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fun, colorful jewelry finds by jillmakes

colorful jewelry is a summertime must-have — like sunscreen. or popsicles :) treat yo self to something fun and vibrant from jillmakes today!!

Méret OppenheimObject (Le Déjeuner en fourrure) – Object (Breakfast in Fur), 1936. 

The work’s concept originated in a conversation among Oppenheim, Pablo Picasso, and his lover and fellow artist Dora Maar at a Parisian café where the café’s social role was discussed, and at which Oppenheim was wearing a fur-covered brass tube bracelet, the pattern of which she sold to the fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. … Picasso complemented the young artist on her fur bracelet, and flirtatiously observed that there are many things he enjoyed that were improved when covered in fur. Oppenheim responded, tongue in cheek, by asking, “Even this cup and saucer?”

72 DIY Bracelets. DIY GIFT GUIDE from truebluemeandyou. *UPDATED - all 72 links checked and fixed.*

This used to be 8 separate posts, but I’ve consolidated them into 1.

2012 was an excellent year for DIY Jewelry from bloggers. There are bracelet DIYs here for every budget and skill level.

For other roundups of DIY Gift Guides from earrings to necklaces to spa gifts go here:

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  2. DIY Inspiration: Rings’ Bracelet here. Old rings, rings that don’t fit, cheap rings etc… joined with O rings and a toggle clasp.
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  4. Fisherman’s Sailor Knot from Etsy here.
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  7. Chan Luu Knockoff Bracelets from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar here.  
  8. Memory Wire Spiral Bracelet from Yellow Blackbird here.
  9. Two Styles of Leather Braided Bracelets from Maryjanes and Galoshes here.
  1. Wrapped Scrap Felt Bracelet from Bugs and Fishes here.
  2. Metallic Wrapped Leather Cord Friendship Bracelet from Dismount Creative here.
  3. Kabiri Knockoff Ombre Bracelet Using Plumbing Parts from inspiration & realisation here.
  4. Floss Wrapped Leather Bracelet from El Cuaderno de Ideas here.
  5. Betsey Johnson Knockoff Half Stretch Bracelet from Crafting Rebellion here.
  6. Easy Charm Bracelet with Button Closure from Wobisobi here.
  7. David Yurman Knockoff Pearl and Multi Chain Bracelet by Flamingo Toes here.
  8. Tie Dye Like Friendship Bracelet with Charms from Quiet Lion here.
  9. Polymer Clay Braided Bracelet from Delighted Momma here.
  1. Ladder Stitch Bracelet from Lima Beads here.
  2. Textured Polymer Beads Tutorial from Jibby and Juna here.
  3. Heart Friendship Bracelets from Purlbee here.
  4. Button Bracelet from quelinda crafts here.
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  6. Book Page Bracelet from Happy Hour Projects here.  
  7. Knockoff Les Nereides Pom Pom Bracelet from Small Good Things here.
  8. Knockoff Matthew Williamson Neon Drawstring Bracelet from inspiration & realisation here. *All supplies from Home Depot.
  9. Hemp Twine Wish Bracelets from Happy Hour Projects here.
  1. Galaxy Cuff from Pretty Quirky Pants here.
  2. Braided T-Shirt Bracelets with Magnet Closures from Hello Natural here.
  3. Easy Rope Knot Bracelet from Belrossa here.
  4. KIDS CRAFT and fund raiser LEGO jewelry links. LEGO Bracelet from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! here.
  5. Star Beaded Bracelet from Happy Hour Projects here.
  6. No Sew Easy Trim Bracelet from Momtastic here. *Velcro closure.
  7. Rhinestone Embroidery Thread Friendship Bracelet from all the good girls go to heaven here.
  8. Woven Friendship Bracelet Using a Circular Cardboard Loom from Michael Ann Made here.
  9. Yarn Wrapped Rope Bracelet with Button Closure from cut out + keep here.
  1. Bead and Leather Bracelet with a Button Closure from Happy Hour Projects here.  
  2. Braided Bead Bracelet from Pretty Quirky Pants here.  
  3. Multi Strand Rope Bracelet from inspiration & realisation here. *You can use ribbon crimp ends for almost any material.
  4. Leather Studded Bracelet from Fashionrolla here.  
  5. 2 Easy Bead and Crystal Bracelets with Sliding Square Knot Closures from Wobisobi here.
  6. Knitted Wire and Pearl Cuff from COCO Knits here.Photo: inspiration & realisation who used this pattern.
  7. Hardware Store Brass Hinge Bracelet here. Top Photo: DIY from The Stripe, Bottom Photo: DIY from Sprinkles in Springs.
  8. Polymer Clay Chanel and Pamela Love Crystal Cuff from Dream, Create here.
  9. Diamond Hex Nut Bracelet from Trinkets in Bloom here.
  1. Diamond Beaded Bracelet from Wild Amor here.
  2. Braided Bracelet With Charm from Happy Hour Projects here.
  3. Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It here.  
  4. Gold Tube Bracelet with Sliding Knot Closure from Honestly…WTF here.  
  5. Gold Lace Cuff from Runway DIY here.
  6. Beyond Easy $1.50 Ball Chain Bracelet from Bettina’s Blog here.
  7. Pearl and Tube Bracelet from inspiration & realisation here. *Amazing knockoff of a designer who doesn’t want to be named.
  8. Jean Inseam Bracelet from Mich L. in L.A. here.
  9. Roundup of Fifty DIY Bracelets from Saved by Love Creations here.
  1. Bungee Cord Hardware Store Bracelet from Thanks, I Made It here.
  2. Cord Wrapped Leather Bracelet by lebenslustiger here.
  3. Easy Ribbon, Suede or Yarn Wrapped Bangles from Studs and Pearls here.
  4. Rose Gold Chain and Wire Bracelet and Anklet from Love Maegan here.
  5. Shell Bracelet or Any Charm with Sliding Knot Closure from Happy Hour Projects here.
  6. Sliding Knot Closure Evil Eye Charm Bracelet from Honestly WTF here.
  7. Cord Charm Bracelet with Knotted Closure from Passions for Fashion here.  
  8. Morse Code Bracelets Using Crimp Beads from Fall for DIY here.
  9. Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet from LuLu’s here.
  1. Spike Bracelet from The Stripe here.
  2. Ribbon and Silk Wrapped Charm and Bead Bracelet from inspiration & realisation here.
  3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Knockoff Sporty Turnlock Bracelet by Swellmayde here.
  4. Leather Cord Bead Bracelet from Happy Hour Projects here.
  5. Two Easy Braided Bracelets with Beads from Lines Across here.
  6. Fishtail Friendship Bracelet with Button Closure from Typical House Cat here.
  7. Button Bracelet from Cosmo Cricket here.
  8. Tube Bracelets Done 2 Ways  from Small Good Things here.
  9. 4 Easy Knit Cuffs from A La Sascha here.

My two newest torc bracelets!

The one on the left is made by Cruzan Gold, which I got while I was away earlier this month.  It’s made of sterling silver, brass, and copper all twisted together with knots for the ends.

The one one the right is made by Wulfhund Jewlery.  This one is pewter, and takes the wolf head design on the ends from Scandinavian and Nordic designs found in ancient viking art.

So I was swiping through one day, I’m really picky, and I wasn’t getting anywhere fast, until I saw this one guy, he’s a pagan like me which is a rare ass find on social media, to find one so open about it, and be attractive and smart and classy too. So we immediately hit it off, and this is a couple days before fathers day. I still hadn’t got anything for my dad, and this guy works at a t-shirt printing shop in town. So about 2 days after we match I decide I’m going to stop in when I know he’s working and take a look around for a shirt. I walk in, and there’s only one guy in the entire shop so it’s obviously him, but I kept looking around for another dude because there is no way that this attractive as Fuck guy is the one I managed to get, but he walks over and introduces himself, and he says “you wouldn’t happen to be…” and I say I am and we sit down and design my dad a bomb ass t-shirt. As I’m at the register, he asks me if I’ll still be in town around 8 and would I like to get dinner with him? And my stomach is in my ears at this point so I nodded and said I would be, I’d like that, and then paid and left. As soon as I was out of the store I realize I forgot what time so I text him and ask him the time again and he confirms.
Fast forward to 8, he gets off work and we go to Chipotle and talk for a good hour while we eat. Then we walk around town and talk more, by now it’s getting dark, but there are still people milling about downtown so I’m perfectly at ease. Then we go to the little meditation garden and sit on a bench awhile and just feel the night around us, it was a beautiful evening. And he’s making a huge deal about how tiny my hands are, like fawning over them.
He turns to me and says “a couple weeks ago I got a fortune cookie that said I would find love soon. And then a week after that I was walking home from work and I found this brass bracelet on the ground that had ‘love’ written on it and I thought, yes, very funny, universe, thanks for that.” Then he pulls this bracelet out of his pocket and says “I have taken to carrying it with me, in hopes it might bring me closer to someone, but I didn’t know how anybody could ever fit into it, Its so small, but I’m thinking it just might fit you with your small hands.”

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“You make my life colorful~”

Selling~! Colorful SHINee loose/tight braided bracelets with dangling charms! 

Price: 7USD each (Additional 3USD for tracked shipping worldwide)   

Customisation for other Kpop bands or personal names available! Please message me with your request! ^^ 

Bonus! Get a free random SHINee card per bracelet purchased~ 
Check out other SHINee items for sale 

Details below:

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Designer, Photographer, Hiker. The Midori notebook has really been great. I have made some of my own inserts and their paper does well even with fountain pens. Atwood tools are a great story of a one man business, harder to get a hold of these days tho. The light is simple and inexpensive, but it’s a small enough company that they pick up the phone if you have a problem. I’ve already had one replaced for free after the bulb on the first one went out after a few years. The knife is simple and nonthreatening. I went through five or six iPhone cases before I found the Magpul. I used my previous one for three years solid. It’s the right amount of rubber without being obtrusive and the rubber is the right amount of sticky, but not so sticky you can’t get it out of your pocket. Hudsalve is amazing stuff, if you don’t know about it look it up. Hillside, Filson, and Tanner Goods are classics in the making. The Leica, Rolex, and Montblanc are about having usable pieces of art in my life every day.

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This is my latest set. Not only one, so it’s bit hard to call it ‘everyday’… but guess everyone here knows how hard is to choose only one option. Anyway, this is one I like the most. Had a problem with multitool in proper colour and then I realized I gotta anodize the crap out of Leatherman ;)