Downtown Brattleboro, Vermont, a city of 12,000 residents, succumbs to floodwaters caused by Tropical Storm Irene.  Montpelier, the capital, faces a flood threat from the confluence of rivers in the area – rivers which could crest at 20 feet – as well as the possibility of an intentional release of water to alleviate pressure on the earthen Mashfield Dam, four hours upstream.  At least one resident is confirmed dead.  (Photo: Zach McLaughlin / WCAX)

For the past fifteen months we have been very fortunate to run part of our business out of this old Cotton Mill along the Connecticut River in Brattleboro. We shared hallways and advice from granola makers, jam makers, pie bakers, sign makers and tons of artisans. We come away rich with friends that have helped us flourish and grow. Now the time has come though & we have rented a big truck and are moving our caramel wrapping & packing & shipping back up to Townshend to a former stuffed animal factory at the bottom of our hill. While we are sad to lose such good neighbors, it will be very thrilling indeed to have the goats, the caramel making and the shop so much closer together (and in much more space!). It is an exciting time for us here at the farm, so stay tuned!