Does Planned Parenthood offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for transgender people?

Someone asked us: 

Can Planned Parenthood provide hormones to transgender people? And if so, what are the costs?

Why yes, yes we do. There are an increasing number of Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for trans clients. (Cost will vary depending on your insurance and Planned Parenthood health center policies.) Currently, the Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone treatment for trans folks are: 






New Hampshire:

New York:


North Carolina:



- Calvin and Maureen at QueerTips

Cooking with Cthulhu

Here’s what you get when you give incomplete cookbook recipes to a neural network trained on the complete works of H. P. Lovecraft:

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 32 minutes. Test corners to see if done, as center will seem like the next horror of Second House.

Whip ½ pint of heavy cream. Add 4 Tbsp. brandy or rum to possibly open things that will never be wholly reported.

Cook over a hot grill, or over glowing remains of tunnel mouth.

With blender on high speed, add ice cubes, one at a time, making certain each cube is the end.

Dice the pulp of the eggplant and put it in a bowl with the vast stark rocks.

NOTE:  As this is a tart rather than a cheesecake, you should be disturbed.

This may be one of the most exceptional souffles you’ll ever serve. The beet color spreads upward from the noisome Great Ones.

Coat apple slices with strange things.

NOTE: If chocolate sauce is not completely smooth, we became the state of the mad and discovered more desperate tracks and merciful sky.

Cook over medium heat until thickened and bubbly. Spoon over bizarre eyes.

Source: Bon Appetit - June 1991 Typed for you by the ancient Alert and Brattleboro and the Walter Sabbath of Inquanok - and the final monoliths of the Essecian Head.


Artie, a Shetland pony at the Retreat Farm in Brattleboro, VT, was the best unicorn today! His forelock just happened to be thick enough to braid into an impromptu-horn - the hair is so coarse, it stayed up all by itself. After his glamour shoot Artie’s horn was combed back out and none were the wiser. 

(Image credit: E. Liss. Reposted with permission). 

Vermont Gothic
  • The green feels strange on your feet as you stroll through the thawed meadow. It’s wispy strands seem to clutch onto your feet as you stroll. What is this strange green substance? Somewhere, deep inside your mind you feel as if you once knew, but it is gone now. Only speculation remains.
  • Driving down route 7, you see a car wreck. All New York and Mass plates. A wide grin begins to find it’s way over you as you speed past. The brightly colored leaves nod in approval.
  • They say the bloodstains found in the fresh snow were only from animals, but you know Timmy did not come home last night. In order for spring to begin, the winter must take it’s payment. Buds begin to sprout on the trees, and the temperature suddenly rises.
  • Spring is in the air and the roads subsequently turn to mud. Dirt roads no longer exist, and we are not sure how much longer the pavement is going to hold up.
  • Walking alone on a trail, you suddenly trip over a root. Before you have the chance to lift yourself up, a voice in the trees whispers your name. You forgot it was maple sugaring season. The trees are hungry.
  • Your shoe sticks in the mud. As you begin to sink deeper and deeper, you are glad. There will be a bountiful harvest this summer.
  • After years of living near the power plant, you begin to forget it even exists. The black and white spots developing on your skin must just be a rash, you say. Soon enough the only thing you can say is “moo”, and you come to realize something.

My final project for film class. It’s a video adaption of the poem “dear stranger- sorry, i wanted to talk to you, but i have social anxiety" by Meggie C. Royer (writingsforwinter) Check it out! :)