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Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 18/?

Diamond City’s littlest detectives

I could literally write about this photo forever. Look at this boy. This scared, lonely, lost little boy. Who doesn’t know if his dad loves him, but who knows he loves his dad. He’s just seen his best friend tortured and it’s still haunting him. He knows that he either dies here or saves the world. There is no other option. And even though he’s so scared and has all this weight on him, a weight he’s never managed to live up to before, he still looks so determined and ready to do it. Because he doesn’t know what the other option is. It’s do or die. Just like it was for his dad. So here he is, in this snowy street on this night that’s so important to the whole world and to his family, doing it.


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 22/?


-Of all the dumb things I’ve seen in my life, you getting that guy to beat on you takes the cake.
-You’re welcome.

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If you haven't already, could give some too things to keep in mind while writing Ron for the meme? I don't think I've ever found a Harry Potter author that writes him as well as you do- I'm a big fan!!

Aw, thank you!

Things I keep in mind when writing Ron Weasley:
1. His motivations are personal, not heroic or moral, which does not mean he doesn’t do heroic things.
2. He’s Harry’s best friend. They like each other. He’s one of Hermione’s best friends. They also like each other.
3. He’s one of the most fun characters to parallel with minor antagonists:
3a. Ex. Draco Malfoy– the purebloods raised in wizardry, with parents who love them, the heirs of a long heavy legacy of two Houses, the Hat barely touching their heads before Sorting.
3b. Ex. Petunia Evans Dursley– he’s a superior example of how to balance your bitterness, jealousy, and love for your siblings, both blood and not.
4. He beat frickin’ McGonagall at wizard’s chess at age eleven. This child is not stupid.
5. He assessed the situation, considered the options, and then stood still and let a giant enchanted queen violently take him down in order to win that game, at age eleven. This child is brave, loyal, and tough as hell.

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On the Jehan and Enjolras bodyswap thing, I just realised it could be even more interesting if Enj had to give a speech at a rally in Jehan's body.

Oops I accidentally changed it to Jehan giving a speech in Enjolras’ body by misreading, I hope you don’t mind

Jehan is known to be pretty shy. After all Jehan “ha[s] an awkward air, blushe[s] at a mere nothing, and [is] very timid.”

But Jehan is also intrepid. Jean Prouvaire’s bravery hides in plain side, bubbling just at the surface. They’re shy, but they still soar on stage during slam open mics nights. Though, granted, a massive angry crowd is diffferent from a nice dim-lit café atmosphere.

Enjolras writes the speech, but it just won’t stick in Jehan’s mind. Those are not their words. They’re not their style! Not that Enjolras’ style is bad, it’s just different. Terrified to do poorly, Jehan rewrites the whole thing at the last minute, even using Courfeyrac’s back as a desk, piercing little holes in the paper…

The crowd cheers as they see Enjolras’ body climbing up the statue on the Place de la République. Enjolras has made a name for himself over the years. Charismatic leader, brilliant orator, fervent advocate for social progress… All of that pushes into Jehan as they look down at the crowd and over the skyline. Their hands shake a little as they lift the megaphone to their lips. Enjolras’ lips.

“Er…. I-…”

At the foot of the monument, Bahorel, Bossuet and Grantaire cheer for them, whistle. Adrenaline tickles in Jehan’s fingers. Their grip gets steadier.

“Esteemed people of France, and dear citizens of the world, those to whom borders are bridges rather than walls…”

Jehan is fierce, eloquent and charismatic up there. Their style is different, people can tell, even though they can’t quite pinpoint why. Jehan’s speech ends in an cheerful uproar and revolutionary chants. Jehan’s heart beats so hard it may actually bruise Enjolras’ chest.

when you came down to earth, 
the stars sent you with nothing but a parting message
burned into the skin of your infant palms
that your mother spent her whole life trying to forget:

brave child,
you come from the stars
like all the brave children who came before you
and all the brave children to come after you.

your bones were made in forges of starfire.
your heart clenches like a supernova ready to burst.
you will never walk alone in the night. 

but brave child, you were forged
     to fall upon the point of a sword.
your lungs were meant to drown, 
     be it in sunlight or in starlight. 
your blood is bound to spill upon the earth
     as surely as your soul is bound to fly among the stars.

so brave child, 
choose wisely and choose early: 
     what sword-point would you fall by?
     what trampled battlefield or back-alley pavement would you have your blood flow on?
     what sky would you gaze last upon?

choose wisely and choose early, 
my brave child–

–for if you do not 
someone else will decide for you.

—  letter for the starshine child ( j.p. )
But Kindergarten Eren and Levi

Take a nap together but Eren wakes up first. So he goes downstairs for orange juice and hears his mom talking about a TV show. “Yeah Kuchel, so now she’s pregnant because she slept with him and they have to run away together because they’re too young for children…” And Eren gasps and runs upstairs because he took a nap with Levi which means they slept together. So Eren wakes up Levi and convinces the 5 year old that he’s pregnant and they have to run away together. 5 minutes later Carla and Kuchel see them walking out the front door with backpacks full of candy and toys (And clothes packed secretly by Levi) Then after they explain what happened Levi tries to be a good husband, proud face and all he says: “I’ll take cawe of Ewen I pwomise. I ll buy him lotsa candy after I get a job, an’ I’ll take cawe of da baby wif him!” And tiny Eren is just so impressed with his brave little husband. A Carla and Kuchel have to explain that “No Eren you cannot have a baby with Levi you are both boys.” Until the boys agree not to run away. Around the corner Kenny recorded the entire thing because this is fucking adorable.

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like i’m sure Kirishima is gonna be ok by the end of the day and probably become a mummy for a bit with scars and such but still relatively ok bUT STILL


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How do you feel about people claiming that in marrying Bruce, Selina's character will be ruined? I of course see that argument as odd, seeing that she's said numerous times in the past that she wants to be happy, and with that, settling down and having a family. Do you truly think that would waver who Selina is?

You already know that I don’t. I wrote about my thoughts on Selina and family and marriage awhile ago and you can read about it here. Linking it seems like such a cop out but it’s pretty long. On that note I will say this: when people have brought up the idea that getting married would ruin her character I had no idea what they were talking about until I read this. Warning: do not read unless you can afford a spike in blood pressure.

Most notably this critic is says this:

She is a thief.  She is a thrill seeker.  For her, it’s all about the hunt.

And this little gem right here:

I see so many people on social media saying how romantic this is.  It makes me wonder.  Is this just a knee jerk reaction to seeing two long time lovers finally getting together?  Have people really even taken the time to analyze this relationship?  Or, are the ones shipping this the kind of people that value need over want?

Eye roll to the fullest. As a Batcat blogger I take that as a personal challenge. Yes, we have taken the time to analyze this relationship and we have almost 80 years of material to go on and I’ve come with the receipts. 

I suppose this is what most people are referring to when they say that Catwoman’s character would be “ruined” if she got married. Those who are saying that are grossly oversimplifying her character and missing an important part of Catwoman’s development as a character. It reduces Catwoman to just a thief and that does her such a huge disservice. It has been true across multiple versions and media that, Catwoman does not always want to be defined as a thief. That thrill of thievery that they’re referring to, and Selina has said this herself multiple times, wears off. Thieving and other criminal activity has gotten her thrown in prison, almost killed, and she’s had to fake her death a couple of times because of it (as recently as Future’s End). The criminal lifestyle has almost ruined her life and eventually it ends up making her feel empty and trapped. 

Going back to the Bronze Age after Selina spends some time in prison for her crimes as Catwoman once she’s paroled she wants to move on and distance herself from her past. (Batman #308)

Later on during a meeting with Bruce she tries to disguise herself because she worries that being seen in public with her will hurt his reputation and cause a scandal. (Batman #313) 

Skipping ahead to the Pre-Flashpoint era Catwoman’s second on-going series was all about her reforming and becoming the defender of Gotham’s east end. In the very first issue of her series we get a lot from Selina’s perspective on why she does it. To really understand you’ll have to read her first on-going series because a lot of stuff went down towards the end of it that makes Selina disenchanted by the criminal lifestyle. At the beginning of her second series she can’t even bring herself to put on the costume because it’s brought her so much suffering and she feels defined by what she considers to be past mistakes. (Catwoman [v3] #1)

I don’t think that Selina thinks that marriage is the end all be all, but I definitely don’t think that it’s something that she’d completely rule out either. In fact I think that Selina hasn’t seriously considered it because she just never thought that it was an option for her. It’s funny to me that so many people think that Selina is strictly anti-marriage when 1) she’s never said that before and there’s nothing in canon to indicate that she feels that way and 2) some versions of her have expressed a desire to have a family. 

I wrote about this in my previous post but from Catwoman’s second series while Selina steals an ancient dollhouse she talks about her childhood and mourns the loss of her family and the fact that she missed out on that stability growing up. I think that indicates that there is some kind desire to regain that. (Catwoman [v2] #39)

There it is–Everything I’ve always wanted. Everything I’ve never had…Preserved over millennia in perfect condition. Priceless miniature. Stable family.

Emphasis mine. I also can’t stress enough that Catwoman’s Earth-2 counterpart point blank said that she wanted a family and a new life badly enough that she came up with some ludicrous lie about having amnesia in order to obtain it, but she thought it was too late. Earth-2 Catwoman ends up marrying Batman and having a child. The Brave and the Bold #197 was all about Bruce and Selina’s desire to start a new life and finding happiness with each other. In the Bronze Age version Bruce and Selina both retire to raise their daughter together and in the latest version they raise her as a crime fighter. That proves that marriage doesn’t “trap” Selina by any means. She did however feel trapped being Catwoman.

Still not convinced? Okay. I know that The Dark Knight Rises isn’t everyone’s favorite version of Catwoman, but something Christopher Nolan got right… Selina Kyle is introduced as a thief but she’s working for Daggett with the promise that she’ll be compensated with a software that will allow her to erase her criminal record which she wants to use to start a new life. She tells Bruce:

I started out doing what I had to. Once you’ve done what you’ve had to they’ll never let you do what you want to…There’s no fresh start in today’s world. Any twelve year old with a cell phone can find out what you did. 

In Batman: The Telltale Series Selina has an excellent dialogue with Bruce about her criminal career where she lays it all out. She says:

You’re a good man, Bruce. But good men don’t lie with thieves.I know what I am. No noble intentions, just the thrill of breaking what they say can’t be broken. Knowing there’s no safe I can’t crack, no fortress I can’t infiltrate. Proving I can… I’ve stolen from corrupt jerks like Hill, but I’ve taken plenty from good people too. And for what? Some shiny new toys and a crappy apartment on the edge of town? The high is nice but it wears off. And you look around and see…nothing. So you get back out there. Try and chase that feeling down, but it never amounts to anything really.

What has remained true about Selina in the comic books and other media is that she begins her life as a thief, but eventually she wants out but she feels defined by it. She feels like she has no other choice but to keep going. People really look down on Catwoman because she’s a criminal. She gets really dismissed as just some thief. This is something that Selina internalizes and is insecure about. Selina doesn’t always think that she’s a good person and that she can’t be anything other than a thief and a criminal. The idea that all Catwoman wants to do is live a dangerous life of chaos and crime is exactly the type of label she very often tries to break away from. 

The argument that Selina shouldn’t get married because she’ll feel trapped is ironic considering that there’s a lot canonical evidence that she actually feels trapped by The Life™ and it just reeks of concern trolling. Somehow people think that risking imprisonment and death and being defined as a criminal is a more preferable outcome than marriage. 

Catwoman is a character that’s always reinventing herself and always looking for a second chance. I don’t think that that always means marriage and family, but I don’t see why it can’t especially since it’s never been done in the main continuity before. 

I’m not going to bother addressing an argument that Bruce and Selina have a one sided relationship, because it’s obvious nonsense and I’ve dedicated many a blog posts already refuting that. I suggest going through my tags if you really want to know, but I will say this because I think it’s crucial: in spite of everything that people say and think about Catwoman and what she often thinks of herself Batman never stops believing in her. 

Batman has been a constant presence in her life and more often than not it’s his unwavering belief that deep down she’s a good person that inspires her to see the good in herself and get the second chance she so desperately seeks. Whether it’s inspiring her to become the whip wielding defender for Gotham’s most disenfranchised, running off to France, or starting a family. Batman and Catwoman have found a lot of happiness in each other so I find the idea that marriage would “ruin” Catwoman’s character to be, quite frankly, absurd.

Batman and Catwoman have been together for 77 years. It’s just time.