brasil te amo

iza_goulart: Breakfast with a view ☀️🌊🌴…. Good morning Rio!! Cafe da manhã com a mais linda vista… Rio eu te amo!! #brasil #errejota #morning #bomdia #myview #fasano #breakfast #myview #sun #bluesky #ocean #luckygirl

I’m so proud of my country today! Such an amazing opening ceremony considering all major issues along the way. Brazil, I know we do not get along very well and you frustrate me a lot with all your major corruption scandals (that are just RIDICULOUS), but I love you. I truly love you. I am very proud of the diversity, music, and joy that it was showed in the ceremony today. That is what represent us. I am so glad you went there and represented OUR bright diversity; it does not matter our skin color, ethnical background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, WE ARE ONE AND WE ARE EVERYTHING. YES THAT IS WHAT BRAZIL STANDS FOR. BRASIL, EU TE AMO! 🇧🇷❤️