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forcing yourself to vomit up the words
you were too scared to speak
is never pretty
deep-throating a gun
is never as erotic as you thought it would be,
you’ve just splattered the wake of your own misery
on the wallpaper instead,
an unspoken tragedy
but when your mouth is dry and sticky
you’ll do anything to quench that thirst,
to feel the way you used to,
to feel the sun on your face again,
to feel a lover’s breath in your ear,
to feel wings unbroken,
to feel something besides this
to feel anything besides this
to feel anything
to feel
there are some aches that no amount of aspirin will remedy
just as there are itches we cannot scratch,
one right between the shoulder blades that an arm at any angle can’t reach
there is a constant battle between our entities
and the things they cannot keep.
so we wrap our fingers
around the loose thread and pull
unraveling skin, muscle, bone, marrow
leaving trails of our being behind
like viscid ghosts
it’s a primeval lust to destroy
the essence of ourselves
to quiet the dull murmurs of agony in our veins
and so, i sit in silence for years
before i set the pills back on the table
for maybe just another moment.
—  prozacgirl
Since it’s Use Your Language Day:

Things that are definitely said during ABC meetings on a daily basis:

Crossover Headcanons

At my friend’s suggestion, here are some headcanons about Grover meeting Blitz and Hearth.

-They meet when Grover attends a conservation event in Boston. His nose had been driving him crazy all day with foreign magic.

-Blitz notices him first, his horns visible through the Mist.

-They approach each other warily, able to sense the foreignness of each other.

-Just as Grover began reaching for reed pipes, and Hearth’s fingers twitched over his runes, they spotted Annabeth, pulling a reluctant Magnus behind her.

-The two demigods stopped dead when they saw the potential standoff, but Grover ran over to Annabeth and caught her in a hug.

-Magnus asked Annabeth who the satyr was when he saw the wariness around his family’s eyes.

-After introducing him as Grover, Magnus was impressed by the brave dude who had been engaged to a cyclops and found the last of the Wild.

-After some explaining and introducing all around, the cousins had excused themselves, leaving their inhuman companions alone once more.

-Blitz grunted something about Magnus being the superior demigod, and Norse mythology being better.

-Grover fumbled, disbelief on his face. He had fun recounting all of Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia’s feats.

-Blitz and Hearth countered by boasting about Samirah.

-In the end, though, the trio became friends. Grover was impressed by alf seidr, and Hearth was impressed by his reed magic. They got to chatting, and eventually Blitz offered for him to swing by his new shop, maybe get an armored outfit that wouldn’t make him look like a homeless hippie. Grover consented, as long as the materials were vegan.

-After that, every time the trio bumped into each other, they would have long chats and brag about their demigods.

Nickelback? I love Nickelback!
—  white man, in Boulder, at Bear Creek Elementary