The cast of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE congratulate Andre Braugher on his EMMY nomination.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Meet Holt’s New Neighbor, Rhea Perlman

Don’t feel too bad for Capt. Ray Holt (2016 Emmy nominee Andre Braugher). He was sent off to witness protection in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 finale, but he’s making fast friends in his new Coral Palms, Florida neighborhood.

In the Sept. 20 Season 4 premiere, Cheers star Rhea Perlman will guest star as Estelle, Holt’s new Sunshine State neighbor and the leader of the local power walking group he joins. Holt – a.k.a Greg – and his detective, Jake Peralta (witness protection name: Larry) had to flee their homes, jobs, and loved ones at the end of last season after on-the-lam mobster Jimmy Figgis threatened them.

They’ll remain ensconced in Florida when the new season opens, and Estelle will not only lead Greg’s fitness efforts, but she may also develop feelings for her new pal, who’s keeping his sexuality and his real name under wraps. “She has a bit of a crush on him,” series co-creator Dan Goor tells Yahoo TV. “Unfortunately, she can’t act on it, because ‘Greg’ is still grieving the loss of his wife and her female-ness… Estelle is sort of the den mother of the walking group, and she has concerns about her family, about her daughter’s choice of mate,” continues Goor. “She makes [those concerns] very vocal to Greg.”


The cast of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE congratulate Andre Braugher on his EMMY nomination.

  • emmys:ah yes brooklyn nine-nine. we love that show. we love the terrific cast too. terry crews, andre braugher-
  • emmys:*looks at smudged writing on hand* adam sande- andrew sambur- andy sandberg
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' taps Jorma Taccone as Holt's new boss in Florida
Raymond Holt is no longer the man in charge, and the man in charge is no Raymond Holt. Jorma Taccone — a.k.a. one-third of The Lonely Island — will...

Raymond Holt is no longer the man in charge, and the man in charge is no Raymond Holt. Jorma Taccone — a.k.a. one-third of The Lonely Island — will guest-star in the season 4 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Holt’s new boss in Florida, EW has learned. Andre Braugher’s displaced captain — who is currently under the name Greg in witness protection with Jake (played by Taccone’s Lonely Island cohort Andy Samberg)— finds work at Frank’s Fun Zone, where he reports to Taylor (Taccone).


45 Days of SonnShine: 16x21 Perverted Justice

Sonny sassed Olivia and nothing hurts!! No but seriously, that was so long overdue that Sonny sasses someone…who knew he’d go right for the lead dog lol! It wasn’t rude or obnoxious like they usually talk to him but it was cute and funny. I always thought Amanda enjoyed it so much because she secretly wanted to say it but doesn’t dare. 

Sonny worships Bayard Ellis. That’s how you fanboy over a colleague. I think Sonny has MASSIVE respect for the squad and Barba but it’s not on the same level as how he treats Bayard IMO.  Ironically, Andre Braugher was in the episode Peter guest starred in back in Season 14, Monster’s Legacy.

It’s ok girl.. I see you. You’ll be changing your mind very soon. Very, very soon. heh. Calling it now, she’s the first regular cast member who will call him Sonny… Note that Sonny smiles even bigger after she says it.

For personal reasons, I love when he says this. <3

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tell me about your terrible ski baks watching

this is both an example and a scott bakula reaction chart

scott bakula is mfw watching satisfyingly cheesey fare like i-man (1986) or necessary roughness (1991), ray romano is me during his more perplexing career choices like lord of illusions (1995), & andre braugher is showcasing literally my exact body language when watching star trek: enterprise of ncis: new orleans

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Posted by Kim and Sage The great Ron Swanson said that awards are stupid, but they are less stupid when they go to the right people. No disrespect yet ALL the disrespect to the Emmys, but when it comes to television there are WAY shows more shows and performances than the principle awards bodies can possibly recognize. (Plus the Emmys are fucking lazy and repeatedly nominate the same people based…

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