brasserie balzar


paris, france
left to right: christmas decorations are up!, my stupid smiling ruined a perfect picture, i love disney

pretty much the most amazing disney day ever.  also, gonna throw this out there now:

paris disneyland rides >>> america disney rides

woke up and played asian-mom.  made and seranwrapped 3 banana-nutella sammiches and 3 mortadella-edam-butter sammiches.  grabbed bacon-fries chips, strawberry pims and stroopwafels.  why?  because you are allowed to bring food and drinks into paris disneyland and i wanted to be a cheapass.*

ate our banana-nutella sammiches on the train to disneyland.  christmas decorations are up and i had to go back!!!  christmas music playing from the speakers… heartheartheart!  i have decided that tuesdays are the best days to do anything that would normally be crowded.  to top it off, it was freezing and misting/lightly drizzling all day.  basically, no one wanted to spend a day outdoors.  FOOLS.  

the lines for everything were either 5 minutes or non-existent (except thunder mountain- 10 minutes).  no crazy crowds at the restaurants, in the gift boutiques or watching the parade.  it was pretty much what i think is the perfect amount of people that should be allowed in the park.

we went on every single ride.  and the rides here are so much better than in america!  space mountain mission 2 was awesome!!! longer, more intense and prettier.  instead of just pitch black darkness, they also display planets and stars.  you also go upside down, more than once.  thunder mountain, way funner!  pirates and haunted mansion (phantom manor here) were both longer rides and more ornate inside.  buzz lightyear, you actually get to pick up the guns.

i ruined a perfect picture of us on thunder mountain because i was having too much fun and couldn’t keep myself from smiling.  because of this, we decided not to buy the picture ):  i also went on peter pan’s flight for the first time!  in my ~15 times at disneyland/disneyworld, i have never gone.  either just didn’t want to, didn’t want to wait or it was closed.  i really liked it!  probably more than i should have :3

we also bought a bunch of gifts!  every time we entered a store we tried to make a pact not to buy anything else, but we always did.  so many awesome things!  wish i could’ve bought more stuff ):  once again, i lamented the fact that i didn’t have a snowglobe collection**.  walter encouraged me to start one, but i thought they were too big/heavy to carry with all the crap we have already.

did you know pins were a thing at disney?  i don’t know how this escaped me, but collecting disney pins is huge!  there was also a trading board being presided over with very strict rules for trading.  maybe i will start collecting disney pins too!

we watched the fantallusion light parade and then came back.  went to balzar again for a late dinner and finally home, about to start making a master gift list for distribution purposes!

*we did end up buying food still because we’re all fat.  toad hall chicken sandwiches were actually pretty damn tasty!

**i really like disney snowglobes.  i always see ones i love and want to buy, but i always think they’re too expensive, too cumbersome to carry or i think about the space needed to display them/worry people will think i’m that crazy snowglobe girl. ):  maybe when i buy a house…