brass knuckle rings


Allison Reynolds was a bewildering choice for Palmetto State. She looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. She refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty. She could have inherited her parents’ billion-dollar empire, but she didn’t want the restrictions that life came with. She wanted the right to be her own person. She wanted to prove herself on the court.

Caught Web Handed

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Series: Peter Parker Imagines

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Swearing cause I swear a lot get used to it or don’t read my stuff
Word Count:2,000+
A/N: Typed this before my shift! Enjoy my darlings :)

[Reader’s POV]

“Now just do the equations worksheet over the weekend, you have a quiz on formulas on Tuesday have a great weekend everyone!” the teacher waves to us before walking back to her desk. Putting your notebook away you zip up your bag.

   Slinging the straps onto your shoulders you pick your phone up off the lab table. Taking your beanie and putting it on your head. You start to walk towards the door when a hand grabs onto yours. Looking at your hand to the body thats connected to the other one. You smile realizing it’s your boyfriend, Peter Parker.

“Baby, I’ll see you over at my aunts tonight for dinner right?” he asks looking at you with a cute smile. Nodding you quickly peck him on the lips.

“Yes I’ll head over there after school,I offered to help her cook” walking hand in hand the two of you leave the room. Fixing your glasses you push them back up the bridge of your nose.    

“No wonder why Aunt May larbs you so much” his laughter making you smile, it’s so damn cute. It was his Aunts way of saying I love you and since you started dating she says it to you too. Now you’re a part of the Parker household.

   Peter kisses you goodbye once you two reach the end of the hall. He said he had to go do something for the Stark Internship. Your friends joked he was cheating on you but you all knew he wouldn’t. Peter wasn’t like that all, he reminded you of a love sick puppy.

    Walking down the hallway next to you, you pass through a sea of people to get to the doorway. Peter was long gone by now doing whatever for Mr. Stark. Zipping up your windbreaker you step out into the windy environment. It was fall in Queens and quite chilly to be exact. Holding onto your skateboard as you step down the entrance steps.

   Teachers stood outside watching as people left. Their eyes monitoring everyones behavior some eyes on you due to your skateboard. Leaving the school grounds and placing your skateboard on the ground. Placing your maroon Van clad foot on the black board. Your eyes looking down at the Spider-Man sticker you made to decal it.

   Pushing off with your left leg you stand fully on the board. The wind blowing against your skin as you roll down the street. Using your left leg to push for more speed. Music playing in your headphones as you make your way to Peter’s place. The streets turn into a blur as you make your way down. Skating across crosswalk ,thankfully no one next to you. You hated skating and having to get off if there were more people trying to cross.

   A red blur passes by capturing your body sending your skateboard off into the street. Headphones popping out of your ear as a cars honking fills the air. A scream leaves your mouth as you see you’re not on the ground connected to the lovely Earth. Seeing your skateboard get snapped in half broke your heart. The man driving the car slammed on his breaks flipping you off.

   You were held in strong arms making you snap back into reality. Looking up you see it’s Spider-Man. Words couldn’t even form in your mouth. Your jaw was ajar and probably broken open from shock. He swings another web descending from the perch he was holding you on.

“Watch where you’re going bitch!”

“Hey buddy that’s not how you talk to a lady!” He shoots a web hitting the man in the mouth. Another web securing his hands to the wheel.  

“I-I don’t even know what h-happend I was just crossing the street I-”

“Don’t worry, he was the one who almost hit you trying to speed through a light… Are you okay?” his voice sounding worried as he placed his hands on your shoulders. The eyes of his mask narrowing as he looked at your body.

“I’m fine thanks to you Spider-Man, my skateboard not so much” you sigh pointing over to your crushed buddy who was murdered.

“Can I offer you some web transportation today?” his voice sounding very familiar. Your mind just couldn’t process anything at the moment after what happened.

“Thanks but I have to go help make dinner tonight, maybe I’ll see you around Spiderling”you wink at him before walking over to the guy trying to get the web off. Pulling out your brass knuckle rings you slip it on.  Raising your arm you punch his back window.

“That’s for Zippy you impatient fuck” Checking the road you cross it and pick up your murdered pal. You’ve had him since you were in middle school. 

    The man looks over at you like you’re insane. His face angry but he couldn’t say anything cause it was muffled. Flipping him off you make your way down the street. Putting your headphones back in your ears you turn the music up. Secrets cover to Shape of You starts up making you grin. Singing along you continue your way to Peter’s apartment.


“Sweetie can you grab me the vegetables I washed? they’re in the sink in the colander” May asks as she chops up the onions her eyes watering slightly.

“Got it” giving her a thumbs up you walk to the sink pulling the colander out.  Water droplets drip so you shake it a few times before setting it on the counter.    

     Grabbing a cutting board you place a zucchini on the board. Opening a drawer you find a knife and pull it out. Hitting the drawer closed with your hip you begin to cut the vegetables. May instructs the way you should cut as she slides the onions into the sauce pan. Elvis was playing in the background as the two of you cooked.

     May and you talked about what was going on at school. You told her how your art piece got picked for a contest. Peter was more the science smarts you were the artsy one. Total polar opposites but love each other so much. It was also a plus for having a smart boyfriend, he’s your own tutor.

   Sticking the pan in the oven you set the timer for an hour. May was cleaning up the kitchen while everything was baking. She had the sauce on a simmer to keep it warm till Peter gets home. Lifting your backpack off the ground you carry it to Peter’s room. Walking in his room and stumbling on his shoes. Kicking them to the side you roll your eyes.

     Going to the bottom bunk you set your bag on the made bed. Leaning against the wall you cross your legs. Pulling out your laptop you open it up to Tumblr. Scrolling through your feed on the Spider-Man Blog you had. You’ve been trying to capture pictures of him and thankfully you had your camera set up in your glasses.

     Taking them off you flip a latch open and plug a micro usb into it and the usb into the computer. Downloading the file you upload it and add a caption. Adding the tags you want and post it to your blog. Pressing play you watch as you’re hoisted up and how you look up to see Spider-Man. Watching the clip again smiling cause you knew it would get loads of reblogs. Closing your laptop you unplug your glasses.

      Putting them back on your eyes adjust being able to see clearly again. You could see without them but the world seemed more clearer with them on. Thankfully your dad knows how to add technology to things so you were able to have him customize the glasses. They were perfect because you were able to capture footage of him.

     Moving to the edge of the bed you freeze seeing the door close on its own. Quietly getting out from under the bunk bed your feet step onto the floor. Looking up you see Peter on the ceiling crawling. A strand of a web hanging from the door closed. He jumps down quietly and gracefully, his back to you.

“You’re Spider-Man?” You blurt out making him jump turning around. A look of fear plastered on his features.

“N-No I’m not” Peter’s voice panicked as his suit slides off his body. His muscular body coming into view making your eyes grow wide. Peter wasn’t like this before,where did this body come from? What the actual fuck was happening?!

“You were on the fucking ceiling Peter Benjamin Parker” your voice rising a bit from what you saw. He covers your mouth pinning you against the ladder of the bunk bed. Peter looks back at the door becoming dead silent.

“Quiet please, May doesn’t know..” He looks you in the eyes, his eyes begging you practically. Nodding he lets go of your mouth stepping back.

   Watching as he slides out of the suit. Pulling on a sweater he had draped over his desk chair. His hands pulling down the sweater covering his prominent abs. A blush on your cheeks as you look away from him. Jesus Christ you didn’t know he had that body hidden under the clothes he wears.

“How long have you been hiding this from me” crossing your arms over your chest shifting your weight to one leg. Your hip popping to the side as you waited for an answer.

“It happened a few weeks before we dated…I just feel like I need to do something around here while I can.. Mr. Stark made me this suit, it used to be this homemade one but now I have thi-“

“HE made your suit?” you ask in awe looking at the suit on the floor. A lightbulb going off in your head, looking back up at Peter you point at him.

“This is the Stark Internship isn’t it or is it just a cover? Holy fuck you’re working with Iron Man” Peter’s smiling at your freak out moment that you were having. Your boyfriend is Spider-Man.

“You’re not mad at me?” he looks at you with the sweetest eyes, he reminds you of a puppy sometimes. Shaking your head no you pull him into a hug. His strong arms wrapping around you tightly.

“I’m just mad you didn’t tell me cause I’m your biggest fan” you give him a playful glare as he lifts you up.

“Do you know how hard it was to keep this a secret? You’ve almost found my suit so many times while you’ve been here” Peter laughs lightly setting you down on the ground. The door opens to show May peeking her head in.

“Hey I- Oh Peter I didn’t know you came in!” Peter turns around kicking the suit under his desk. May raises an eyebrow looking at Peter’s tense body.

“Dinner will be ready soon, Peter put some pants on” she closes the door leaving the two of you in Peter’s room. Peter jumps hitting the ceiling open a small latch. He hooks the suit up closing it letting out a sigh.

“Now why don’t you show me the footage you captured today” Peter grins pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. Your eyes widening at his statement he just made.

“What do you mean?” You look away heading towards the bottom bunk.

“You really think I was just saving you or coming out of nowhere? I did that so your blog could get tons of hits” He sits down next to you on the bunk a content sigh leaving his lips.

“Son of a bitch” you laugh shoving him slightly only to be pulled into his arms. Peter kisses your forehead making you smile.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice you charging your glasses in class today, my Spider Senses tingle more around you the most” his smirk growing only making you roll your eyes. He was such a smart ass but he’s yours and you were so content with your life. Daily content because Peter is a part of it.

   For the remaining time you showed him the clips of you caught of him. Him asking you how you got certain angles or how you did certain shots. Dinner was ready and the two of you headed out to the dining room table. May being a hoot with her jokes with Peter. Life was great and even greater knowing your boyfriend is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man .

I love witchy girls.

girls with potting soil caked nails. girls with pentacle necklaces and kitty cat brass knuckle rings. girls kissed by the sun and have sea salt swept hair. girls with black lace high-low skirts and doc martins. daughters of the moon and the raging sea. girls with smoky eyes and matte crimson lipstick. girls who write in runes and speak in ancient languages. girls who smell like incense and musky perfume. girls in tattoo chokers and crystal point necklaces.

changeling girls with ancient wise eyes. dark skinned goth girls with sigil painted nails. girls with honey tongues that drip with sanguine sin and sapphic sweetness. girls with dark eye circles kept awake by prophetic dreams. girls who are embodiments of a thunderstorm. girls who have oven scorched fingers and smell like cinnamon buns.

I love witchy girls.

got7 as things

Im Jaebum: The loud roar of thunder. Abstract piercings on each ear. Knuckle brass rings. Worn out boxer gloves. The cackle of a flame when it’s first lit. Black and white grids. The smell of spices in curry and the heavy aroma of cooked steak. Black coffee in a white mug. The bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate in your mouth.

Mark Tuan: Powdered sugar donuts. A clear, blue sky. Fluffy clouds shaped as animals. The silence of a library room. Shadows as the sun sets. The mutual feeling of silent understanding between friends. Quick and shy glances. Pulling your sleeves over your hands. The feeling of the wind hitting you as you ride a bicycle downhill. 

Jackson Wang: Heavy breathing after a morning run. Grey, oversized hoodies and Adidas sneakers. A fast heartbeat. The smell of dew on freshly cut green grass. The satisfaction of winning a close game. Taste of rich chocolate cake with nuts as a surprise. Early dusk when the sun slowly sets and colors in the sky in orange hues.

Park Jinyoung: The smell and feel of yellowing, old books. Steaming hot coffee on a winter’s day. Bundling up in fluffy blankets and socks. The sizzling of food meeting a heated pan. The first brisk and refreshing sip of carbonated soda. Soft, faded vintage blue jeans. Old treasure maps. Quiet car rides with the low hum of the radio. 

Choi Youngjae: Bright rays of light. Sunflowers swaying with the wind. Dawn. Spirals of pink, orange, and yellow in the sky as you drive home. Melodious chirps of birds in the morning. Hot, warm showers in the winter. The drips from a melting popsicle on a hot summer’s day. White picket fenced house. Barks of a dog when you return home.

Bambam: The clean look of new lipstick. Black Italian shoes. Wearing a white outfit with no stains. A new Prada bag. The feeling of leather car seats. Hitting the ‘Snooze’ button on an alarm clock. The first chew of mint gum. Multi-colored hair. Emojis for contact names. Relaxing at a pool on a hot day. 

Kim Yugyeom: The adrenaline high of club dancing. The feeling of sitting after a long day of work. Tilting your head back as you laugh over a good joke. Remembering a fond memory with friends. Dancing in the living room when no one is home. Trying to reach things on the top shelf and getting it. Freshly baked cookies.

You know what?

I want a punky urban woodland elf.

  • Leather jackets with lists of magical/healing herbs etched into the sleeves for reference.
  • Boots laced with flowers and vines, a special sheath for an iron ankle knife.
  • A compound bow instead of a longbow.
  • Fingerless gloves enchanted with earth magic or fighting magic.
  • Tattoos of trees that once held gods, shining in green and gold over tan skin.
  • Green or silver or brown hair shaped into war spikes and lightened with lime like the warriors of ages past– spiderwebs or flowers woven between each spike.
  • Pointed ears covered in silver from piercings and cuffs and gauges all etched with hearing and understanding runes. 
  • Steel-toed boots, brass knuckles or heavy rings made of iron.
  • A tongue piercing that lets them speak the sounds of the city– the hum of the power lines, the squeak of rats, the caw of crows and pigeons; or to aide in smooth-talking your way out of a fight or into a bar.

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I am 200% onboard with the 500 Ford au the more oft his old man the better

RIGHT??? omg just thinking about how their society would function tho …

–> there is one continent of fords who love bill; they see him as their god and they have a whole church system in his honor

–> marriage between fords legalized last year

–> it is law, to do science at least 89 % of the day

–> they have a whole space program to explore other galaxies/dimensions and anomalies, bc you probably get bored fast on a planet where there’s nothing weird except there’s a lot of versions of you hanging around 

–> shops where the only thing they sell are things for six fingers (gloves, rings, brass knuckles ,… :D)