Steins;Gate Review/Synopsis


The year is 2010.  Self-proclaimed mad scientist Hououin Kyouma (his name is really Okabe Rintaro) has invented a time machine unintentionally.  He can send text messages into the past using a rigged-up microwave and his own cell phone.  Developed with the help of his computer hacker/otaku friend Daru (or Itaru Hashida) and the moral support of his oldest friend/cosplayer/hostage Mayuri Shiina.  Okabe meets fellow scientist Makise Kurisu at a lecture on time travel, before seemingly witnessing her death minutes later.  He finds out that this has somehow not been the case, when he meets her alive and well that soon after.  Okabe makes her the newest “lab member” and begins working alongside her by experimenting with the time machine.  Amane Suzaha is a girl who begins working for the television shop below Okabe’s “lab” and begins to take an interest in the time travel experiments, thereby becoming a lab member herself.  Other lab members gained throughout the series include Ruka Urushibara, an androgynous teenage boy who shows interest in Okabe and wishes he were born a girl.  Moeka Kiryu is a shy girl, whom Okabe nicknames “Shining Finger” due to her ability to send text messages in a very quick manner.  Faris is the last lab member and the daughter of one of the most influential men in Akihabara (where the story takes place), her love of anime and moe culture is the apparent reason why Akihabara is a hotspot for many otakus.  Each lab member has a text message sent back in time as part of the time travel experiments.  The effects that these create are unknown once they are created.  The only one who is able to take notice of any changes, is Okabe himself who has a special ability he christens his “Reading Steiner”.  Okabe speaks with a popular internet blogger and chatroom frequenter, John Titor, who claims to be a time traveler from the near future, where the world is a dystopian society lead by the evil organization SERN.  Okabe is appointed by Titor to be the savior of humanity, being that he was able to create the first successful time machine before SERN and also due to his Reading Steiner ability.  


This anime was amazing.  I loved it so much.  Being that I have been writing a series of my own about time travel and possible future events, this was an amazing series overall in my opinion.  The subtle references to Chaos;Head being in the same general universe as this story was quite a plus also.  I absolutely loved the way the story and characters developed and all of the plot twists that came once the story was introduced.  I can’t really find too many flaws here with this anime.  If anything, I wish that they would have shown Okabe’s future self meeting Amane later on and giving her the last pin.  Maybe a little more insight to Amane’s travels to the past and life in the SERN controlled timeline.  One last thing that would’ve been a little better, would be the development of Makise & Okabe’s relationship at the end.  There really wasn’t much of anything to base any complaint on for this anime and it seems like most people who watch it also give it pretty high praise.  I, personally, recommend it (and the rest of the SciAdv series also) very highly to anyone who loves sci-fi, time travel, and a really amazing story.