bratz clothes

This is my Bratz customized dress I made for Raya. it took about 5 hours total to make, includes her boa and a clutch chain purse. I even added glitter to her heels. The back has a velcro hold just like all the Bratz clothing. I used Destiny’s jewelry, I got Raya off eBay for $7 (pretty neat!) but her lipstick was faded off, so I used fingernail stickers, cut them in the shape of her lips, and stuck them on.


Same swatches as this top (can also be seen in the gif above) plus a few more Bratz-inspired swatches

Tube Top with Choker has 17 swatches

Tube Tob without Choker has 18 swatches

Mesh: x

No Choker Tube Top

Choker attached Tube Top

Mesh Credits: @catplnt

Design Credits: Google & Legendary Rootz

Color Palettes (1, 2) are by @eversims and I used the actions created by @magicalgirlsimmer


Today had some thrifting done. I found a bag of Bratz Kidz fully dressed and for $3, three outfits for my 1/12th dolls is a great price.

In another bag there was this Rapunzel and curvy Fashionista. Rapunzel’s all messed up but I only want her arm articulation while the curvy seems brand new.

I also got a bag of Happy Meal Toys just so I could have this Elsa doll. I donated the rest but held onto her. Luckily she fits Polly Pocket shoes and Bratz Kidz clothing very well.


The internet identified her as a 3rd gen Bratz Kidz Yasmin, and going by the stock photos none of the braids she had were original (which I could have guessed since they left her scalp bare). I ironed the worst parts and boil straightened the rest - not too straight though, since I haven’t decided what if anything to do with it next and I didn’t want to kill all the volume. While looking for my other Bratz kidz clothes in a crate full of much larger clothes, I found this floofy peach dress instead. I stole it from one of Barbie’s generic little sisters, and I’m glad I found a doll I like better that can wear it. It’s a bit large, but with her cartoonish proportions there’s quite a lot of leeway.