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Give me love (brathan fanfiction) chapter 1: she left me

Hello there ! Even though I love Naley and Brulian, I wanted to try something different. I’ve always loved Brathan (Brooke+Nathan) and here is my little fanfiction about them. There will probably be a few chapters. English is not my native language and in that extent, I am very insecure about it, so do not be too rude, please. Thank you, for reading it ♥

Brooke and Nathan have always been best friends, but as far as she is concerned, he has always meant much more. Indeed, the moment she met him, was the moment she fell in love with him, and that was a long time ago. Unfortunately, Nathan Scott never considered the brunette otherwise than as a friend. But she never complained about it or asked anything more because knowing that he was by her side was enough, and actually it was better than not having him at all. Which was the case right now. Sitting at her window, Brooke Davis was looking sadly outside, when she suddenly sighed. She missed Tree Hill and she missed her friends. She missed her little old house, the amazing coffee that Karen used to make, the Rivert Court and of course Nathan. To be honest, she missed her friend more than anything else in the world. She still remembered their first meeting and what he had said to her, all the moments they had shared since and this closeness that bound them in the past. But they were adults now, and everything was different. She was a famous dancer and she lived in Paris while Nathan was still in Tree Hill as a basketball coach. She hadn’t seen him for about three years now, and she regretted it because he had never tried to contact her. She felt lost and broken. His brother Lucas who was also one of her friends, told her once that Nathan had married some girl and had a child with her. At the hearing she was quite devastated, but then she realized that it was for the best. She wasn’t good enough for him after all, she had never been. Well, that was still painful, wasn’t it? She finally rose, and after taking a shower, she decided to go to bed. She was too depressed to do anything else anyway.

It was about three in the morning when someone knocked at her apartment’s door. Afraid at first, she finally decided to go see who it was. And If it was important? She thought as she pulled on her dressing gown. As the strokes were more violent, she shouted: « Wait a minute, I’m coming! ». A couple of seconds later, she discovered the face of her visitor and her own one froze. She was almost petrified. She just could not believe it. What was he doing here? Why now?

‘‘Nathan…’’ she whispered, surprised. Was it one of her foolish dreams, when he suddenly came back and said that he always loved her and that he wanted to spend his whole life with her? Or was it just reality, which was just as ridiculous? She could not help wondering, what he was doing in Paris?
‘‘Hi!’’ he only replied, ill-at-ease. ‘‘I know it’s late, but can we come in? I mean, Jamie is frozen, and he really needs to pee. ’’
‘‘Of course, yes,’’ she said, moving away from the doorway so that they can enter. ‘‘The toilets are down the hall’’, she pointed to the little boy, noticing that he was impatient. ‘‘So, you okay?’’, she then asked Nathan.

As she was questioning him, her old friend’s face became gloomy. Without even asking her the permission, he sat on the couch, and as the little blond came back to the living room, his father began to cry. Powerless, Brooke squatted in front of the little blond and told him: ‘‘Hey Jamie, why don’t you go to my room, and read a little? I think I have a lot of comics in it. Do you like comics? He nodded, positively. Great! Then go ahead, it‘s right there ! I have to talk to your dad for a little while, is that alright with you?’’. With these words he nodded again, and he left the room. Hesitantly, the young woman ended up joining her friend, and just when she realized that tears were streaming down his face, her heart broke.

“Nathan, what happened? Where is Haley? And sorry, it will sound a little bit aggressive, but what are you doing here? I mean, I haven’t heard from you for years and you suddenly reappear. What’s wrong?” Even If she was a little bit frustrated, she said these words in a calm and soft voice, a little bit as If she wanted to comfort him, no matter how she had been hurt by his silence.

Voice quavering, Nathan turned to her and said, distraught: “She left me Brooke. She just said that she could not do this anymore, and she went away. Leaving both of us behind. How am I suppose to tell my son that his mother doesn’t want us anymore? How can I explain to him she chose her carrier instead of  her own family? How am I suppose to tell him that she’s not coming back? What am I gonna do?”

The funny thing here was that it was everything Brooke had ever wished for. Haley leaving Nathan, and him finally ready to cry on her shoulder. And she certainly could have taken advantage of the situation, but she loved Nathan far too much to do such a pathetic thing. Almost crying herself, she grabbed his hand and while squeezing with her own one, she muttered: “ I’m so sorry Nathan, I’m so sorry”.