When you steal each section's instrument
  • Flute/Piccolo:probably cries and asks their parents to buy a new one
  • Clarinet:freaks out because their parents will d e s t r o y them
  • Oboe:"oh thank god"
  • Bassoon:"arE YOU SERIOUS THAT COST $66642069"
  • Bass clarinet:shrugs
  • Saxophone:doesn't notice and starts playing on their friend's sax
  • Trumpet:pulls out their other 3 trumpets
  • Horn:gathers clues as to their instrument's whereabouts, looks for it for hours, then gives up and goes to sleep
  • Trombone:buys a p-bone. when you return their instrument to them they refuse to play it
  • Euphonium:plays on a marching euph. hopes no one notices
  • Tuba:has to bring their instrument from home in order to play in band. falls over at least 3 times in the process
  • Percussion:"lmao it wasn't mine anyway"
  • Violin:cries because they're scared they'll get demoted to second violin
  • Viola:throws a party. they're free
  • Cello:waits for you to return it, watches netflix
  • Double bass:"how the fuck did you steal a double bass"