you’re beautiful no matter what that guy said, no matter what your mom thinks, no matter what that stupid bitch next to you says or implies when she talks about herself You’re perfect to me and you need to start learning to be perfect for yourself
—  Lauren jauregui

Camren ll Reactions to Dating Rumors


‘when will the album come out?’


'when are you coming to Europe?’


'when will the sledgehammer video come out?’


'Lauren, when are you going to confess that you are dating Brad?’


'when will we know who’s featuring on your album?' 


'when will you post a new camren selfie?’


anonymous asked:

I have reasonable explanations for lots of camren moments to disregard them as friends stuff but certain things are just off?1) Weird ass era of Camila crying during Who are you while Lauren sadly/pissed off staring at her ignoring other girls singing. And C didnt look back once...but she used to.2) Lauren really hating Austin in the first place. She was SO annoyed for no reason while other girls were fine. Not to mention C "dating" him 3 weeks?

3) Camila purposely secretly touching L’s hand and L retracting from it. You could see on C’s face how she was trying to be sneaky/smooth 

4) C putting her fingers in mouth while looking directly at L and stopping right after L finally saw it. THE FUCK WAS THAT Bonus points for L’s rbs regarding this particular sex action. Interesting fact: that was the day of “boss: kissing someone u r on tour with” interview people like to disregard as Brauren/camaustin one

5) INDIRECTS YES IT IS TRUE. There are numerous of posts on certain months talking abt literally same non generic shit. My fav is “untouchable” quote, explains a lot to me. 6) Lauren staring lovingly at C singing? talking, wtv. Esp obvious when singing coz L wasnt bothered by looking at other girls when C’s part was over LOL