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Sehun Personality Analysis

This kid is an enigma, and it took me a while to figure out what I felt about him. From first impressions, he came across as very sure about his own beauty, aloof, kind of moody and very hard to impress. I still feel the same way about him, but seeing his personality come out through interviews and recently, Showtime, I have completely fallen for him. He’s really not as cold as people assume he is at first glance. I really do think it’s because he’s shy and doesn’t have the best people skills, so it can come across the wrong way when he’s not super bubbly during interviews or doesn’t always beam at the fans. He’s still a teenager after all, so you have the right to be moody sometimes! And the truth of the matter is, he isn’t even as grumpy as people like to claim he is. He’s one of the biggest derps in the group, and his laugh and other noises are so lovably dorky thing I’ve ever heard.

Despite his insistence that he does not have aegyo, this boy is adorable. I genuinely believe that he wants the best for the rest of EXO and sees them as big brothers who he always wants to be with. His breakdown on Sukira when speaking of how he wants EXO to stay together forever shows what a sensitive and loving person he is, when often his blank expressions during interviews makes people think that he is cocky or cold. With the right people (aka, pretty much all the EXO guys), Sehun is extremely affectionate and loving. I think he deeply loves his fans, because he definitely seems like the type who says exactly what’s on his mind and can’t put on fake facial expressions, so when he says he loves us, he means it 100%.

There’s also the recent story of him playing with a baby while in the economy seating of a plane, which shows that he’s far from the self-obsessed idol that some assume him to be.

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Sehun’s talents lie strongly in the field of dancing (oh, and being the visual ;) We all know that Lay and Kai are EXO’s main dancers, but in most dance routines, my eyes are drawn to Sehun’s elegant figure and effortless moves. There’s something about the way he moves, it’s always graceful and smooth, but strong and energetic when it needs to be. I would like to see more of Sehun’s talents: more lead dancing roles and a lot more parts in the songs. SM, please, stop underestimating his talents and let the boy sing, rap, whatever! Fans have hardly heard his voice (what was it, under 50 seconds in the XOXO album?)

Overall, Sehun is one of those people that you can’t help but love. Yes, he is whiny and sometimes bratty, but being the maknae, this is expected of him and it’s endearing and loveable in its own way. Admit it, we all love his occasionally bitchy remarks and fabulous attitude, and we also love to see his goofy, carefree, loving side. It seems like there’s something about him that makes people WANT to spoil him and pamper him, and I adore Sehun’s personality, and now us fans just want to see more of his talents. Plus, how does he have the ability to rock so many different hair colours and styles?? 

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Let’s send lots of love to our precious maknae! 

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