braun posters


Hey, guys! I’m doing a big end of the con year sale on my Attack on Titan Tarot prints to try to get some money to (ironically) order more prints. (Derp.) 

On my Etsy, I have an option to get a set of 5 Tarot prints for $55 (which saves you $20.) HOWEVER, for a limited time, I’m offering the 5 prints PLUS a 6th random Attack on Titan print for free! You’re saving $35, which is kinda nuts.

The cards you can choose from are:
0: The Fool: Eren
VI: The Lovers: Levi and Petra
VII: The Chariot: Levi
IX: The Hermit: Armin
XI: Strength: Reiner
XII: The Hanged Man: Jean
XIV: Temperance: Mikasa
XV: The Devil: Female Titan
XVI: The Tower: Colossal Titan
XX: Judgement: Titan Eren

So totally Check it out!