papa may be exaggerating a bit, but the burly boy certainly is strong enough to throw two dozen foes at once.

Royal Debt:
Fergus once saved MacGuffin’s life by stopping an arrow meant for him. MacGuffin returned the favor by aiding Fergus in his first battle with mor'du.

 • Did You Know? Young MacGuffin speaks in a dialect known as “Doric,” which was commonly spoken in medieval Scotland.

Father & Son:
Young MacGuffin looks up to his strong, stoic dad and eagerly follows his example when it comes to engaging in a hearty knock-down brawl or a hair-raising bear hunt.

- Lord MacGuffin has a very deep voice that booms around his castle. His laugh can almost be heard throughout the kingdom!

- Young MacGuffin has started trying to grow a beard like his father, but he is not quite there yet.

Lord Macguffin Likes:

• Reliving the past deeds of glory.


• Hearing Fergus sing about Mor'du- again!

Young Macguffin Likes:

• Tossing cabers
• Swinging benches


• Archery
• Public speaking’

 Brave. The Essential Guide. Pages 34 and 35

Brave - The Essential Guide: Clan Colors

Each clan traditionally has a symbol and a unique plaid design that is woven into fabric. Plaids are very helpful during brawls, so clansmen don’t accidentally punch their own family members.


  • The Dingwall clan hails from an extremely rocky Highland area, which explains Dingwall’s hardheadedness.
  • Dingwall tartan colors represent the thistle and heather from the Highland countryside.
  • Some Dingwalls are small of stature and more apt to try to prove themselves.

‘The Dingwall symbol is the stone, an ancient relic held by the clan.’


  • The MacGuffin clan comes from a rainy coastal area, so their tartans smell like wet sheep.
  • MacGuffin tartan colors are inspired by the hillsides of heather found in in the Highland country.
  • Clan MacGuffin traditionally wears a studded leather undershirt for extra protection. 

'The MacGuffin symbol resembles a cauldron, an ancient magical relic said to have fed thousands or warriors in battle.’


  • The DumBroch clan comes from a region of lochs, which inspires the blue color.
  • DumBroch tartan colors are inspired by the Kilt Rock, a rock formation on the Isle of Skye.

'The DumBroch family symbol represents bravery and the protection of the kingdom.’


  • The Macintosh clan is from an area near the Isle of Skye.
  • The clan grows apples when not fighting, hence the red, yellow and green in it’s plaid.
  • Clan Macintosh wears traditional blue war paint to inspire fear.

'The Macintosh symbol resembles an ancient lyre with powers summoned by a musical note.’

(On Lord Dingwall)
- Kilts don’t have pockets so a sporran acts as a wallet. 

(On Lord Macintosh)
- Sporrans are usually made from leather or bear fur.

(On Lord MacGuffin)
- A scabbard can be tied to a leather strap if needed.

(On Fergus)
- The leather strap secures the scabbard of his broad sword. 
- A chain mail shirt adds an extra layer of protection. 

Brave. The Essential Guide. Pages 20 & 21

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Brave - The Essential Guide: Clan Dingwall

‘Surly and suspicious, Lord Dingwall can get prickly if anyone makes fun of his son. He prefers fisticuffs over conversation as a means of settling a disagreement. Like the other Lord’s sons, Wee Dingwall is keen to please his father, but really isn’t that eager to marry quite yet.

- Games of strength and skill aren’t what wee Dingwall enjoys. He would rather play the bowstring like a harp then shoot arrows.

Wee Warrior:
As Lord Dingwall boasts about his son, all eyes fall on a muscle-bound warrior standing nearby. Then the real Wee Dingwall steps into view!

Kiss My Kilt:
Modesty isn’t always the best policy. Hot-tempered Lord Dingwall is quick to let others know what he thinks of their opinions about his boy. 

“Go on! Say it to mah face!” - Lord Dingwall

• Did You Know? Lord Dingwall is the oldest of all the Lords. He is also the surliest of the of the uproarious bunch!

Father & Son:
Lord Dingwall is proud of his son, even if the lad is on the scrawny side. Wiry, eager Wee Dingwall proves to be a frenzied fighter with a surprising battle style: he bites.

Lord Dingwall Likes:

• Arguing


• Jests at his son’s expense
• Underwear 

Wee Dingwall Likes:

• Biting the bullet


• Toothaches

- Lord Dingwall has a hot temper and a ruddy complexion from the cold Highland climate.

- Like his father, Wee Dingwall has wild, wiry hair that stands up on end.’


Brave. The Essential Guide. Pages 36 and 37