brass zipper

Partner (p. 10)

parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | end

extras: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader x Slight Jimin

genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

wordcount: 3812

synopsis: You’ve been helping BTS co-produce music for as long as you can remember. Because of that, you’ve spent most of your career working alongside Min Yoongi. On the cusp of achieving a dream you’ve all worked so hard for, another wish is realized along the way.

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“Why aren’t there more official pictures of WereGarurumon for reference?” Probably because NO ONE WANTED TO DRAW HIM MORE THAN ONCE omg. Does he really need 14+ belts, zippers, brass knuckles, and spiked kneepads. Really.

Original will be in the Sakura-Con art show, unless someone makes a good offer before then! Prints debut at TFF!

Prompt Fill 1 - Feathers and Broken Chains (or what to do when Maya Hart cries)

could you write a prompt about lucas comforting maya about being disappointed by her father or something and like she lets her guard down and he sees her all vulnerable which is completely different from how he used to see her? i feel like you would do a super good job with it :-) 

Thank you for the faith in me Nonnie! Yes, yes I can and will fill this prompt. Here goes:

Small warning: long post. But worth it I promise :)

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