Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.

These pendants and more are now available on our Etsy page. We’ll be posting more information in the coming days, as well as adding even more listings, but for now make sure you check out our shop page and let us know what designs you want to see next!

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Leaky Crucible Weekly Highlights!

Hi folks. We at the Leaky Crucible are really proud of all the new designs we’ve put out over the past week. Since we have no intention of slowing the pace we add new quality products to our Etsy page, we’re going to start putting out weekly posts featuring the best new pieces from the last seven days.

Autobots & Decepticons Logos | Bolter | Lasgun

Avatar: The Last Airbender Bundle

Quidditch | Deathly Hallows


Borderlands | Pikachu | Dalek

Special thanks go out to clutchedbyanangel​ for suggesting the Borderlands design. As a thank you, we gave them a 20% off voucher. If you suggest an idea we end up making, you will also receive a 20% discount coupon for our Etsy shop, so keep suggesting ideas, folks!

Thank you again to everyone who’s shared our posts as we get our business off the ground. We hope you all continue to enjoy the designs we put out.

Stay awesome!

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etsy find of the day | 4.12.14

tibetan quartz bullet necklace by catmakesthings

check out all the boho-mazing sweet gemstone-and-bullet casing pendant options over at catmakesthings — i’m digging’ the mixed neutral look of this deep grey and crystal tibetan quartz with the brass casings and chain.


Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!! MY SHINY NEW BRASS WARFRAME VOID KEY PENDANT (the extra loop on the back makes it a pendant ok)

This was originally a Zbrush sculpt that I had made and then sent in to Shapeways. What they do for their metals is 3D print with casting wax first and then do a legit metal pour into a plaster mold, just like lost wax sculptors do. So this is solid brass! It’s got a lovely weight to it, and a mirror shine.

It’s a little larger than I thought it’d be… so very hard to judge such a thing without a physical piece in front of you. However, because of its size, I am strongly considering inserting tritium vials into the glowy parts because holy shit tritium is so fucking cool go look it up


Two vintage brass wire wrap amethyst points!~

The top is a normal amethyst point with three spirals, and the second is a tantric twin amethyst point with mineral inclusions that I acquired from bekkathyst!

Both are for sale in my shop: The Magical Emporium!

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