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- name: Erica Geneva Braun (Erica, ever-powerful | Geneva - race of women)
- likes / dislikes:
Likes: anything crafty. A n y t h i n g. Hunting out in the fields or forests or anything her moms doing, or working on machinery/woodworking/leather tanning with Reiner.
Dislikes: people that think saying ‘moist’ to get a rise out of someone is funny. Laziness and procrastination. Argumentative and stubborn people. Associating anything (colors or hobbies w/e) with 1) being feminine and 2) sounding like it’s a bad thing.
- first word: Yum (thanks Sasha)
- appearance: Longer blonde hair with cute lil bangs and a few locks out front on the sides. Brown eyes with gold flecks in them that people think are her eyes sparkling 24/7 but no she just got a teeny bit of Reiners eyes in em XD. The cutest fucking nose that she definitely didn’t get from Reiner thank GOD.
- which parent they look more like: Despite the hair color probably Sasha. Once you actually look at her facial features.
- which parent they like more: I don’t think she could pick between the two, she really enjoys being with the both of them even if they are just working and not really talking together.
- height once fully grown:  Maybe on the taller end of the spectrum for females, maybe 5′7ish if not more?
- job ambition: Maybe at the foundries or as a cook? Slight chance of Survey Corps but mostly working with gear designing and shit like Reiner (in the postmain ofc)
- faceclaim: WINRY ROCKBELL

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Name: Jessica Rosemond Braun

Nicknames: i have so many….. Lil Brauni, Carolyn, brat, Jess, Braun, Braunica, Essica

Gender: Depression

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′4

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: hell idk i think it’s Slytherin or Gryffindor

Favourite Color: dark red

Time Right Now: 7:06 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: 5? 7? ????????

Lucky Number: 22

Last Thing I Googled: biggest breed of dog, for those wondering, a Mastiff is the heaviest

Favorite Fictional Character: Nico Di Angelo, Keith Kogane/Gyeong/whatever his last name is, Hunk Garrett, Hinata Shoyou

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1

Favorite Band/Artist: Panic! At the Disco i think, maybe Blink-182

Dream Trip: Travel the world

Dream Job: successful author

When Did I Create This Blog?: fuck if i know, sometime in 2014 i think, maybe 2013

What Do I Post About?: Everything 

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