brasil vs uruguay

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**SPOILER ALERT (in case you have not actually seen the game just yet)** As Ney is now suspended will be go back to Barça to train and rest up with Lucho and Barça back home???????? I mean it would make the most sense here. In a way the suspension is good, no more risk and more rest for Ney before a tough El Classico game next weekend. There is no sense in him staying with the team, when he can't play. I look forward to seeing him back in Barça just where himself belongs.

Haaii! Thanks for putting a spoiler first! Really sweet of you! 😊😊

But nothing personal, but the suspension is in no way good.

Neymar love for his NT is so big and after yesterday’s match and his performance he will likely (and rightfully) feel like shit. And that feeling mainly isn’t because of his football performance, but because of his own behavior on the field.

He’s now the captain, the leader of the team, the one that needs to behave. I know some of you on here think I can never critic that boy and that I smooth talk everything/suck his you know what. But yesterday’s match left me disappointed in him.

I don’t give a damn that his performance in the second half was less than his amazing first half. What disappoints me had nothing to do with football, but with his behavior.

He should know people look up at him and for him on the field. He got a yellow card by a stupid foul, won’t be able to play against Paraguay because of it and will - again - miss a WC qualifying match. Then after the match he decided to refuse to shake that players hand. Your the captain Ney. People, children, Brazil and the world looks up to you. I get that you’re angry if someone fouls you throughout the match. It’s annoying, probably painful but get over it. Shake his hand and move on. Act like the leader.

Of course the press will come down on him - I presume - for getting that yellow card/ him getting angry. So that will also get to him.

I think the best thing for him, would have been two good result with Brazil. Then we would see a happy Ney coming back. Now he probably will be pissed off at himself for his match.

And - again nothing personal - Neymar belongs at Brazil and at Barça. He’s more than Barcelona. He’s a Brazilian boy who takes much pride in representing his country. 😊😊

(And for anonssss who wanna come at me saying I hate Neymar 😒✋🏼 I’m on,y saying this out of love for him.)