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Hey, guys! I’m doing a big end of the con year sale on my Attack on Titan Tarot prints to try to get some money to (ironically) order more prints. (Derp.) 

On my Etsy, I have an option to get a set of 5 Tarot prints for $55 (which saves you $20.) HOWEVER, for a limited time, I’m offering the 5 prints PLUS a 6th random Attack on Titan print for free! You’re saving $35, which is kinda nuts.

The cards you can choose from are:
0: The Fool: Eren
VI: The Lovers: Levi and Petra
VII: The Chariot: Levi
IX: The Hermit: Armin
XI: Strength: Reiner
XII: The Hanged Man: Jean
XIV: Temperance: Mikasa
XV: The Devil: Female Titan
XVI: The Tower: Colossal Titan
XX: Judgement: Titan Eren

So totally Check it out! 

All press/promotion for Mockingjay Part 2, organized in general (not premiere press day/red carpet) and premiere press/promotion.

Update 12/02: Jen, Liam and Josh at El Hormiguero, more interviews and articles

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Warning: All articles, videos and interviews can contain spoilers for The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2.

Producion Notes to Mockingjay Part 2 - Cast interviews, Credits, Cast list

BTS B-Roll Mockingjay Part 2

On Set Interviews: Jen, Josh, Liam, Sam, Natalie, Jena, Mahershala, Julianne, Jeffery, Francis, Nina, Woody

Victory posters: Augustus Braun, Porter Millicent Tripp, Mags Flanagan,

Quora Q&A - Nina Jacobson

General promotion

  • Video - Special events/activities
  1. Camp Mockingjay - Josh Horowitz from MTV interviews Jen, Josh and Liam
  2. Camp Mockingjay - Josh Horowitz - Gender Swap
  3. Fandango Exclusive Interview - Fact or Fiction - Jen, Josh and Liam
  4. The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Launch B-Roll
  5. Imprint Ceremony 10/31 w/ Jen, Josh & Liam - Part 1, Part 2
  6. B-Roll footage and Soundbites from the Imprint Ceremony
  7. Fan Event in L.A. with Jen, Josh and Liam moderated by Josh Horowitz - Main Video, extra Video on Twitter 
  8. DIY Home Decor on Fire | Inside Capitol Couture W/ Blair Fowler 
  9. Capitol Couture DIY Bangle | Hunger Games & ANNEORSHINE 
  10. The Hunger Games  Effie Trinket Makeup // Capitol Couture Tutorial  
  11. Hunger Games Capitol Fashion Trends
  12. AMC Double Feature Special announcement
  13. Vulture´s - THG becomes a 90´s movie
  14. IMAX - Feature
  15. Wes Chatham visit Seacrest Studios
  16. Wes and Meta visiting the Mockingjay Superfan Viewing Party
  17. Fandemonium: Why We Frickin’ Love Katniss
  18. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2: Sneak Peek
  19. Promo vid for Collider special IMAX screening
  20. Announcement for The Hunger Games: The Phenomenon 
  21. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 Featurette - The Phenomenon
  • Interview - Video
  1. The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Launch Interview Jena Malone
  2. Epix`s Inside Look (Jen, Josh & Liam) : Family 
  3. Epix`s Inside Look (Jen, Josh & Liam) : Liam’s Injury
  4. Epix`s Inside Look (Jen, Josh, Liam & Francis) : What Can Audiences Expect
  5. What Josh would have changed on Peeta - Entertainment Weekly
  6. Jennifer Lawrence talks with Diane Sawyer in NYC, also talking about Mj2
  7. Wes Chatham and Evan Ross with Dallas Morning News
  8. Fandango´s Weekend ticket with a short interview (start 1.15)
  9. TIME- Francis Lawrence - The Director of Three Hunger Games Movies on Resisting a ‘Squeaky-Clean’ Ending
  10. Natalie Dormer´s bts video for the photoshoot for the Women´s Health Magazine, she also talks Mj2
  11. Hunger Games’s Natalie Dormer Picks Which Dystopia She’d Prefer- What to Watch  
  12. Natalie Dormer Talks ‘Hunger Games’ and 'Game Of Thrones'  - What to Watch
  13. Hunger Games star Natalie Dormer on Jlaw & Jon Snow -Kiss FM UK

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