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Ha-ha, I didn’t forget that I wanted to do more @incorrectrotbtdquotes​ , I’m just getting consumed by Overwatch fandom. 

I wanted to do this quote so badly since the first time I saw it, but only now I got a feel of how I wanted it to be. I’m pretty satisfied with the result. Rapunzel may be a precious beloved-by-everyone flower, but I firmly belief she has a scary badass side of her.)

  • Harry: Oh Ginny, can we name him James Sirius Potter?
  • Ginny: *smiles kindly with a tear in her eye* Of course, love.
  • *one year or so later*
  • Harry: Ginny *puppy dog eyes* I want to honour two good men by naming him Albus Severus Potter.
  • Ginny: Um, well........ Okay?
  • *couple more years*
  • Ginny: I was thinking—
  • Harry: Lily Luna Potter, after my mum, Merlin bless her soul.
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny: You win this time, Potter.
  • *after an appropriate time period*
  • Harry: Oh, Ginny, I was thinking—
  • Ginny: Nymphadora Molly Potter.
  • Harry: Are you sure—
  • Ginny: Nymphadora. Molly. Potter.
  • *next time*
  • Ginny:
  • Harry:
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny: *opens mouth*
  • Harry: REMUS FRED POTTER!!!!!
  • *twenty years later, the Potter's are sitting around their dinner table and the youngest weaves through his various sibling to come before his father*
  • Harry: What is it, child?
  • Fawkes Sorting-Hat Potter: Why, Dad? Why?
  • Harry: That was a brave hat, Fawkes, you should be proud.
  • Ginny: *in the background* Hufflepuff! You leave Horcrux and Aberforth alone!

Diamond City’s littlest detectives


Disney Princess Sorting

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“How dare you?!  All of you!  Standing around and deciding my future!  I am not a prize to be won!” ~Jasmine

“Sometimes its better to be alone.  No one can hurt you.” ~Meg

“Some say fate is beyond our command, but I know better.  Our fate lives within us."  ~Merida

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Pairing: Harry Potter x reader

Requested: Yes, by @hplover14

Prompt: “Can do an imagine where Draco’s sister and in Gryffindor house and Draco finds out and tells their father and mother and Draco’s sister falls in love with Harry and dates him and Draco finds out and their father finds she is with Harry”

A/N: I really hope you like it and I wrote it the way you imagined! 

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First year;

Y/n Malfoy wasn’t really scared for her first year, she had her brother, Draco. He was a year older and promised their parents to look out for her. They were so certain she would be a Slytherin, just like all of their family. Y/n had never felt that connected with her family. She loved them, but she felt like she didn’t fit in. She had their hair and that aura of determination over her, but her eyes were Y/e/c and always sparkled like she was planning the biggest prank of the year. Y/n sat in her compartment, Draco and his friends had just left and she was bored already. She didn’t really have friends, not yet. Fighting against the urge to just leave the compartment and look for kind looking people to talk to, she leaned her head against the window, staring at the raindrops that fell out of the sky like bullets. However, the young girl heard laughter, laughter of something funny, laughter filled with joy. It was so different from Draco’s laugh. Draco laughed like he had evil thoughts, like he laughed at someone who had fallen over and couldn’t get up. This was different. Curious, she got up and saw a few girls laughing. Y/n wanted to walk to them, talk to the girls and have fun. She wanted to laugh with them, she wanted them to like her. She was almost by the small group when a hand grabbed her wrist. “Y/n, where are you going?” She recognized Draco. Y/n rolled her eyes and turned to Draco. “I was going to talk to them. Make friends. “You have me and Crabbe and Goyle. You don’t need those stupid girls as friends.” He spat. Y/n pulled back her wrist. “You don’t decide how I will live my life!” Her voice was loud and cold. She stormed off, but ran past the compartment. With an annoyed look on her face, she went to look for the trolly witch. As she saw her, she pulled out some money. “Three chocolate frogs, please.” She said. When Y/n looked up, she saw a boy with red hair sitting besides a boy with black hair and green eyes. Harry Potter. Draco talked about him a lot, and she was sure it was him. Y/n’s eyes grew bigger before she told herself to calm down, pay and calmly stroll off. And that is what she did. 


The nerves were starting to get to Y/n as she waited for her name to be called. She heard cheers when people got sorted into their houses, but it seemed more like a battle between Slytherin and Gryffindor for who could cheer the loudest. It seemed like Gryffindor was winning. “Y/n Malfoy.” Y/n was nervous but she had learned how to hide it well. She was sure she seemed calm when she walked to the chair to get sorted. As the Hat was placed upon her head, she was surprised it didn’t yell Slytherin. “Ahh, another Malfoy. I see you expected me to put you into Slytherin right away, didn’t you?” The Hat said in her head. He sounded amused. Y/n didn’t answer, and she didn’t need to. “I see that you are rater different then the other Malfoys. You love to make jokes, maybe even pull a little prank. You are very independent and yet determent. But you are also brave enough to fight the will of your parents.” The Hat stopped talking. “You really do your own thing, you don’t care about dishonoring your parents too much. I think I will put you in GRYFFINDOR!” The Hat yelled. Y/n was stunned. The whole room was quiet, but when Y/n stood up and walked to the Gryffindor table, all the Gryffindors cheered loud. 


After dinner, Y/n followed the first years to the common room. At least, that was the plan. Draco puled her out of the crowd. “Explain.” He said. In his eyes she saw the rage he didn’t say, the rage he didn’t want to show. “I don’t know, I can’t explain. That Hat put me in Gryffindor.” Draco seemed desperate, he was already failing at keeping an eye on his sister. “I will write dad and he can write the school. We can still put you into Slytherin.” Y/n shook her head. “I don’t want to. The Hat choose and I will become a great wizard in Gryffindor.” With that, Y/n ran back to the group. Draco was not amused, but she did not care at all. She could be independent, free from her brothers eye. She believed these years would be great, if not better. 

Fourth Year;

Y/n stared across the library to Harry’s table. She really liked him. She liked how his hair always seemed to long, how his eyes were so bright and how he was so carefree. Since she was in Gryffindor, she could talk to him, and when she did, her heart stopped. She really liked him. However, with Umbridge, it was hard to even talk to boys, let alone date them. Hell, it was even hard to talk to Draco. “Y/n, your homework won’t fix itself.” Y/n rolled her eyes and looked at her parchment, only to glaze up at Harry again. Draco dropped his quill and looked his sister dead in the eye. “Okay, why can’t you focus? It had been going on for weeks. If it has to do anything with Umbridge, I swear I will kill her.” Y/n smiled at her brothers concern. “No, I’m fine. But I am not going to tell you.” Y/n really liked to tease. “Why not!” He whisper yelled. “Because you will write dad and you will make him mad.” Y:n grinned. “I will not!” “What did you do when I was sorted into Gryffindor? Or my first friend was Hermione Granger?” Draco rolled his eyes. Okay, two times. But about Gryffindor, he would have found out anyways!” Y/n laughed and packed up her things, not being able to concentrate around Harry. “I think I will just have to go.” Draco stood up. “No, you are gonna tell me.” With a smile, Y/n winked at her brother and walked away, knowing he wouldn’t follow her. 


She had been studying in the common room for about twenty minutes when Harry came in. he was alone. She smiled at the boy. “Hello Harry! Where are Hermione and Ron?” Harry shrugged. “You left and Malfoy was looking pretty frustrated. So I wanted to check on you. Did you had a fight?” Y/n looked at her Potions book. “Well, I guess kind of.” Harry raised his brows. “About what?” Y/n let out a sight. “About why I was so distracted.” Harry looked confused at the pretty girl. “Why were you?” He asked. Y/n was nervous, but she needed to tell him sometime. She was brave, that’s why the Hat put her in Gryffindor, Right? She took a deep breath. “I was distracted by you, actually. because I rather like you. As in, more than a friend, like you.” Harry was silent for a few seconds. “Can I kiss you?” He asked. Y/n was surprised. “UHM, Yeah, sure.” It was an awkward kiss, but Y/n found it perfect. She smiled as they broke apart. “Do you want to go out sometime?” Harry asked with a nervous grin. 


Harry and Y/n had been dating for three months now, and only Ron and Hermione knew. Harry had no problem with dating in private, seeing as he wasn’t a big fan of PDA and with Umbridge, it was kind of hard to kiss each other in the hall. However, Y/n wanted the world to know. She wanted to rub it in Draco’s face. She wanted to prove that she wasn’t as much of a Malfoy as her parents wanted her to be. So, after a lot of talking, Harry accepted. But he wanted to do it at the end of the term, when they both would stay. Y/n agreed and waited. As the end of the term grew closer, Y/n got impatient. It was before Potions she had with the Slytherins when she blew it. Draco was teasing Harry about being single forever. She noticed Harry glanced at her. Y/n grinned and walked up behind Draco and touched his shoulder. “Excuse me, my dear Brother.” She said playfully as she walked past them and gave Harry a side hug. “Y/n, what are you doing?” Y/n smiled and pressed her lips against Harry’s jaw. “Spending some time with my boyfriend. But we are late. See you in class!” Draco looked very angry. Y/n actually found it amusing. 


It didn’t really surprise Y/n when she got a letter the next morning from her father. 


I heard from Draco that you and Mister Potter are dating. I hope that is not true, but seeing as you are a rebel, I must assume you are. So I will say his once and not again, as long as you and Potter are together, you will not be welcome at home. The Dark Lord wouldn’t want our daughter being involved with Mister Potter. So choose well.

Lucius Malfoy.

If he wanted her to cry, to break up with Harry, he was dead wrong. Y/n laughed a little and wrinkled the paper before throwing it at Draco. It surprised their family that they didn’t see their daughter again. She was loyal, she was brave, and she needed love. She needed Harry’s love, and that is what she got.

I hope you liked it!

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i just wanted to tell you, that i /adore/ your what-if harry potter one-shots. the newest one was lovely. i know you probably have a million things you want to write (love your giantkiller series too!!) but if you're looking for prompts at all, i'd /love/ to see your take on a what if harry had been born a girl.

They told the story differently. When they spoke in hushed whispers and in exultant shouts that Halloween about the Girl Who Lived, they did not wonder how she survived. They did not ask what hidden strengths of prophecy might lie under her skin. They talked of innocence. They spoke of purity. They murmured about blessings.

Harriet Lily Potter was left on the doorstep of 4 Privet Drive. They called her ugly and gave her Dudley’s hand-me-downs. They would tell people that she went to a boarding school for troubled young women. Dudley still offered to stick her head in toilets, and she still learned to snap back, “Really, Duds? The poor toilet’s never had anything as nasty as your head down it, it might hurt it,” and run.

Harry was the kind of girl who came home with scabby knees, who snuck the kitchen shears in the dead of night to snip her dark messy hair short. She wondered, as she curled up in her cupboard, if Vernon and Petunia would have loved a niece who was pretty instead of scrappy, who had soft hands and never burned the bacon at breakfast.

The story did not go much different.

When a giant banged down the door of the little shack on the little rock in the sea, Harry stood her trembling ground. When Hagrid offered her a happy birthday, a cake, a kindness, a hand, a new life, she took it.

When Harry stepped into Madame Malkin’s, Malfoy ignored her, eyes glazing over. Hagrid bought her an owl, eleven birthdays all wrapped into one.

When Harry asked if there was room for her to sit in his compartment on the Hogwarts Express, Ron said yes. She shared her candy. She told him he had a smudge on his nose.

When the first years all lined up on the steps, waiting to be let into the Hall and the Sorting, Ron went so pale all his freckles stood out. Harry shifted next to him, and then a girl with a flat nose, a round chin, and a sure twist to her mouth stepped in front of her and stuck out one bitten-nail hand. “Parkinson,” she said. “Pansy Parkinson. What are you doing hanging out with trash like Weasley, Potter? I can show you a better class of wizard.”

Harry curled her hands softly in her robes, still feeling like she was wearing a bathrobe and not real clothes. “I think I can figure that out just fine by myself, thank you.”

The story did not go much different. When the Hat called “POTTER, HARRIET” the hall went quiet, then filled with murmurs. It offered her Slytherin, but she thought of Parkinson’s sneer, of Ron’s smudged nose on the train, the way Molly had helped her through the platform entrance, and told it no.

“Then better be GRYFFINDOR,” it said and the red and gold table burst into noise.

There were five beds in the first year girls’ dormitory in Gryffindor Tower. Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown, both from good wizarding families, bonded immediately over Lavender’s sparkly purple nail polish.

Hermione’s hair was as bushy as Harry’s was a rumpled mess. “You could keep birds in there,” Parvati giggled to Lavender.

Nevy Longbottom was short, with rounded shoulders, rounded cheeks, plain brown hair. Her grandmother expected her to be good, but not brave. When the Hat had fallen over young Miss Longbottom’s eyes, it had sat even longer on her head, arguing silently with her small clenched fists. “Hat stall,” Ron had told Harry sagely in line, just as the Hat shouted out GRYFFINDOR.

“Is your name short for something?” Hermione demanded upon first introduction, as all the first years followed Percy Weasley up to the Tower, the girls clustered in the back. “It sounds short for something.”

Nevy went a slightly miserable red. “No,” she said. When they reached the dormitory proper, the first thing Nevy did was tuck Trevor the toad’s shoebox safely under her bed.

When Draco Malfoy stole Nevy’s Rememberall, Harry hopped on a broom. When McGonagall saw her snatch the tiny, glinting ball from the air, she dragged her off not to detention but to Wood and a new era of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Fred and George tracked her down to give her a congratulations and a pair of twinned grins, but at dinnertime the Chasers swooped down on their newest team member– Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell, and Alicia Spinnett. “Oh my god, you’re adorable,” said Alicia. “I want to ruffle your hair, can I ruffle your hair?”

“It’s not going to make it worse,” said Harry.

When Draco challenged Ron to a duel, Harry jumped in as his second as soon as someone explained the concept to her. Pansy, sneering still, always sneering, her face was gonna stick like that, cornered Draco and made him kick Crabbe out as his second and take her on instead. It was a trap, anyway, and Harry and co. just ended up running into a three-headed dog while running from Filch, but Pansy cared about the details of things.

When a troll got into the dungeons, Harry overheard Parvati and Lavender talking about Hermione crying in the bathrooms. She peeled off the back of the group to find her, Ron grumblingly and loyally at her heels.

The story did not go much different, except– when a dragon was born in Hagrid’s fireplace, it was Pansy who peeked through the windows, and Pansy who earned her own detention by catching them after hours without Harry’s Invisibility Cloak.

The story didn’t go much different, except– Hermione stayed up late studying, reading beneath the covers by light of a Lumos, chewing on the ends of the ball-point pens she had brought from home and only took out behind the closed doors of their dormitory room. Lavender curled up on Parvati’s four-poster and they painted each other’s toes. It turned out Nevy could do these tiny beautiful flowers picked out in nail polish, so they invited her up, too.

When the Yule Ball came, three years from those awkward first few weeks, Nevy wouldn’t practice her dance steps with an invisible partner. Hermione would enchant music to play and read her books while Lavender spun Nevy round and round their cluttered floor, leaping askew cauldrons and piles of scarves.

When they figured out about the Sorcerer’s Stone, they guessed wrong about Snape, they guessed wrong about Quirrell. Lavender and Parvati slept through the whispered argument Hermione and Harry had with Nevy, and the Petrificus Totalus that left her rigid in bed. They met up with Ron in the Common Roon and headed to the forbidden third floor corridor, three eleven-year-olds out to save their little part of the world.

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Transfer Student

pt.2 pt3

A/N: I rewrote this since i had a better idea for it!! I hope you guys like it!!

Prompt: coming from the american school of witchcraft and wizardry, Ilvermorny, the new student at hogwarts seems to impress everyone.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x The Reader

Words: 1015

Warnings: Hufflepuff reader!!

“Excuse me, thats my seat.” Someone rudely spoke behind Y/N, making her turn around.

“What? It is?” Y/N looked at him, the to the person sitting next to her. “Dad, what does our ticket say?” He mumbled something to her, making her look confused.

“Sorry, but these are our seats?” Y/N showed him the ticket, making him eye her, before sitting in the open seat next to her.

Y/N watched in amazement as some of the quidditch players flew by, wishing she could be one of them. She always dreamed of being on a quidditch team, this year she might actually get a chance, since she was transfering to Hogwarts for her fourth year.

“Dad, you think I’d be able to make the quidditch team at Hogwarts?” Y/N asked her dad, but he hadn’t heard her over the yelling.

“You go to Hogwarts? How come i’ve never seen you there before?” The platinum blonde who was sitting next to her asked, since he had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

“I’m transfering there for my fourth year, and hopefully the years after that.” Y/N smiled, the boy looking at her blankly. “I’m Y/N.” She turned to him, sticking out his hand.

“Draco Malfoy.” He shook her hand, a smile on Y/N’s face.

“So you go to Hogwarts? Whats it like?” He thought about it for a moment, before speaking, a small smirk on his face.

“Its fun, but theres mayhem sometimes, you know, with Potter around.” Y/N looked at him strangely, unsure of who this ‘Potter’ person was.

“Who?” Draco looked at her surprised, before his smirk returning to his face.

“A git.” He paused, Y/N biting her lip, try to stop herself from laugh at the word 'git’. “Hes dumbledores favorite student, gets into trouble, but never gets in trouble, people call him the boy who lived, blah blah blah.” He told her, Y/N noticing the anger in his voice.

The crowd roared with excitement, a team obviously scoring. Y/N looked out into the field, the Irish cheering. She grinned, seeing all the excitement it had caused, wanting so badly to be out there.

“You ever play quidditch before?” She asked Draco, watching the players on the field zoom past where they were seated.

“I’m the seeker for Slytherin.” He cockily commented, Y/N looking at him in amazement.

“No way! Man thats so cool. I’ve always wanted to play quidditch, but we didn’t play it back in Ilvermorny.” Y/N shrugged, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Do you wanna get out of here? Go someone more quiet?” Y/N agreed, following Draco from her seats.

The rest of the night, the two of them walked around the campsite, talking about whatever came to their minds. They headed back to see the end of the match, both feeling great, having made a new friend. Once the match ended, everyone was enjoying their time in their tents, till screams came from all around.

“Y/N, go straight to the forest, get out of here. I have to help deal with whatever this is.” Y/N’s dad yelled at her, as they saw what the commotion was about.

Y/N hesitated, but left to the forest, praying her dad would be alright. She saw a strange symbol in the sky, unsure of what it meant, but kept running. Ahead in the forest, she saw frieghtened people, and the familiar platinum blonde she had befriended over the last couple of hours.

Y/N caught up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder, startling him. “Who the h- oh. Sorry Y/N.” He apologized, once he saw it was her.

“What’s going on? What’s the thing in the sky?” Draco started explaing, nothing making sense to Y/N.

“Don’t worry, you should be fine here.” He commented, slightly smiling at her.

Y/N sat in a compartment of the Hogwarts Express alone, reading her book. She was buzzing with excitement, also nervous. People on the platform not only looked at her weirdly, but people on the train looked at her strangely, too, since she didn’t look young enough to be a new first year.

A group of boys passed, Y/N looking up, seeing the same old platinum blonde hair she had seen at the quidditch match. Sliding the door open, she called out his name, gaining his attention. He waved, while his two goons looked at the two, probably confused.

Once they had gotten to Hogwarts, Y/N was directed to the Great Hall, one of the teachers telling her to come up to the front. She noticed a hat on the stool, assuming it was the sorting hat. As everyone filled into the tables, the hat began to sing, Y/N highly amused.

“Before we start the sorting of our first years, we have a new fourth year who has transferred here from Ilvermorny.” One of the teachers announced, everyone began murming to each other. Y/N’s name was called, making her push through the crowds, to the stool.

Y/N sat herself on the chair, everyone staring at her like she had a second head. The hat was placed on its head, and she could hear it speaking, thinking it was incredibly weird.

“Hmm… Smart, and loyal, brave…” The hat spoke, Y/N turning red as it spoke about her. “Hufflepuff!” It yelled, Y/N standing up, and walking over to the table that was clapping for her.

She sat at the end of the table, first years joining alongside her. After the sorting finished, Professor Dumbledore began to speak. As his speech came to an end, everyone had dived into the food. Y/N grinned as people at her table tried to make her feel comfortable, Y/N sometimes seeing Draco looking at her from across the room.

Imagine: Draco x Reader; The Pretty Parkinson

/So far a lot of Draco imagines. I can’t help it 😅. I’ll probably will do a different HP character after this one. Also I’m not really up to date on my brain so I forgot when Pansy was introduced into the books. Sorry 😬.


Warnings: Swearing and ‘pretty’ much a jealous Pansy in there.


This was your first year at Hogwarts and your sister Pansy’s second. You looked more childish than most eleven year olds (a/n: I looked like a flippin potato, your all beautiful.) You didn’t care either way, most of your time you were hidden.

“Parkinson, Y/N”

Your name was called, you stepped up and sat down on the stool the hat was placed on your head.

“Hmm another Parkinson! And a lovely one! Your loyal but not Hufflepuff loyal. Smart and wise too! And very brave! Fit for two houses.” The hat mainly shouted.

You were less brave than you can ever be. I mean you stay hidden that’s not really brave. Right?

“Gryffindor!” The hat shouted, ‘A pureblood in Gryffindor! It could happen but to my family it’s a huge NO.’ You slightly panicked. Pansy’s probably writing a letter already.

“Hello!” A voice said, you jump slightly and look at the hand placed out in front of you.

“I’m Hermione Granger.” The girl said.

“Nice to meet you Hermione. I’m Y/N Parkinson.” You said shaking her hand.

“This is Ginny, Fred, and George.” Hermione said.

“Ello!” The two ginger twins said.

“Hi I’m Ginny.” The ginger girl said.

“Hello.” I said back.

“She sure is the pretty one of the Parkinsons’.” One of the twins said.

“Right? George.” You identified as Fred and the other one George nods.

“And a nice one.” George said, Hermione nodded her head along with Fred’s.

“Thank you.” You gleamed at the compliment, as you catches your sister’s eyes, Pansy just glared at you.

“Aren’t you a Parkinson?” Ginny said.

“Yes.” You whispered, looking down.

“Why so gloomy?” Ginny asked.

“I’m a Parkinson. My parents expect me to be a Slytherin. And my older sister will tell them. I hate Pansy.” You said.

“Oh!” They all said in unison.

“Don’t worry.” You smiled.

“Where’s Harry and Ron?” Hermione said.

“Have no clue.” Ginny said, as the twins shrugged their shoulders, not knowing either.

~•Draco’s Pov•~

“That’s your sister Parkinson?” I asked Pansy as she gritted her teeth.

“I hate her! I’m so going to tell mum and dad she was placed in Gryffindor!” Pansy said, evilly grinning.

“Why do you hate her?” Blaise asks. Pansy just glares at her younger sister. Talking to a mudblood and blood-traitors.

“She’s considered the ‘Pretty Parkinson’ like she’ll ever grow up pretty.” Pansy growls as Blaise and I smirk.

“So your jealous?” I said, as I look over her shoulder and stare at the back of her sister’s H/C hair. I stare for a moment, until one of the weasels’ whisper in her ear. She turns around to meet my eyes, my cheeks flush red and I turn away quickly.

“Draco! Finally we got your attention!” Pansy said, as she goes back ranting about her sister.

“We’ll see how pretty she is when she’s in 3rd year. When most hit that ‘stage’.” Blaise said.

“Next year until I hit that stage.” I mumble.

~•Y/N’s Third Year•~

A week later in your first year, your parents owled you disappointed that their prettiest daughter capable of marrying a powerful pureblood family was sorted into Gryffindor. You thought they’d send you a howler. Luckily, they didn’t. Which Ron said it is horrible getting a howler.

“Hey Y/N!” Hermione said.

“Hey ‘Mione.” You gleamed, you were on the platform of 9 ¾. Your sister Pansy left and you were alone, until Hermione popped up.

“Wow! You really changed!” Hermione said.

“You noticed. I didn’t think I changed much.” You said. Then Harry and Ron came up behind Hermione.

“Hey Y/N. You look beautiful.” Ron said, smirking as you playfully push him.

“But no really, you really changed in a beautiful way.” Ron said, pink tinged his cheeks.

“Thanks Ron.” You said,

“No problem ‘Glow up Gryffindor’.” Ron winked as Hermione hit him with her book, and an “Ow!” Came from him.

“Hey Parkinson!” A voice yelled, you ignored it thinking it was for your sister.

Until, Hermione and the others groaned. “What is it?” You ask.

“Malfoy.” They all say at once

You turned around to meet Pansy and your crush. Draco Malfoy.

“Hello Malfoy. My sisters already on the train.” You said.

He chuckles and looks at you, “ I wasn’t searching for your sister, Parkinson.”

“Oh. What do you need?” You ask, flashing a charming smile.

“Nothing much.” Draco said.

“Then go away Malfoy.” Harry sneered.

“Shut up Potter!” Draco sneered back.

“Blaise was right you third years do change a lot right now.” Draco said eyeing you up and down. You felt uneasy but flattered. Your crush was actually talking to you.

“I guess that’s why your sister is jealous because you’re the Pretty Parkinson.” Draco said and then left.

Through out, your week you started getting a lot of looks from boys of different houses. Girls wanted to become friends with you and people started calling you ‘Glow up Gryffindor’, because of Ron, and ‘The Pretty Parkinson’, which you think was started by Draco, Blaise, or both.

It made you glad to have so much friends and not being alone and secluded in a room. It also made you sad that boys only look at you because of your body.

You sighed as you sat down in the library and read a book, called “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard (a/n: the book is awesome, I would recommend it to Hermione and all of you:). It was a muggle book but you never cared.

“Parkinson.” A voice whispered, you then traced the voice belonging to Draco.

“Hello Malfoy.” You whispered back.

“Help me. Your crazy sister is trying to kiss me, again!” Draco whispered/yelled.

“Well I’m sorry. Can’t really do much.” You frown.

“Oh Draky-Poo. Draci where are you?!” You heard your sister yell out into the hall. Until, she went into the library. She was walking trying to find Draco.

She slowly turned over to where you were at. Draco was trying to hide himself, trying to find an idea.

Draco cupped your face and kissed you. You were shocked and kept your eyes open. Butterflies flying frantically in your stomach. You finally closed your eyes and enjoyed this moment you were having. Most likely never having it again.

“Oh that’s not my Draci.” You heard the voice nearby say. You open your eyes to see Pansy exit the library. You pull back to tell Draco, that she’s gone. “Draco. She’s gone.” You said, you looked at his plump, throbbing lips all red from the kiss.

“Uh thank you.” Draco blushes.

“N-No problem.” You blush as well. Looking down at your book continuing to read. ‘I just kissed Draco Malfoy!’ You thought.

“Um one more thing.” Draco said, pulling you up as you yelp in surprise.

Draco cups your face again and gently kisses you. Your hands behind his head as his arms wrap around your waist.

Draco pulls away, and smirks, “Finally, I got to kiss the Pretty Parkinson.”


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You can’t even say hello?

That’s one of the three who rule the fiends.
He was the one who came up with the idea of creating a half-fiend,
and ordered my mom to give birth to me.

I really want to see a happy and excited baby Peter, first of his siblings to go to Hogwarts, jittering impatiently as he waits for his turn to try on the Sorting Hat. He’d heard so many great things about the different Hogwarts Houses by the kids in the Hogwarts Express and he couldn’t wait to get Sorted; maybe he would get Ravenclaw - but he didn’t think he was creative or intelligent enough to be sorted there. Maybe he would get Hufflepuff, Hufflepuffs were hard workers and loyal - Peter believed that he was loyal and hard working. Or he could be placed into Gryffindor! But he didn’t think himself brave enough for the mighty Gryffindor - but he could try to be brave if he had to be. The last option was Slytherin. He’d heard the Slytherin kids speaking on the train and they didn’t sound very friendly and non-Slytherins generally spoke ill of the Slytherins. Perhaps all Slytherins aren’t as bad as the others make them out to be and they were all actually very friendly.

Before he knew it, he was next to be seated and Sorted.

Peter had never expected sitting on a stool and wearing a hat to be so very nervewracking. Wearing the hat felt strange. Peter briefly wondered if any of the students that had gone before him had any head lice. Then he wondered if the hat ever got washed. Then he pushed both thoughts away, believing it better if he never discovered the answer to either question.

Peter waited for what felt like an eternity (an eternity that was actually a few seconds) before the Hat responded.

“Hmm… yes, very brave,“ said the hat. “Lots of nerve…You’re very loyal to your family too and compassionate and stubborn.“

Peter’s lips lifted into an eager smile. So it was between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. He had secretly wished for one of those two Houses, the students in those Houses were all the friendliest and most sociable.

His smile froze as the Hat exclaimed, “Slytherin!“

“But why?” Peter silently asked himself as he shuffled over to the Slytherin table. He didn’t believe himself to be ambitious or determined - well, there had been that time his schoolmate had told him that he couldn’t possibly eat an entire three-tiered cake himself and Peter had done just that to prove his mate wrong. But clever and resourceful? Actually, there was that one time he had gotten him and his siblings out of trouble using a tree branch, a wet sponge, and a beetle. A student had also described Slytherins as having a certain disregard for the rules - he tended to disregard a lot of rules.

As he made his way to his new House’s table, the intimidating looks he received from the Slytherin students morphed into looks of welcome and kindness. When he sat in between some older students he was clapped heartily on the back and given smiles and hugs that he had not expected. The older students greeted Peter and the first years in a friendly manner that opposed the way the other Houses described them to be. The other Slytherin students cheered and clapped whenever a first year was sorted into their House. They struck up a lively conversation with Peter about his life before Hogwarts, and what his family was like, and if he had enjoyed the journey to Hogwarts. They didn’t blink an eye when Peter said he was a muggle-born and was the first (and hopefully not last) of his siblings to go to Hogwarts. A few of the students at the table exclaimed their delights at having another muggle-born in the House, others chimed in about being half muggle (mudbloods, they called themselves) and about having visited their friends in the muggle world during the summer and how strange the muggle world was. None of this sounded like the Slytherins described by the other House members.

Looking around the dining hall he saw the venomous glances thrown at his table. None of the other Houses saw the Slytherins that welcomed their kin with open arms and showed kindness, they only saw the cruelty and hatred shown by a select few Slytherins. They only saw what they wished to see.

Peter began to feel a bit of hope rising in his chest. Perhaps he could make the other Houses see the Slytherins that he saw, the real Slytherins. He could prove to the other Houses that the Slytherins weren’t actually that bad. He could be the one that redeems his House.

Peter raised his cup and cheered as the last first year is Sorted into Slytherin. He looked forward to his years at Hogwarts where he would be able to discover the extent of his magical abilities and where he could be remembered as the Slytherin that absolved the enmity between his House and the other Houses.

I just think that Peter would be so dynamic if placed in Slytherin and he fits in if you think about it.