brave potato

Is no-one else gonna talk abt the fact that when shit was exploding, instead of retreating to cover like everyone else Sasha went down the wall to protect Armin?? No???? Our brave lil potato just made herself a meat shield to save a friend and… nothing…?

Can I Just... BAZ, guys. Just BAZ

- He’s a vampire. A gay vampire, for crying out loud. 

- He has literally so many life problems

- But he’s a brave little potato anyway :3

- Like SCARY brave. 

- The thing he’s most comfortable controlling is the thing most likely to destroy him (fire.)

- Can’t DEAL with having a crush.

- He has crap flirting skills (”oh no, he’s cute! Better push him down the stairs!”)

- He’s in love with his arch-enemy

- I relate to him so much??

- He lives in a haunted house and the gHOSTS ARE SCARED OF HIM

- He loves violin and football <3

- Has four tiny sisters who he’s absolutely adorable to

- Such. A. Nerd. 

- Top of all his classes

- What

- Just BAZ

- Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch III



Peony Chantily: Brave | Couch Potato | Artistic | Charismatic

I have a few more random pictures, but then we will make the official switch to generation 3.  Peony’s story starts out while she’s a teenager :D  This also means that I’ll have two stories going on (soon to be 3 with my side blog) so i’m going to reduce the number of posts by a bit.  Hope you guys like her story <3

this scene is like

senator 1: *throwin major shade*

senator 2: *throwin more major shade*

planet political leader: *throwin major shade right back at them*

bail: *tryin to calm shade throwing before it gets outta hand*

obi-wan: *could throw some major shade but he won’t because he is civilized*

anakin: *can’t throw any shade because he is explicitly forbidden from talking*

Bold up to 10 traits in each section  that can be applied to your muse (Sims 3 edition)

Absent-Minded | Artistic | Avant Garde | Bookworm | Can’t Stand Art | Computer Whiz | Eccentric | Gatherer | Excitable | Genius | Green Thumb | Handy | Insane | Natural Cook | Neurotic | Nurturing | Perceptive | Photographer’s Eye | Savvy Sculptor | Unstable | Virtuoso 

Athletic | Brave | Clumsy | Couch Potato | Coward | Disciplined | Heavy Sleeper | Hydrophobic | Light sleeper | Lucky | Loves the Cold | Loves the Heat | Loves to Swim | Neat | Never Nude | Slob | Unlucky

Born Salesperson | Brooding | Charismatic | Commitment issues | Dislikes Children | Diva | Dramatic | Easily Impressed | Flirty | Friendly| Good Sense of Humor | Great Kisser | Grumpy | Hopeless Romantic | Inappropriate | Irresistible | Loner | Loser | Mean Spirited | Mooch | Natural Born Performer | No sense of humor | Party Animal | Proper | Schmoozer | Shy | Snob | Social Butterfly | Socially Awkward | Supernatural Fan | Supernatural Skeptic | Unflirty

Adventurous | Ambitious | Angler | Animal Lover | Bot fan | Cat Person | Childish | Daredevil | Dog Person | Eco-Friendly | Equestrian | Evil | Family-Oriented | Frugal | Good | Hates the Outdoors | Hot-headed | Kleptomaniac | Loves the Outdoors | Night Owl | Over-Emotional | Perfectionist | Rebellious | Star Quality | Technophobe| Vegetarian | Vehicle Enthusiast | Workaholic

Other Traits:
Allergic to Fur | Conversationalist | Easily Bored | Easy Going | Hyperactive | Outgoing | Paranoid | People Pleaser | Procrastinator | Vain

Tag 10 people/friends:

It just hit me- Jarvis was charged with treason because he forged papers to help his wife anna escape the nazis. And he once again forged papers, this time in an attempt to free Peggy. Even though he knew he would likely be locked up right along with her. Edwin Jarvis, you adorable, brave little potato.

“I’m sick of bananas getting all the credit.” says Popeye, angrily tapping his corncob pipe on the tabletop. “They just walk around like the own the place, the minute anyone mentions potassium then it’s bananas this and bananas that, like they’re all that. Cocky bastards.”


Apricot Nooboo

excitable, virtuoso

Adella’s skin [X] Dad’s Hair [X] Dad’s eyes [♥]

Peach Nooboo

coach potato, brave

Adella’s skin [X] Dad’s Hair [X] Dad’s eyes [X]

Piper Nooboo

evil, grumpy

Adella’s skin [X] Dad’s Hair [X] Dad’s eyes [X]

None are eligible for heir!