Steampunk Rose

I’ve been wanting to make this pendant for about a year now. When I received the gorgeous vintage handmade roses they took my breath away. Over time the metal has oxidised to a very subtle rainbow of colours. I’ve lightly dusted the rose with holographic dust to catch the eye as it moves around. For durability I mounted the rose in a tiny serrated teeth funnel and added a curved tubing as the stem. I had two tiny stamped leaf shape brass charms with raised dimples for more texture. Finally I used a three strand wire for the leaves so I could use one wire strand as tendrils. All are mounted to the solid brass bead “vase”. Available in my Etsy store here.  US$79 plus $7 postage.


Mle 1854 Imperial Guard Cuirassier’s Cuirass and Helmet

Helmet manufactured c.early 1870′s by Delachaussée - serial number 1.
Cuirass made by the Manufacture Impériale de Klingenthal c.1856, size 2 width 1 - serial number 89.
Steel with brass fittings, stamped imperial crest on the helmet, with horsehair on the comb.

Although mostly obsolete by the time of the Franco-Prussian war, these suits of armor were still impervious to any melee weapons, and pistol shots up to point-blank range.

anonymous asked:

Hello! How would you suggest doing the silver trim on post timeskip Weiss from RWBY's jacket?

If you want a woven fabric, make bias tape out of your fabric of choice. For the most part, her shapes are pretty easy – you can get those peaks over the neckline with a few strategic tucks.

If you want pleather, custom-cut bindings! @cosplayhelpwithdecember has a wicked tutorial for custom vinyl bindings that would work spectacularly.

I’d do the little silver accent piece around the collar with appliqué in a matching fabric or a painted brass stamping or something similar.

- Jenn


I made a crown! I actually made this at the end of last year to go with my menswear inspired cotehardie. I filmed the process so I could make a tutorial and I finally have it edited and ready to share!

The crown is made from brass stampings that were embellished with rhinestones. The base is made from boning that is covered with velvet and beaded with seed beads and glass montees. 

My rhinestones were too deep for the settings in the brass stampings, so they aren’t as straight as i’d like. But overall i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The tutorial can be watched here, or below :)

Hao was very likable and was referred to by my buddies as ‘that Chink that speaks English with an Alabama accent.’ Hao, like most Chinese, called all Americans 'Joe’–except me. He always addressed me by my 'Chinese Name,’ Ee Jen Sheh. This was as close as the Chinese artisan who made brass name stamps could come to Eugene Sledge. After I pronounced my name once, the man look puzzled, but then he said slowly: 'Ah so, Ee Jen Sheh. Such is your name in Chinese.’

'How do you translate it?’ I asked.

'It means golden scholar,’ he answered with a broad smile of satisfaction.

'Golden Scholar!’ I remarked in amazement. 

'Yes, it is so,’  he replied. This provided my buddies an unending source for kidding me–but Hao took it seriously.


i walked by this building today with a “no menus” sign. but not just any “no menus” sign, man, this was a “no menus” sign engraved onto a golden plaque affixed to a wall of pure marble. this was like a straight up rich dick building. like if heaven had a sign that said no menus the guy who ordered this was like, “get me that ostentatious condescending sign! angels don’t want chinese food menus and neither do these tenants!” the sign might as well have said, “no menus, sweetie :)” like, first of all, no one’s trying to give this building menus, no one’s wasting their time giving you a menu. there isn’t even a spot to put a menu unless you poster glue it up like god damn banksy. no one in this building reads menus and everyone fucking knows it. the people in there don’t need a flyer detailing the new dominos deals, if they’re important they’ll hear about them through the social hierarchy while summering in east egg. 

seeing that sign made me want to write a menu on the spot out of sheer spite. order a lunch special by me, gatorade and spaghetti, $2,000. it’s the same as the breakfast and dinner special and i printed it on the back of a sheet of blank address stickers. you can have 500. 

the people in that building don’t need menus because they just order egg dishes at 10am on their phones to be delivered by tired 20 year olds. sometimes they try and make a substitution of it being delivered by “the youngest and most orphaned child you can find. make it seem like a peasant paying tribute to a king in their shitty royal tower.”

if you’re ever putting the finishing touches on a building and you briefly consider a gold no menus sign, consider this instead, a man with “N-O M-E-N-U-S stamped on brass knuckles that runs out of the front door and beats me to death in the street for even looking over. 


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week curation | 6.16.15

curation request: bridesmaid gifts under $35
category: personalized, custom, or initial/monogram gifts
featured items:

  • personalized letter/monogram tapestry makeup bag by aiyshop
  • customized initial jewelry or ring dishes by thebrickkiln
  • orchid druzy necklace with personalized stamped brass bar tag by lemonsweetjewelry

These Water Buffalo horn and stamped Brass pieces from Diablo Organics are pretty wonderful for clients with stretched earlobes who are looking for something that will still dangle nicely, without being as heavy as weights!