Imagine Dean and Roman’s reaction when your promo exploits the newest member of the Wyatt family’s secret.

You: Well I just can’t find this new Wyatt family member, um what’s his name *snaps finger* Braun… Braun… Snowman! That’s it! Braun Snowman. I just don’t think he’s scary anymore and do you know why? Because he was a Rosebud! Can someone get that picture for me? *picture flashes on the screen* there he is! Look at Brauny! He looks so happy. I bet you thought this wouldn’t come out did you Brauny? Well thanks to the glorious people on Tumblr, it’s out there my friend. Now you can say whatever you want to oppose, but I’m pretty sure this is him. Word to the wise Bray, next time you decide to recruit people, try not to pick people off the street that look and smell like you. Try reading their résumé so embarrassing things like this don’t happen again. It’s just good business ethics. *drops mic*

Dean: That was awesome! Now I see why we chose her.

Roman: That’s my girl. 

//LOL we talked about the SS yesterday evening, and guess who was your Secret Santa Nami~ Yeeeep~~ I really hope you like it, I had a blast drawing this~ 

You know, I always add embarrassing stuff to Christmas gifts, like a small letter to tell you how happy I am to count you among my friends. I think you are someone worth getting to know: I mean, you probably are your muse to an extent, with all of your kindness and cuteness. I really enjoy the time we spend speaking or RPing all of this stuff we can come up with! 

With love and braunies,


i’m screaming because that fucking grungy black and white promotional edit wwe used of the wyatt family looks like a fucking album cover for a lesser known death/doom metal band like

lead vocalist bray

lead guitar player luke

bass guitar player and keyboardist sometimes erick

drummer braun

i’d buy that shit i don’t know about you guys like shit