Since people keep asking me for Brooklyn Beckham’s accounts over and over and over again, please, just bookmark/reblog/save/print this post and I hope I won’t get asked this ever again lol. And he has NO TWITTER NOR ASKFM.

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Guess who joined the 16 year old celebrity teenage group? My other favorite celebrity spawn, besides Brooklyn Beckham, aka Ava Elizabeth Phillippe!! Happy Sweet 16th to Reese Witherspoon’s & Ryan Phillippe’s first born daughter! She was born on 9.9.1999! She doesn’t really want to follow her parents’ footsteps and go into the acting business, but rather she’s extremely talented artistically (she paints and creates artworks) plus she’s into songwriting (a budding Taylor Swift perhaps?) not to mention, like Brooklyn, she’s also into photography! Too bad she didn’t want to go into the acting business or else she could definitely play Reese’s doppleganger. ;)