brave fencer


To continue the hype of beating Bravely Second, I drew my party config, outfits and weapons included! Thanks to hina, I can’t stop drawing Tiz with hairclips


okay I felt I had to try to doodle my newly revised party and then dramatic Agnes took over everything while I listened to the BD soundtrack and I never even got to ringabel the pompadour rabbit.

Edea is now a red mage who gets to swing around a really big stick. Tiz and his dumb valkyrie armor that I’m definitely not drawing is probably exhausted from playing white knight and healing the shit out of everyone constantly. Agnes is a spell fencer who IMBUES HER OWN FISTS WITH MAGICAL DEATH OF THE NORTH STAR. Ringabel is there too, doing inexcusable amounts of damage because of rabbits wielding angel bows.