I took a 3-hour train from Budapest to Bratislava, Slovakia where I enjoyed a couple days.  Bratislava is the capital and largest city of Slovakia with an urban population of 491,000.  

Bratislava is a a smaller and less well known city than Budapest, but I found Bratislava to be more charming and friendly.

Here, photos of some of Bratislava’s public parks.

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From press conference on European championship:

Maxim: Sometimes we have a hard time. We are always asking ourselves this question when we have a bad mood - why should we continue? I think it is the most difficult moment for us - to continue and to find the motivation. It is not easy because of my age, I’m not so young.

Tatiana: You continue because of me, because of my love for figure skating.

Maxim: Maybe because of it. This season we are trying to come back, and then we’ll see what will be the next step - maybe the Olympic Games, maybe a child, we don’t know.