More bleach today

Fuck outta here, brassy toned hair 🖕🏻

Then gonna apply at LUSH cause they actually take applications in person

Fuckin hate just online applications. I need them to meet ME

i never actually watched the xena pilot when i started earlier this year, so i did that and. oh my god. gabs. babe. you are so hilariously self important i love you so much. 


honey they’ve already got all of you. you’re officially kidnapped! but still! she’s like no! take me! i’m easily worth all of these people!!!

i love it so much. she’s so confident that this warlord is gonna be like, yeah actually you’re right i’ve already captured all of you but you’re tiny and mouthy and have the ego of someone far more accomplished so i guess i’ll just keep you around and let the others go????

gabs babe i love you so much please tell me how you thought this was gonna go