bratty pet

Hogwarts Ladybug AU Headcanons

Adrien is a Hufflepuff, has a bratty black cat pet/companion named Plagg and a cat patronus. Plagg is constantly underfoot and getting into trouble (or getting Adrien into trouble) and begs for human food at every meal. Adrien pretends to be annoyed by the begging but secretly feeds him bits of cheese under the table (it’s his favorite.) Adrien’s the only person anyone’s ever heard of to have named his freaking patronus; he calls it “Noir”, which makes no sense considering patronuses are made of white light, Adrien, JFC are you even serious right now?

Marinette is a Gryffindor, with a little barn owl pet/companion named Tikki and a ladybug patronus. Tikki is smaller than most barn owls (about half the size of most) and super sweet natured. Unlike most students’ pets she accompanies Marinette pretty much everywhere, sitting on her shoulder during class or off to the side somewhere so she’s not in the way. She likes the occasional bit of cookie, but isn’t a beggar like Plagg. Marinette’s patronus is a tiny little ladybug– everyone teased her at first, but as it turns out, that little bitty ladybug pretty much kicks everyone’s butt. No one teases her about it anymore. ♥

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