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276. Oswaldo Arthur Bratke /// Morumbi House /// Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brasil /// 1951

OfHouses guest curated by CI-AA:
“Despite his important contribution to the architectural discipline, Oswaldo Bratke is a forgotten master of Brazilian modernism. Author of more than 400 houses, Bratke had the immense skill of synthesizing the demands of his clients into a beautiful, simple and efficient design free of leftovers or eccentricities, as demonstrated in this house he designed for his family. Bratke sought other references such as Marcel Breuer as an alternative to the Corbusian influenced architecture produced mainly by Oscar Niemeyer in Rio de Janeiro at the time. Looking at the Morumbi House, we can identify salient features of Bratke’s approach, such as the horizontality, the binuclear plan and his preference for tectonic construction processes. These aspects influenced a legion of professionals who worked in his office, including the young Vilanova Artigas.”
(Photos: © F. Albuquerque, E. Mandowsky. Source: L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 49 (1953); (Das) Werk 40 (1953), pp 254-5.)