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It took some procrastination work, but I’ve finally managed to finish a new recording for my project. The text is a fragment of the lyric poet Simonides, PMG 543; I found it in a book one of my teachers sweetly lent me, and I loved it at first glance. I was particularly struck by its similarity to the Welsh lullaby Suo Gân. I hope I have done it justice!

The poem tells of how Danae, after giving birth to Perseus, is placed in a wooden chest with the baby and thrown into the sea by her father. As the waves crash around her, she cradles little Perseus, and she sings a lament….


Λάρνακι ἐν δαιδαλέᾳ,
ἄνεμός τέ μιν πνέων
κινηθεῖσά τε λίμνα
δείματι ἤρειπεν˙ οὐδ’
ἀδιάντοισι παρειαῖς
ἀμφί τε Περσέϊ βάλλε φίλαν χέρα
εἶπέν τ’˙ ὦ τέκος, οἷον ἔχω πόνον˙
σὺ δ’ ἀωρεῖς, γαλαθηνῷ δ’
ἤτορι κνώσσεις ἐν ἀτερπεῖ δούρατι
χαλκεογόμφῳ, νυκτί τ’ ἀλαμπεῖ
κυανέῳ τε δνόφῳ ταθείς˙
ἅλμαν δ’ ὕπερθεν τεᾶν κομᾶν βαθεῖαν
παριόντος κύματος οὐκ ἀλέγεις
οὐδ’ ἀνέμου φθόγγον
πορφυρέᾳ κείμενος ἐν χλανίδι,
πρόσωπον καλόν.
Εἰ δέ τοι δεινὸν τό γε δεινὸν ἦν
καί κεν ἐμῶν ῥημάτων
λεπτὸν ὑπεῖχες οὖας.
Κέλομ’˙ εὗδε βρέφος,
εὑδέτω δὲ πόντος, εὑδέτω δ’
ἄμετρον κακόν˙
μεταβουλία δέ τις φανείη,
Ζεῦ πάτερ, ἐκ σέο˙
ὅτι δὴ θαρσαλέον ἔπος
εὔχομαι καὶ νόσφι δίκας, σύγγνωθί μοι.


In an artfully made chest,
the blowing wind
and the heaving sea
cast her down into fear;
with drenched cheeks
she threw her arm around Perseus
and said: My child, how deep my sorrow is!
But you have no cares, and with a suckling’s
heart you sleep in this sad chest of wood
and brass rivets, in the unlit night
and dark gloom, lying here;
above your head, the deep seawater
of a nearby wave does not trouble you,
nor the howling of the wind,
as you rest in a purple blanket,
your face beautiful.
Were this distress also distressing to you,
to my words
you would lend your little ear.
I urge you: sleep, little one,
and may the sea sleep, and may
these endless troubles sleep!
And may some change of mind shine out,
Father Zeus, from you.
That I pray with daring words
and words far from the custom, please forgive me.


  • οὐδ’ ἀδιάντοισι παρειαῖς, translated as “with drenched cheeks”, literally means “with not unwet cheeks”
  • οἷον ἔχω πόνον, “how deep my sorrow is”, is literally “I have such deep sorrow”
  • γαλαθηνῷ, from γάλα “milk”, refers to a child still at the breast, but can be extended to mean “young” or “tender”
  • πορφυρέᾳ, from πορφύρα “purple-fish”, also has the meaning “dark-coloured, surging, gushing”, from πορφύρω “surge, swell”. In this way, Perseus’ purple blanket nicely echoes the setting.
  • εὑδέτω is a third person imperative - an order given to the third person (he/she/singular they) instead of the second (you) - something English can’t render. In Greek, Danae is directly commanding the sea to sleep.
  • φανείη, from φαίνω, means both “shine” and “appear”. I chose the first meaning here, because to me, it evokes the sun rising and chasing away the clouds, as Zeus will take pity on Danae and chase away her troubles. I like this idea even more given Zeus’ origins as a sky God. Φανείη is also not in the imperative, like the previous verbs, but in the optative, which expresses a hope or wish rather than a command. Danae may give orders to her child or to the sea, but not to Zeus.
  • Danae’s words are “far from the custom”, νόσφι δίκας, because they are not expressed within the usual framework of Ancient Greek prayers

This was a very productive month, although not intentionally, but we’ve created many cool new items and this gauntlet is another one. Made for an a-w-e-s-o-m-e customer of ours from the US. The best designs always come when you work WITH the client. This was an outstanding experience. Thank you Mike!
Sorry for being a bit verbose, but i really want to explain in detail -
this gauntlet has wet formed knuckles and cuff. The arm part is molded as well to hold removable mild steel protective inlays. The dagger was fully hand crafted from scratch using mild steel with a brass handle and fits into a sheath. All parts are secured together using only authentic brass and copper rivets. Check out all the photos for more details.
Another variation coming soon, photos are almost ready.


Carbon Steel Damascus, Yew and Lightning ; Labradorite and Agate.

1095/15N20 damascus steel blade, yew scales showing red heartwood and yellow sapwood engraved with Lichtenberg figures and inlaid with labradorite cabochons. Silver and brass tubular rivets. Leather, silver and agate final.

Vegetable-tanned leather, hand-stitched and burnt with Lichtenberg figures.
This time, the burn was deep as the leather wasn’t fully dry - the high-voltage electric current finds whichever is the easiest way for it to run through the material, and it seems it was some place in the thickness of it ; I also left it running for a longer while, as it allowed me to play with layers and show beneath the lightning-schorched-and-scarred surface.

OAL 227 mm.

Now at 420€ plus shipping.


Nessmuk style patch knife sheathed .

 Part three.

 3.5mm veg- tan leather wet formed from @theidentitystore .

The leather was double sponge dyed with dark and light brown dye and distressed for an aged effect with copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets .

Available now to over 18′s only , please contact at the email below .

 Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from


Custom leather sheath for my ‘One for The Road ’ knife .

The 'Road’ was purchased by a collector of my work and we discussed at length the ideas for a post Apocalyptic leather sheath .

Made from wet formed 4 mm thick veg tan distressed on the workshop floor , double dyed light / dark brown for an aged effect then rubbed back with wire wool .

Riveted with hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets and set for horizontal carry via a large tek-lock.

 For vertical carry the sheath runs on a Dorset Woodland blade’s kydex extender . The sheath is finished off with a custom made fire steel in the same materials as the knife and a hammered copper fire steel holder  with kangaroo leather lanyard with bronze shackle and leg tie .

All of the add-on’s are removable via kydex hardware screws with the top leather belt keeper having a Cyflect Glint &Glow Concho  fixed to a brass cog .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Levee / Dress Sword for the 11th (Prince Albert’s Own) Hussars

Mameluke Sword for Prince Albert Own Hussars. Having a curved 30-¾" blade, 11" false edge. Blade etched with floral scrolls, crown and cypher, and initials of owner, W.B. Reverse with XI Hussars logo. The ricasso marked: Davies & Son/Hanover St./Hanover Square/London. Conventional crossguard with bullet finials and raised center insert with sphinx and legend: EGYPT. Ivory grip scales. Left side retaining both brass rivets. Right side retaining one rivet. Contained in original steel scabbard. Three brass mounting with floral scroll decoration. Two ring mounts. Blade and hilt showing light wear. Scabbard with wear and dents.

Visvim Long Riders L/S Herringbone shirt. Cotton linen nep yarn canvas construction in a vintage wash, mismatched wooden buttons, curved hem, embroidered tab on the rear collar with a brass rivet. Crafted in Japan. Inaccessible by most standards. Still, beautiful.


Rustic wet formed veg- tan leather sheath for my Compact Clip point knife .

 Distressed on the workshop floor , double brown sponge dyed for an aged effect and then fully stonewashed . Hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets . 

Sheath can be carried vertical or horizontal scout carry via a tek -lock or by belt loop extender .

 Available now .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

I’m going to be making 10 Fili bracelets and 1 Thorin tonight. 

They will be in their natural color tonight. (shown below) So please keep in mind these will be a color to order. 

Bracelets can be custom sized, and come with your choice of either copper or brass rivets.
Color choices for the leather are:
1. Dark Brown
2. Blue
3. Navy Blue
4. Red
5. Light Brown
6. Green
7. Grey
8. Black
9. Gold
10. Silver
For more details and/or ordering info, send me a pm or an ask.

Fili 10 Slots Open
Thorin 1 Slot Open (Thorin will be the above pictured print)


Rustic leather for my OD green drop point .

4mm thick veg- tan leather double sponge dyed and distressed then stonewashed with hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex hardware to match the knifes handle.

sorry folks this is already sold .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


First part of the ornamental court armor for my Glorfindel cosplay.

It doesn’t quite fit the mannequin because its got boobs, but you get the idea. Unlike my Maedhros armor, this one was done on the cheap. I bought saddle maker’s scraps for a different project, and this is the scraps of those scraps, re-dyed and put together with a ridiculous amount of shiny brass rivets.

I’m trying to decide if I should paint golden designs on it or not, it may be overkill with the rest of the planned costume, so I may have to wait and decide after everything else is made.

This was done over two days but took an approximate 3 hours of crafting time, if you don’t count me spraying it with dye when I walked by on my way to another project.

The front closures are also tentative, I couldn’t find my buckles so for now it snaps. (totally not at all intended to be functional battle armor)


Leather tool box/ditty box made exclusively for Kaufmann Mercantile, manufactured by AEM Leather in Astoria NY.

This was a product idea that came inspired by a old German Leather Tool box. I put the idea into Andrews (AEM) head and he ran with it. This turned out to be a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing piece. It is build study, with solid brass rivets, to last and be handed down for generations

Steampunk Bluetooth Speakers

The Steampunk genre for me includes an element of reuse and recycling of lost and forgotten elements. Not only can you save money but I really enjoy hunting out odd elements for my works. For this project, I reused the Emerson speaker I bought, I also found elements at the local thrift store (speakers), the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore (wood, and misc. hardware), and my local Ace Hardware, a great location for those hard to find hardware bits, (brass sheet, copper brads, brass rivets, etc.) You can also find all these items online or at your local hobby/hardware shops. Please give your local shops a chance *BUY LOCAL* whenever possible.