The Attic Letters

Mistress Dolly,

My heart aches for you. I cannot rid my mind of the filthiest pleasures I want to bestow upon you. I am yours and yours alone. You own me wholly and completely. I do not dare satisfy myself because I know I am wasting seed that could nourish you. You are my sun. My piercing stars.

I am nothing and you are everything. I close my eyes and see your sensual form. Your generous breasts, your soft stomach, your sharp teeth. Men would die for a moment of your time. And yet I get to have you, even if it is only for an hour.

I have carved your name onto my chest as you requested. I hope you will visit soon, so I can show you my work. It was painstakingly slow. I had to use the rusted nail from the doorframe. But I wrote it in cursive just like you asked. I will do anything for you. Please come visit soon.

Yours forever and beyond,



Mistress Dolly,

Your visit was breathtaking. I forget about my hunger when you set upon me with your body. Your flesh covered my vision. I could feast on you for the rest of my life and never feel an appetite again. You are my sustenance. My everything.

Thank you also for the iodine. Although your name on my skin looks beautiful, the rot has set in. I think the iodine will help, although it makes the pain worse. And not the sweet pain that you gift to me. Your teeth have left half-moons along my thighs. I rub them and think of you. Your bittersweet smell. I found some of your hairs in my nest. I taste each before entwining them in my own hair.

I hate to ask anything of you, since you give so much to me, but might I have some water? The attic is hot and I have drunk nothing but the sight of your beautiful body. I am a miscreant for even asking. You owe me nothing. You must hate me for this request. I will do an hour of headaches to atone.

Yours faithfully,


Mistress Dolly,

I am forever in your debt (as if I weren’t already). Despite the taste of the toilet water it truly has put the life back into me. I feel spirited again. And the dog food was an unexpected gift. You truly take care of your bat so well. I am so lucky to have you.

My body burns for you. I dream of you at night. At least, I believe it is night. Since there are no windows I cannot tell what time of day it is. But I hear no footsteps downstairs. Your bastard husband makes so much noise when he walks. He is a hippo of a man. I understand your disgust with him. Yet…I can’t help but feel jealous. He has your bed whenever he desires. I am vermin for even telling you this. But last night I heard him cry out in what must be sexual ecstasy. While I hope beyond hope that this tryst did not involve you, I can’t help but mourn my beautiful goddess at the hands of that rat. If you asked, I would remove him for you.

I also wanted to say that I listened to your request and have stopped urinating. It is difficult, and often painful, but I have gone many hours without relieving myself. If I fail, I will do two hours of headaches.

Can you hear the sound of my skull against the wall? I don’t want to alert your bastard husband.

Your willing slave,


Mistress Dolly,

Please touch me again. Please use me again. I am dying without your love. My body has become nothing more than straw and wood. I hear voices all the time now. They tell me you don’t love me anymore. But I defy them! You are my sun. My only light. You would never leave me. It may have been hours or days since we last consummated our desire. I have lost all time.

Have you locked me in? I have to admit, although it shames me so, that I tried to open the attic door. It was the thirst, my love. Both for you and for water. I thought maybe you had left some outside and I could grab it quickly before coming back to my nest. But the door would not open. Did you lock me inside? What horrible thing have I done to deserve this? I will atone. I know I am nothing and you are everything.

Please come to me soon. There is a yellow liquid building on my chest. It smells worse than the chamber pot. I cannot live without you.

Yours until I die,



Mistress Dolly, 

Did you visit me? I no longer have memory. Perhaps I have lived inside this room my entire life. Have I been your slave since birth? The words dance along the paper. The voices bite my ears when I try to sleep.

There is a leak in the roof. I have been sucking rainwater from the broken wood. It gives me a second of luster. Hunger drove me to the rats. And the bugs. They are in my stomach now, whispering their insults. You must be disgusted by me. I am no better than your husband. If he were in front of me now, I would wrap my hands around his throat. I would fill his mouth with the pus I scrape from my skin. I would kill him again and again and again and



I miss you your body sex

Tell me I love you Tell tell Kill him in front of you




My name is Fred and I found this stash of letters under a baseboard in my dining room. My wife claims she knows nothing of them. They look old and the ink is fading. We bought this house four years ago. The people who lived here before us thought the place was haunted and gave us a good deal. We haven’t had a problem, except for the occasional banging from the attic. I tried to go up there to see if there was something broken, but the door was locked shut with an old brass padlock. Since then we have basically ignored the attic and its contents.

But then I found these letters….If this is a joke, it’s not a very funny one.

Especially since I just rechecked the attic door, and it was wide open.

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