How much better would Brave had been if, instead of it being ‘Mother Bear’ it was just the story of a girl who didn’t want to face the responsibilities of upholding an entire kingdom and ran away. Following the wisps in hopes they’d lead her to a better life.

And sure it leads her to things she ‘wants’, monsters to fight, quaint towns, assorted monuments, but the more she travels and the farther away she gets from her home, the more she wants to go back and the more the wisps remind her of it. Till the last monument is the Stonehenge thing she passed before running away. 

She’d let out some frustrated yells, but relent and return to the castle, only to find it is left in ruins, and the crown that she would’ve worn lies on the ground where she last stood.

I love that the most recent Disney princess films all have the aesthetic of a different season of the year.

Tangled is very spring-like, all soft warm colours, and obviously flowers and sunlight play into it a lot.

Moana is very summery, all bright sun and blue sky and sea and sand and that.

Brave is very autumnal, all dusky lighting and mist and lots of dark greens, browns and oranges.

And obviously Frozen is the most wintery film ever made.

(I feel this should be made into a gifset.)