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Classical instrument asks!

1. What is your instrument’s full name?
2. When did you get your instrument?
3. What brand and model is it?
4. Is it a he, she, or somewhere in between?
5. What made you choose that instrument?
6. Favourite thing about your instrument?
7. Least favourite thing about your instrument?
8. What accent would your instrument have if it could talk?
9. Three adjectives to describe your instrument’s personality.
10. What classical song best describes your instrument?
11. What non classical song best describes your instrument?
12. Finish this sentence: “my instrument and I are like______”
13. Why did you name your instrument that?
14. What is your instrument’s aesthetic?
15. If your instrument could go shopping at the mall, where would it shop?
16. What musical era best suits your instrument?
17. What is the most damage that has been done to your instrument?
18. Write a letter to your instrument!
19. If your instrument was a character on “The Office”, who would they be?
20. What similarities do you and your instrument share?

Send Me a Number and I’ll Tell You...

1. Dumb Dumb or Russian Roulette
2. BOOMBAYAH or Playing with Fire
3. Ooh Ahh or TT
4. Up & Down or L.I.E
5. Closer or Windy Day
6. Crazy or Hate
7. I Am The Best or Come Back Home
8. Like a Cat or Excuse Me
9. Red Light or 4 Walls
10. Me Gustas Tu or Navillera 
11. Pepe or Hobgoblin
12. Joker or Fri.Sat. Sun.
13. Mr. Mr. or You Think
14. I or Why
15. Whatta Man or Very Very Very
16. You’re The Best or Decalcomanie
17. Touch My Body or I Like That
18. Shake That Brass or Need to Feel Needed
19. MOYA or I’m Jelly Baby
20. Secret or I Wish
21. Ring My Bell or Something
22. Only You or Hush
23. Mamma Mia or Mr.
24. Sting or Vibrato
25. Deepend or High Heels
26. Angel or Don’t Believe
27. The Rain or Galaxy
28. One More or Apple Pie
29. You Don’t Love Me or Secret Time
30. Mind Your Own Business or Home
31. Shut Up & Groove or And July
32. Doin’ Good or Nobody’s Perfect
33. Cider or Crazy Dog

Just Brass Things #92

That one brass player that doesn’t know what dynamics are.

actually no marisha did it too the episode before last with shapechange. when she said bronze dragon. even tho you have to have encountered the creature and VM hasnt ever met a bronze dragon. and then she mentioned breathing fire, even tho bronze dragons are lightning (i believed) based, unlike brass dragons, which she has met one of and which are fire based

thank u for listening

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Hey there Quirk Queen! I adore your writing especially your hogwarts riverdale fanfiction. I was wondering if you could finish that or write about Bughead as head girl and boy at hogwarts? Thanks :) Also what do you think about Lili and Cole rumors?

Oh my god! My first request! This is amazing and I love you! This suggestion was so much fun :) hope you like it.

Also the Lilli and Cole rumors have some pretty concrete evidence. I hope it’s true :P

When Betty Cooper got the letter from the owl post she’d felt like she’d never stop smiling. Head Girl of Hogwarts. She slipped the shiny bade out of the envelope and rubbed the brass with her thumb, feeling the Hogwarts crest press into her palm. This had what she’d been working towards her entire Hogwarts life; the grueling Veela practices, the hundreds of outstanding marked essays, the late nights studying. And now she had finally been recognized, been rewarded for all her hard work.

But now, boarding the Hogwarts express, she felt her stomach turn. Her job was to direct new students and to make sure no one caused trouble, and people were already ignoring her. No matter, she thought. I’ll make them see me.

Betty took a deep breath and clapped her hands, grabbing the attention of several students near her.

“Alright!” she said, pleased. “First years this way, and everyone else hurry up! You already know where you’re going!”

Betty watched as the lines of students finally all made it onto the train before boarding herself. She felt the eyes of the younger students on her as she walked down the corridor to the prefects’ compartment where the teachers would want to speak with her. Some sneered, some smiled, but all of them whispered. As she walked, she heard the same name, over and over again:


Her chest tightened, remembering his face, so far away from Betty’s, as he broke her heart. She had tried to rebuild herself over the holidays, become stronger, but here she was, finally back, and she could feel herself already being clawed at.

It felt like salvation when she reached the compartment. There were the fifth year prefects from all four houses, and there was Professor Weatherbee, looking over a bit of parchment. Everything she expected. Except who was slouching in the back seat, as far away from everyone as possible?
Jughead Jones.

With his dark hair swept up into his beanie and constant sullen expression. 

What in Merlin’s name was he doing here?

Betty slid the door closed behind her, making Weatherbee look up. He smiled and motioned for her to join him.

“Miss Cooper,” he said, standing. “Wonderful, now we’re all here.”

“Yay,” Jughead muttered, rising.

“Prefects I will deal with you in a moment,” Weatherbee said, placing a hand on both her’s and Jughead’s shoulders, “but first I want to introduce your Head boy and girl, Mr. Jughead Jones and Miss Betty Cooper.”

There was a smattering of unenthusiastic applause before the prefects went back to their own conversations, uninterested.

“Now, I’m sure you read the instructions in the letter you received, correct?” Weatherbee asked, addressing only the heads now.

They both nodded.

“Good. Any questions about your new positions within Hogwarts?”

The both shook their heads.

“Alright then. Good luck, and remember this is a huge responsibility; do not take it lightly.”

When he had let, Betty turned to Jughead, smiling.

“Head boy, huh?” she said.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “Total step down from my original seventh year plan of just coasting through.”

“You’ll help me though?” Betty asked. “I need my head boy.”

He smiled, dropping his hands into his pockets. “Yeah. I won’t leave you alone, Betts, promise.”

Betty grinned and, before she could stop herself, kissed his cheek. It was light and sweet, but Betty felt her whole face go red. When she pulled back, she saw he didn’t look any better.

“Um,” she mumbled. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t-”
“No,” he said, locking eyes with her. “No, it was - nice.”

Betty looked at her feet, and felt her heart warm.

The rest of the trip with Jughead was spent in silence. They took turns patrolling the corridor until they arrived at Hogwarts.

Betty stepped off of the train and stared up at the giant castle that felt more and more like home every time she came back. She felt sick every time she thought about this being her last year. She wasn’t ready to let go.

She glanced right and noticed Jughead looking in her direction.


She wasn’t ready to let go.

The highlight of Jughead’s day now was his “patrols” around the castle with Betty. He was supposed to be looking out for troublemakers and potential pranks, but really all he did was listen to his Hufflepuff counterpart. Listen, and watch as she enthused about different parts of her life. He loved her hair, especially when it was down. And her eyes, a cool shade of green, could hold his focus for hours.

“- and so now I’m going to have get Cheryl to give me back my cheer uniform, but she wants me search for it. Where would she even keep it where she thinks I’d find it? Honestly, sometimes I think she’s my new best friend and then she turns all evil on me.”

“Have you talked to Weatherbee?” Jughead suggested, pausing only to pluck a Frisbee with teeth out of a first year’s hand.

“No, I don’t want her in trouble,” Betty sighed. “I just wish-”

“Hey, guys!” a voice called from behind. Archie Andrews, Gryffindor tie stuffed in his pocket. Out of the corner of his eye, Jughead saw Betty take a deep breath, hand on her chest, before she turned around.

“Hey,” Archie said again, smiled tacked in place. “Where are you guys going?”

“Oh, um,” Betty said, face a little too cheery, “just Head girl and boy stuff, you know.”

“Nothing too interesting,” Jughead chimed in. He held up the Frisbee. “Damage control.”

“Sounds fun,” said Archie distractedly. “Hey, Betty, I was wondering if you wanted to study later? I could really use your help.”

Betty’s eyes widened in panic.

“Oh,” she choked. “I-”

“She’s helping me,” Jughead lied. “I’m failing potions.”

Archie’s eye flickered between them, confused and maybe a little hurt.

“I could join?” he asked.

“No, that’s alright,” Betty replied, eyes wide and pleading. “Jughead really needs my help. Sorry.”

“Okay,” he said, frowning. “Another day, I guess. See ya.”

When he was out of sight, the two heads turned to each other.

“Thank you,” Betty whispered. “I want to help him but it’s like he’s clueless, like he’s forgotten it ever happened.”

“Don’t mention it,” Jughead said, starting to walk again.


He turned back to her, and was surprised by the look in her eyes. She grabbed his arm and pulled him behind a statue of a witch with a hump.

“Thank you,” she breathed, taking his face in her hands. Quickly he wound he arms around her waist, pulling her even closer.

When their lips meet, Jughead smiled.

And he did not stop.

Thank you so much! It’s a little rushed but I hope you like it. And I would adore more requests :) 

Love you!

allomancy ask meme

IRON :: is there anyone you want to be closer to?
STEEL :: what are you trying to get away from?
TIN :: do you have any unusual abilities?
PEWTER :: what gives you energy?
BRASS :: what makes you feel peaceful?
ZINC :: what do you get really excited about?
COPPER :: what about yourself do you try to hide?
BRONZE :: what’s the first thing you sense in new people?


Alessandra Minini’s home, in Milan.

After living in a loft within a converted industrial space, Italian art-gallery owner Alessandra Minini wanted a bourgeois style apartment, typical of the early 900 buildings in Milan. So her friend, architect Luciano Giorgi, refurbished and gave new modernity to this stylish classic flat, using grey and black tones for the walls and the wooden floor, and vertical neon lights to play down the presence of historic chandeliers, Venini pieces and Sarfatti brass, while evoking the feel of an art gallery.

IN HONOR OF FINALLY REACHING 1500+ FOLLOWERS I just wanna do a shoutout list to some of my fave blogs & people. I’ve def said it before, but I’ve been a part of 5 different fandoms on tumblr and the hockey side is BY FAR the friendliest and most welcoming so holla. even if we don’t ever talk (tho fyi if you’re on this list this means I WANNA TALK MORE) i still appreciate & love y’all.

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