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I wanna draw fan art of mod klance! or just the mods in general do you have any references?

ARE YOU SERIOUS I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!! Anyway, I haven’t posted any pics of myself irl but I have drawn myself?? here’s the tag for it (warning i haven’t done an updated drawing of me in a while so it’s kinda shitty).  Mod Allura has a youtube channel here and I’m not sure about Mod Lance or Pidge

- Mod Keit


Glasgow University Cloisters by Brian Travelling
Via Flickr:
The Cloisters (also known as The Undercroft) connect the East and West quadrangles and lead inside the Gilbert Scott Building to the stunning Bute Hall, where the University’s graduation ceremonies are held, and the Hunterian Museum. With their fluted columns and transverse ribbed vault, these impressive archways are an iconic part of the University, and have been seen onscreen in many films and TV shows including Cloud Atlas and Outlander.

ok so i really need new people on my dash, so if you’re from greys, ouat, rizzoli and isles, supergirl, scandal, htgawm, skam, the catch, twd, full/fuller house, quantico, bones, the fosters, friends, himym, modern family or any one else fandom that’s in my tags, p l e a s e like this post and i’ll follow back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls pls pls pls people i really need this lol