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Wild Thoughts

I think I’m in love with Rihanna. Seriously. She and her outfits in the Wild Thoughts video are the inspiration for this story. Well, her and Beyonce from the On The Run fake trailer. Hope you enjoy :)

The air is sticky this time of night in Havana, but no one seems to care. The bar is packed, the patio even denser with bodies. The music is loud, the drinks are cold, and the air smells of the finest cigars. The band is soaked in their own sweat but they’re having too good a time to stop now. The trumpet players dance along with the percussion beat, clapping their hands in enthusiasm before returning the brass to their lips. Bodies sway to and fro as their hands and fingers reach toward the ceiling. Men slink their arms around the waists of their women, pulling them deeper into their body as they wiggle and writhe to the beat. 

Rick downs his brown liquid in one gulp, before sliding the short glass away from him, prompting the young bartender to hit him with another. He sits alone at the bar, Daryl leaving him hours ago with his favorite girl, Marcela. They weren’t supposed to be in Cuba this long, just a few days, but the food and drinks and women always prove to be too much for the duo. A few days turns into a few weeks, into a few months. Daryl lays his head with Marcela, while Rick lays with anyone that’ll take him. His flings will last a few weeks, a month or two maybe, but they always fall in love and he always takes the cue. It’s time to go once their eyes start sparkling for Rick Grimes.

He slides his crystal blues across the dance floor, looking for her. Three nights he’s watched her and her dark haired, fair skinned friend dance until they can’t stand. They accept drinks from most of the men in the bar, they laugh loudly, they even partake in the cigars. Two carefree, beautiful girls. Just how Rick likes them. He’s only managed to catch the green-eyed girls name, Maggie. But every time someone calls for the dark skinned, toned bodied friend, something manages to drown out her name. Rick reaches for his fresh glass of scotch and takes a sip, leaning against the bar with his elbow. A flash of peach catches his eye and he flicks his orbs toward the bright intrusion.

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reasons why the inej and nina of six of crows are beautiful and powerful


-inej was forced into a life of prostitution and had the rights to her own body stripped away from her and although she had her innocence ripped away from her along with her family, she is still herself, strong, assertive, a spider, and all in all one bamf

-was emotionally abused by tante helene which must have fucked her up a lot

-climbed up a FUCKING FURNACE that was so hot, it melted her rubber shoes ONTO HER FEET

-ages after escaping the menagerie, inej had to wear their silks again which brought back some pretty fucking painful memories (she was also discovered and had to confront tante helene again)

-was then captured AGAIN by jan van eck who threatened to remove all the skills that she felt had made her who she was

-she was also forced to question kaz’s loyalty to her there

-all throughout the books, inej doesn’t take kaz’s shit. If he does something she doesn’t approve of, she makes sure he knows it. also, this: 

“now she remembered. he owed her an apology. ‘say you’re sorry’“

as kaz is carrying her to the ship after she’s been stabbed. she keeps him accountable and “councils mercy”

-the fact that she beats up anyone who makes a snide or lewd comment about her or her body (with brass knuckles, may I add)

-mom friend and so protective of all of those she is close to


-nina was captured by the sworn enemies of her country who hated people that were like her

-and let’s be real, who wouldn’t be scarred from that?

-while she’s in the white rose, she helps people with their stress and anxiety (lord knows we all need a little bit of that)

-is completely confident about herself and her weight as she is canonically heavy which is sooo encouraging for everyone unhappy that they aren’t skinny enough or they don’t look how they’ve been conditioned to want to look like. this wonderful, badass lady is confident in herself, you deserve that happiness, too, no matter what you look like 

-she also carried matthias ACROSS AN OCEAN to save him

-she’s a heartrender, nuff said

-as much as it hurt her, she betrayed matthais to keep them both safe 

-she survived jurda parem, which no grisha had ever done before

-and while on jurda parem, she killed a WHOLE BATTALION by herself without a second though

-from that, she gains a fucking awesome new power (who wouldn’t want to control the dead)

-constantly challenging matthias, forcing him to see women and the world in a different light and helps him become better

-loves sweets and waffles unapologetically

all in all, these are the women I aspire to be



These little Brass and Fluorite weights from Diablo Organics are so adorable and understated, perfect for adding a little touch of fun color to any outfit. 

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This adorable young lady picked up a pair of these beautiful Brass “Mandala” earrings from Buddha Jewelry Organics this week, and we think they look so cute on her!

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Stheno, The Tidal

And finally, my admittedly favorite one, Stheno, whose name is the very strength of the tide. It is said the hissing of her snakes resound like roaring waves, and call storms to the open sea. Her wings, black as the tempest sky, glow with the tint of the seething ocean as she dives towards the helpless mariners, castaways and all who defy the sea, sinking into them her glistening claws of brass, sending their petrified bodies asunder.


Beautiful implant-grade steel and brass “Fleur” hinged ring from Flaming Bones. Such a great piece!

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Out to the range enjoying Krebs Customs AC-15 Mod2’s. Civilian legal 7.62x39(stock configuration), civilian legal 5.45x39 with Fortis Short Angle Grip and Aimpoint T2, and Leo/Military only Full Auto 5.45x39. Prototype Muzzle Accessories as well.