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Plot- you are the daughter to a Nobel lord. You and Jon Snow were madly in love but you both never went far with it knowing you will marry a wealthy lord one day. Well one day Jon tells you he is leaving to join the nights watch but years later you meet back up and read to find out the rest ……………………………………………………………… You heard a knock on your chambers. You opened the door to reveal Ned Stark’s bastard. “Hello snow,” you said as you moved over letting him in and closing the door behind him. “Hello lady y/n,” Jon says. “What is wrong,” you asked terrified at why he was being so serious. “I need to tell you something,” Jon says. “What spit it out snow,” you say frustrated at his hesitation. “I am joining the nights watch,” he says sadly. “When do you leave,” you said tearing up. “Right after I leave here,” he says sadly. “FIRST YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE ME SECOND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME UNTIL YOU WERE LEAVING I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME JON SNOW BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG,” you yell in anger. “ I’m sorry I do love you but like we always agreed we would not last forever my love and I can’t fit in here I am Jon snow Ned Stark’s basterd there I will be Jon nothing else,” he explained. You were not going to be selfish so you held in the rest of your tears and anger saying, “well then I hope you find what you are looking for i will always love you Jon snow.” “I will always love you,” he says back before meeting in a kiss. You hugged and kissed one more time before he left and you got ready to greet your family, the starks, the bratheons, and the lanisters. ……..Skip to like 6 years to season 6………. You watched as your husband argued with his advisor about if they should fight for Jon Snow like they fought for Rob Stark or not. “My wife is very familiar with winterfell and the starks and the basterd lets ask her,” your husband states before turning, “darling what do you think.” “well he does have Ned Starks blood running through him he may be a basterd but he is still his son I was close with Jon when I was young he was a smart and quite person but no one could beat him in his fighting skills it will pay to keep our bond to the north strong so I say lets help him take back Winterfell,” you explained. You had to admit your husband was a amazing man and a even better leader. He listen to every opinion and analyze. You really lucked out but despite the love you had for him you still were in love with Jon to this day. “Why thank you lady dire,” the advisor says. (a/n random made up house) “well that settles house dire will stay loyal to the Stark’s and pledge our loyalty to Jon Snow tell the stable boy to have my wife and I’s horses ready for tommorow also one last thing alert the men that we leave first thing in the morning thank you and good night baylor, ” he said to his advisor. We went to sleep preparing for the day or two trip to the wall. We awoke the next morning saddled up and left. …………………….Skip a week……………………… It had been 7 sunrises since we left battle rock (A/n made up place). You arrive 5 sunrises ago and the business portion was done with the reason you were here was so your husband lord Aaron born to house dire of battle rock could help Jon snow get a following. You decided you needed to see the basterd so late at night after Aaron was fast asleep you snuck off to Jon’s room. You just walked in because knocking could have woke someone. You crept over and awoken the young basterd. He popped up ready to defend himself until he say it as you. He relaxed and then you ran and hugged him. You missed him so much. You buried your head into his neck. You two released before Jon whispered, “Not that I don’t like you here but why are you here.” “I missed you so I came to see you,” you admitted. He smiled. He lit a fire before walking back and setting on his bed. He motioned you over. You guys talked for hours before he said, “so your married now.” “yes that is quite obvious,” you answer back. “Does he make you happy,” he asked sadly. “Yes but not as happy as you would have made me,” you answer. He looks up before kissing you. You kiss back. “I am sorry about the way I left you i am sorry I ever left you,” he says. You do not say anything back you just reattach your lips and the kiss got steamier and steamier until you guys are both unclothed and about to fuck. “Are you sure about this,” Jon asks. “Yes just fuck me make love to me make me yours,” you say. With that you guys continued and had the best night of your lives.

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So Close I Can Taste It, I See What’s Mine And Take It- Part 10/?

Summary: You are the daughter of Robert Baratheon. During the events of S6, you are reluctantly sent to secure an alliance. It is not what you expect.

Paring: Euron Greyjoy x reader

Warning: Smut at the end and language

A/N: Part 10. Carries straight on from Part 9

You read the Baratheon stamped scroll first.

“Sweet Sister Y/N,

I was shocked to hear of your recent marriage. I did not agree to these terms as part of our agreement with Lord Euron Greyjoy. I had hoped to wed you to a mainlands lord to secure an alliance.
The Faith and The Crown are both integral to society. As House Greyjoy do not worship the Seven and they now have successfully married into the royal court, the Faith will not be pleased to hear of this union unless you bring the Seven to the Iron Islands.
I would encourage you as your brother a
nd as your king to communicate immediately.

King Tommen Baratheo

You grimaced.

Almost on cue, you heard the door open and close and he appeared at the door, his dark hair and coat still damp from the rain.
“What’s the news, my love?”

Wordlessly you handed the scroll over and watched Euron’s expression change as he read through the words. Once he had finished, he looked at you then back to the scroll. You knew he would not take it well.

“He’s not the King of the Iron Islands,” Euron finally he spoke, and scrunched the scroll in his hand, balling it up before he threw it on the fire so fiercely, sparks flew. “I am,”.
Even in the light from the burning oil lamps and fire, you could see his eyes darken over.
“I know you are-”
“If he sends the Faith here, I’ll hang one of his septons from every one of my ships then sail for Kings Landing with them on display and burn their septs to the ground,” he seethed. “I’ll let my men raid and pillage the city until they’re bored,” Euron continued.
He pulled a knife from his belt and buried it into the location of King’s Landing on the large scale map. The knife shook and stayed wedged in the wood.
“Or I’ll take you away…I promised my people the world, but maybe we’ll start in Essos instead…All you have to do is ask, I’ll do it,” he let out a single laugh and from the look on his face, you knew he was entirely serious.
When you didn’t speak, he continued.

“You aren’t actually going to bring his damned Seven here are you, the Ironborn are proud people, it’s the Drowned God or no god, we won’t-,”
“Of course, I’m bloody not. Do you think me mad? The Faith would have me in chains given the chance.” You replied firmly. “But we can’t take off to Essos either,”
“I know you wouldn’t.” He muttered. “You’re not a fool,”
“Be calm, please, my love.” You wound arms around his toned back, rubbing small patterns. He held tense. “Euron. Please,” you spoke.
You could hear him quietly breathing, his breaths heavy and deep.
“Euron,” you spoke again.
His voice was lower when he spoke again but calmer than before, a murmur into your hair. “You’re my Queen, Queen of the Iron Islands and now of the Shield Islands, no one is allowed to disrespect you like that,”
“Tommen is making a huge mistake, not just with this scroll,” you looked at the burning fire. “With everything. I knew he was too innocent for this, my other brother was a nasty, vicious excuse for a King but even he’d know how to handle these upstarts,”

You seized the second scroll and snapped open the Lannister seal.

“Lady Y/N Baratheon.
I write to you with regret to inform you of an accident. The Great Sept of Baelor has been destroyed in a tragic wildfire explosion, which has killed Queen Margaery and her family, along with the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant.
King Tommen jumped from the Red Keep upon hearing the news of his beloved wife’s death. Cersei Lannister requests Lady Y/N return to the capital to discuss further arrangemen

Qyburn. Master of Whispers and Grand Maester.”

Your stomach contorted painfully and you had to grip the table. You felt a dull ache in your chest and suppressed it down.

Over the course of the last few years, you’d seen your father, grandfather, brother and sister die. In your mind, you’d somewhat become accustomed to it, you’d been able to deal with each one better as you went on. If anything, it drove you to avenge your house, you were the last Baratheon, if you didn’t who would? If you didn’t, you’d disappear forever.

You dropped it to the table and Euron was quick to take it for himself and read. He let out a snort of derision upon reading the downfall of the Faith, then focused his eyes on you.

“It doesn’t sound like an accident,” Euron cocked his head. “As much as an accident as my dear brother Balon falling from the bridge,” his mouth tweaked up at the corners, and you knew what he was implying.
“I should have seen it coming. People said…said things about Tommen as well as Joffrey and Myrcella….what if the accident at the Sept wasn’t an accident, what if this the work of our enemies,”

“My Love,” he brought his arms around you from behind. “I don’t think they’d summon you back if it was suspicious, no doubt your Master of Whispers as he calls himself, knows exactly what happened,” he pulled a face. “So long as you’re with me, You’re safe,”
Euron squeezed your waist in an attempt to reassure you “Who sits the Throne now?”
You shook your head “I am the only Baratheon left…even Stannis and Renly are dead but I am a woman,”
“And I was Balon’s brother whilst he had heirs, Your mainland customs shouldn’t matter. You’re still Robert Bratheons trueborn child.” Euron declared firmly, kissing you softly.

“The cavalry you took from your previous betrothed have pledged alliance to you, and you’ll have the full support of the Iron Fleet,” He paused and drew his tongue across your lips. “If your uncles had any bannermen left, they’ll support you,” he wrapped his arms around you.
“You’ll have me as your King, you’d sit the Throne well, rule under both our Houses. Then we’ll have an heir, a strong Ironborn son,”
Euron kissed at your neck, nipping slightly before he returned his lips to yours, claiming them once more.

“We should sail for Kings Landing soon, I want to give my Queen her rightful throne,”
He pulled at your hair, tilting your face up to allow him to kiss you again, deeper giving him full access to your mouth. “They’ll give you the crown, or I’ll take you, my ships and your cavalry back here,”
You hummed against him and pulled at his coat to lean up against him, your arms tangling around his neck and into his dark hair. Moving your lips away from his, you kissed along his jaw with delicacy, your lips ghosting against the facial hair on his cheeks, before reaching his lips once more.
With an almost gentle tug on your lips, he moved his hands down to the front of your dress, exposing your chest before his fingers unlacing the front before moving to the clasps at the back, undoing your dress.
You moved a hand down to unlace the front of his breeches and Euron let out a low groan just audible over the crackling fire and the sound set your centre alight, you pressed yourself into him, eliciting a deep sound from his throat again.

Euron squeezed at your waist, lifting you up, before laying you down on the large fur in front of the fire, pulling off his tunic and breeches and laying down with a forearm either side of your head. You pulled at his hair again, your tongues tangling together in a slow, sensual kiss as he pressed his chest to yours.
You felt a wet burning heat between your legs and began aching for him to touch you.
“Euron.” You mumbled into his mouth “I want you,”

Within a moment, he’d positioned himself at your opening, his large cock, hard and waiting.
“And I want you, my Queen,” he stroked down your side, hand resting on your waist before he pushed into you.
It was much slower and more sensual than your usual passion and as he took long thrusts in and out of your slick core, you pulled him down to kiss you again, foreheads touching as you began pressing your hips to meet his thrusts.
He held you in place by your hips as he rocked into you, you felt yourself contract around his thick length and your nails dug into his back so hard, you were certain you would have left him with marks.

“You’re so good love, you feel incredible, ” he lowered himself back to kiss you again and took your hands, linking your fingers together then positioning them above your head. Euron kissed you again, using one hand to hold your arms up and the other to tease at your nipples, moving from one to the other.

You could feel him pulsing and hard inside you, and savoured the deep, guttural moans coming from Euron.
As he slowly eased you up and down his length, to the point of almost exiting, only to move back in so he was completely buried in you, you shuddered. It was teasingly slow, and you could see the burning behind the blue. The need to fuck you harder.
“Now…harder, Euron please,”

No sooner had the words left your mouth and Euron had hooked one of your legs over him to give him deeper access to your wet core and had you pushed into the fur with his other hand.
He fucked you hard into the fur, your very centre on fire and tightening around his cock., encouraged by the gasps pulling from your throats with every stroke he took inside you.

As he neared completion, he placed his thumb against your most sensitive spot and rubbed just hard enough to send you over almost in unison with him, both your groans loud and breathing heavy.

“I told you, I’ve spent nights dreaming about you as Queen and me as King beside you,” Euron’s voice was still slighly breathless. He pulled another rug over to cover you both as you lay by the roaring fire.

“I told you I’d spent days planning for it.” He kissed you with an almost gentle ghost of a kiss. “Lets go get it,” he grinned wildly once more.

And you with a racing heart, nodded. “Lets go get it,” you echoed.

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What draws you to being a big Stannis fan? Based on your views, he doesn't seem like someone who would be in even your top ten.

Well, outside of perhaps one or two Maesters or some Braavosi bankers, Eartheros isn’t going to have too many libertarians for me to sympathize with. They barely even know what capitalism is, and, again, outside of those one or two Maesters and a very well-educated merchant (likely a Frey), the people of Westeros probably wouldn’t understand the socio-economic benefits of capitalism even if you beat them over the head with a copy of the Wealth of Nations. (The Maesters might be interested, though, in this ‘printing press’ thing you made the book with, and a Qartheen trader might skim over it before putting it down and declaring that any idiot could have told you that trade made people richer.) Further, feudal lords, aristocrats, and intellectuals tend to be opposed to capitalism as a rule, as it is overall a threat to their institutional social power. The Free Folk may be a bit closer to the mark as it comes to social liberty and egalitarianism, but… no.

Actually, the only person as far as I can tell who’s even scratched the surface is Petyr Baelish. As seen in ACoK, Tyrion IV.

Oh, he was clever. He did not simply collect the gold and lock it in a treasure vault, no. He paid the king’s debts in promises, and put the king’s gold to work. He bought wagons, shops, ships, houses. He bought grain when it was plentiful and sold bread when it was scarce. He bought wool from the north and linen from the south and lace from Lys, stored it, moved it, dyed it, sold it. The golden dragons bred and multiplied, and Littlefinger lent them out and brought them home with hatchlings.

And as you can guess, Petyr Baelish wouldn’t dream of putting his economic thoughts to paper and publishing it for the (mostly illiterate anyway) masses because he is Petyr Baelish. Perhaps, being the egotistical person that he is, he might publish something approaching a manifesto in his final days, a sort of final boast of his genius to endure as his legacy. But aside from that faint glimmer of hope, there are no capitalists in Westeros.

So if one were to judge faves purely on that standard, I would just shrug and say that I have to back Tycho Nestoris, which would mean backing Stannis anyway.

So, why do I like Stannis? Well, it could be that I, like zaldrizer-sovesi, have a soft spot for socially hostile self-righteous cranks. I like Stannis because, with the death of Ned Stark (and I suppose Robb as well), Stannis Bratheon is the closest thing to a moral True North in Westeros. You could even say that arriving at The Wall and his campaign to take Winterfell was a way of reasserting that in the most literal way possible. In fact Stannis Baratheon just might be the only moral absolutist left in the game (though I admit that even that is slipping with each day). Stannis Baratheon knows right and he knows wrong, and the good sense to know which is which. He sees individuals not as shades of grey (An utterly ridiculous notion if there ever was one), but as jars filled with different proportions of black and white pebbles, stones, and grains of sand. You probably couldn’t get Stannis to chop down his moral code to a sentence or two, to create something on par with the NAP (though the conversation would be riveting, of that I have no doubt), but he does have a moral code to which he sticks, even if it proves phenomenally inconvenient in the short run. (Though a cynical observer would say that ‘justice is its own reward’ is just another way of acknowledging the rush that comes with self-righteousness and the feeling of being oppressed.)

But that itself only indicates why I respect him, not why I like him. I like him because he stands in defiance of the morally relativistic, duplicitous, utilitarian forces around him, not just defensively but offensively. If Stannis Baratheon were to be played the conversation between Eddard and Petyr about honor-as-armor vs honor-as-chains, Stannis (after replaying Eddard’s declaration of his legitimacy for a few minutes because he loved the sound of it) would likely contend that honor was neither a suit of armor nor a set of chains, but a flaming sword. A light shining in the darkness, slaying the guilty and leading the innocent, revealing truth and destroying deception. (He would obviously draw Lightbringer to ensure that the message was clear). Stannis dares to be righteous. Stannis may reject the gods, but he has faith because he dares to believe that good must triumph over evil, continuously and decisively, not because it is the natural order but because he personally could not allow it to be otherwise. That evil will triumph when good men do nothing, and that is unacceptable and so he must act.

To believe so thoroughly in Truth and Justice and still triumph is said by some the stuff of fairy tales and Sansa’s songs, but Stannis does not live in a fairy tale, he lives in A Song of Ice and Fire. And it may be (being honest, it’s a given) that Stannis will fall, and in so doing lose and possibly destroy by his own hand everything that he holds dear, but he will still be right, and that cannot be taken away from him. (Unless, as I believe, he is destined to become the fallen angel/evil overlord that his symbolism constantly evokes, right down to the name of his sword, perhaps in the form of the Night’s King, but that is its own discussion)

So he does not give up, and he will not give up, even if it makes the whole realm his foe, from Dorne to The Wall, from old men in their death rattles to children in their mother’s wombs.

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How is it that Steffon Bratheon failed to find a single possible wife for Rhaegar in Volantis "of noble birth from an old Valyrian bloodline"? Surely there was at least one woman who fit that definition? And why go to Volantis when the Rogares in Lys (or another Lysene family) are much closer with more precedent (Larra Rogare and Viserys II)?

We don’t know why Steffon failed. 

There’s a couple possibilities: one is that, given the repeated failures of such unions (the downfall of the Rogares during the Lyseni Spring, Kiera of Tyrosh’s misfortunes, Rohane of Tyrosh involving the city with the Blackfyre Rebellions), the nobility of the Free Cities decided to take a pass on marrying into the Mad King’s family. Alternatively, it could be that Aerys’ specifications were so ridiculously exacting (I’m thinking a mix between really racist and princess and the pea, or some HUGE dowry) that no one could qualify. 

As to why Volantis, “the king sent Lord Steffon across the narrow sea on a mission to Old Volantis.” Not to the Free Cities - specifically to Volantis. Who knows why; my guess is that Aerys liked their apartheid policies. 

You deserve better

You had been the only sister of king Robert Bratheon. You lived with your brother and his family in Kingslanding being his favorite sibling. You were Robert’s favorite but he was not yours. Your younger brother Renley and you were bestfriends. You and Renley bonded over everything even your hidden secrets of him liking men and you being attracted to woman. Unlike the rest of your family you got along with Cersei. You wouldn’t admit it but you might be in love with the blonde queen. You actually knew she was just a paranoid, scared, and insecure woman that does what is best for her family.

When you were at the feast in Winterfell you noticed Cersei looked upset all night. You looked to Robert and saw him being well him. He was grouping woman humiliating her. You felt sorry for Cersei. He was publicly humiliating her in front of lords and ladies. He was disrespecting his queen in front of there subject. You notice the queen stand up and say she would be back. You didn’t know why but you followed her. You saw her walk to her temporary chambers and close the door. You could here the beautiful golden haired woman sob. You found yourself knocking. You heard her cries cease before asking who was there. “It is y/n Bratheon your grace,” you called out. “Come in,” she says. “What do you want,” She asked coldly. “I am sorry,” You whisper. “What,” She asked obviously confused. “You don’t deserve that you deserve better he doesn’t deserve you,” you confess. She gave you a sad smile before saying “thank you y/n,” “no problem your grace,” you reply. “Please call me Cersei,” She said smiling before asking, “do you want to sit?” “sure,” you say smiling. You guys spent hours talking and you fell even deeper in love with the queen.

You and Cersei had grown close. You two were almost ways together laughing and talking. You got to see a side of the green eyed beauty most didn’t.

You followed after Cersei as she stormed off in rage. Robert had angered her again. She slammed her chambers thick wooden door and you just opened it and walked in. “Cersei what has he done this time,” you sign sitting next to her. “What the foolish man ways does What did I do to deserve him deserve the way he treats me,” She cries to you. You wrapped your arm around her consoling her. “Cersei my brother is a foolish blind man He is a fool for mistreating the best woman in all of this world He is blind to even look at another woman when he has the most gorgeous woman as his queen and you deserve a man that understands your true worth,” you explain looking deep eyes as you creased her cheek. “Maybe I should of wed you,” she only half way jokes. “Well I am not foolish blind man,” you say giving her a small smile. “No your not you said I deserve someone better I think I know that person,” she whispered. “Who,” you asked feeling hurt and jealous? “You,” The queen whispered before smashing her lips against yours. You kissed back with just as much passion and hunger. You pulled away panting due to your need of air. “I love you,” you confess. “I love you too,” She says kissing you again.

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House Florent, Lords of Brightwater Keep

House Florent of Brightwater Keep have long been sworn to House Tyrell, but are also known to chafe at their fealty owed to them. The Florents, like the Tyrells, claim descent from the extinct House Gardener, the defunct royal line of the Reach. The Florents have a superior line of descent, and believe that they by rights should possess Highgarden.Lord Alester Florent was Lord of Brightwater, until he was burned as a sacrifice to R'hllor. His son  Alekyne Florent is now lord.

Some notable Florents are, Melessa Florent/Tarly (Sam’s Mother). Selsye Florent/Bratheon Stannis’s Queen. Ser Axell Florent, Hand of the Queen (Selsye). Members of House Florent are known for their prominent ears.