brass necklaces


etsyfindoftheday | 10.8.17

monstera necklace by collectededition

this tropical leaf pendant makes ya wanna hang onto summer a little bit … choose your favorite monstera frond from brass, bronze, or sterling silver. swoon.


Steampunk Rose

I’ve been wanting to make this pendant for about a year now. When I received the gorgeous vintage handmade roses they took my breath away. Over time the metal has oxidised to a very subtle rainbow of colours. I’ve lightly dusted the rose with holographic dust to catch the eye as it moves around. For durability I mounted the rose in a tiny serrated teeth funnel and added a curved tubing as the stem. I had two tiny stamped leaf shape brass charms with raised dimples for more texture. Finally I used a three strand wire for the leaves so I could use one wire strand as tendrils. All are mounted to the solid brass bead “vase”. Available in my Etsy store here.  US$79 plus $7 postage.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 5.12.17

raw chrysoprase + brass boho necklace by xuanqirabbit

swooning hardcore this morning — doesn’t this raw green gemstone + brass circle statement piece make your knees a little weak?! i love it, i need it.


Steam pumped

I have many hours in this piece - and I’m very happy with the finished piece. Many of the items I make have an underlying theme of duality. I wanted it to look like the crystals are being pushed like a sparkling hydraulic pump moving through the brass heart. It is a large statement piece for a steampunk costume or an intriguing inclusion on contemporary fashion.

So it’s seen I’ve put it on a short length of vintage brass woven cord at just under choker level. I can alter the length - just let me know.  US$185 + $7 shipping in my Etsy store here.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 9.18.17

cuar collar | modern curve necklace by layeredandlong

the clean arced line of this modern curve necklace — the cuar collar — is adjustable via the chain in back, and you can custom-order your perfect length for the look you’re loving most of all.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 10.11.17

long green gemstone + brass dangle necklaces by xuanqirabbit

i’d wear either of these necklaces every week if they were part of my collection — totally loving the boho raw stone + glint of shiny brass accents on both styles.

The weather went from “unbearably boiling hot death” to “I am actually getting goosebumps while wearing a light cardigan” overnight.  Thank goodness!  The heat was hitting me pretty hard, and now I get to wear my new jeans again.  The color-fucking wall continues to fuck colors–I messed with this photo a lot and couldn’t get it any better than this, but it still looks off to me.

(Also I turned in my numerous application paper thingies to that store I’ve gotten shoes from.)

[Image description: one full-body photo of a young woman (me) standing in front of a blue wall.  I have bobbed, light purple hair.  I’m wearing a seafoam green tank top (actually a bodysuit) tucked into high-waisted dark wash skinny jeans that button all down the front.  Over the bodysuit, I have on a lightweight grey cardigan with ¾ length sleeves.  I’m wearing bronze and fake pearl earrings, dark red lipstick, and a brass necklace with a little green bead on it.  I have on dark brown boots.  As always, I’m wearing my round black glasses.]